Top 8 Best Wall Mount Fan In India 2022

Wall mount fans are always been the first choice of Indians when it comes to performance and efficiency. However, most of them don’t fit with the home’s interiors. If you are still interested in buying a great looking wall mounted fan for your home, then you can rely on the numerous brands and models available in the market. There are numerous models in the market that have different power capacity and features and target different buyers.

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However, there are a few tips that can help you buy the best wall mounted fan for your home. Go through the following buyer’s guide to help yourself to buy the best wall fan for your desired room. Check this also: Top 5 Best Rechargeable Fans in India 

Buyer’s Guide for wall mounted fans

As said there are numerous models and brands for the wall mounted fans in India, and if you are planning to buy it for the first time, then you may find some difficulties while choosing the right product for you. However, by keeping a few things in mind and answering a few questions, you can find a perfect fan for your home. Here’s are the points that will help you buy an ideal wall mounted fan

  • Make sure to consider your room size
  • Make sure that the fan you are planning to buy has enough power
  • Buy a fan that has a good set of features and is easy to use

By keeping these things in mind, you can easily find an ideal wall mounted fan for your home. Still, if you are looking for some recommendations, then here are a few of the best wall mounted fans that you can buy today. Go through the list, and choose the one that fits your needs the most.

Bestselling Wall Mount Fan in India

1. usha Colossus Rust Free

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The first one on the list is from a well-known fan company Usha. The Usha Colossus Air is a brilliant choice for those buyers who are looking to install a wall-mounted fan in a comparatively larger room. 70 watts motor provides more than enough juice to provide a powerful air flow, and the semi-transparent 400mm blades make it look quite adorable. Here are the unique things about the fan that we would love to talk about.

  • Beautifully designed fan make it a great choice to be used with the modern interiors
  • Silent motor
  • Good speed

Things we liked

  • Durable body
  • Easy to use functions

Things we didn’t like

  • Airflow is not adequate for larger rooms

2. Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan

Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan

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Another brilliant wall mounted fan is the Havells swing Platina. The fan is specially designed to perform under the low voltage conditions and is a perfect choice for those buyers who usually experience the voltage regulations at their homes. The smooth swing and premium build are some other features that make this wall mounted fan a perfect choice for the buyers. Here are a few unique things that we loved about Havells Swing Platina.

  • 1350 RPM is one of the best rpm the wall mounted fan can provide
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Brilliant low voltage performance

Things we liked

  • Great speed
  • Silent operation, easy installation

Things we didn’t liked

  • Vertical neck operation is not smooth

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3. Orient Electric Orient Wall Fan

Orient Electric Orient Wall Fan

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For those buyers who are looking to buy a wall mounted fan for a large hall, the 16” Orient Electric Wall fan would be a great deal. The fan comes with a two-year warranty and is a great option for the buyers who are looking for the best value for their money. Out of the plenty great things about the fan, here are a few unique ones that we liked the most

  • Brilliant rotation angle
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Lightweight blades for better air-flow

Things we liked

  • Good rpm even for a large room
  • Has a durable build-quality

Things we didn’t liked

  • Has only Three-speed selector

4. Bajaj Esteem 400mm Wall Fan

Bajaj Esteem 400mm Wall Fan

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Bundles with a full copper motor, this is one of the most reliable wall-mounted fans you can buy today. With the most silent operation and smooth swing, this is a perfect buy for the buyers who are looking to invest in a heavy-duty and reliable fan that can last forever. Here are the unique things about the Baja Esteem wall fan that we loved while reviewing it.

  • Full copper motor
  • Durable body
  • Smooth oscillations

Things we liked

  • Lightweight blades
  • Silent motor

Things we didn’t liked

  • No rope to select the oscillation

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5. Havells Swing FHWSWSTIVR12300mm Wall Fan

Havells Swing FHWSWSTIVR12300mm Wall Fan

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Havells Swing is a perfect fan for all those buyers who were looking to buy a fast fan with a reliable and powerful motor. 45 watts motor produces enough power to make the fan 1330rpm which makes it one of the fastest wall-mounted fan in the market. Here are the unique things about the fan that we liked the most.

  • Great speed and premium build-quality
  • Silent operation
  • 2-year warranty

Things we liked

  • Has enough power to provide adequate airflow to a large room
  • Great design that goes with almost any kind of interior

Things we didn’t liked

  • Quality of pull-cord could have been better

6. Crompton Greaves HiFlo Wave 50-Watt Table Wall Mount Fan 


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Crompton is one of the most popular brand in electric industry  of India. This hiflo wave 50-watt wall mount fan has beautifully designed and consume very low voltage with low noise operation. It’s white color is perfect to the interior of your home/office/work palce.

Things we liked about it

  • Brilliant low voltage
  • This wall mount fan provide 1300RMP
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • We can sweeps 400 millimeters
  • Also provided Air Delivery: 70 CU M/Min

Things we did not liked about it

  • Up and down not proper working

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7. Luminous Fanfare PRO 400MM

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If you want to buy a reliable and efficient wall mount fan then this luminous fanfare wall fan is the best option for this hot summer. This is manufactured with high-quality raw material along with aerodynamic blades which provide your high-speed air. This fan gives the best performance and attractive design, it would be a great buy for your home & office.

Things we liked

  • It gives an optimum performance even at low voltages
  • It comes with a stylish and durable body
  • This fan can sweep 400mm
  • This motor body and blades use the best quality of aluminum
  • Easy to operate functions

Things we didn’t like

  • Its fan rpm is not satisfied
  • This is not suitable for large rooms

8. Crompton Windflo Wall Mounted Fan


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When it comes to wall mount fan, then first thing in our mind their speed and durability and looks as well. This comes with excellent 2100 Rpm and provides an amazing speed and it would be great deal for you, the smooth swings along with all advanced feature that make this wall mount fan a perfect for your home, office, workplace and many more.

Things we liked

  • This fan silent and smooth operation
  • It comes with good 2100 Rpm
  • It low voltage performance with high speed
  • Comes with beautiful & stylish looks

Things we didn’t liked

  • A little bit expensive to others

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What does the term “RPM” mean?

Revolution per Minute is abbreviated as RPM. This unit is used to determine the number of turns that a fan can take per minute. The RPM of a fan is directly proportional to its speed and intensity. An average fan gives around 100 revolutions or more per minute. RPM also determines the efficiency and age of your fan.

2) If on a budget, how can you purchase an efficient fan?

Efficiency, warranty, and durability should be the things you should look for in a fan if you are a bit tight on your budget. Warranty coverage will save you the repairing charges during the coverage period. 

3) What are the best material fan blades available?

High-end fan blades are made either of plastic or are made out of the good fiber. Both of these materials prove to be durable. These are also easy to clean and are less likely to catch the current, which is a serious issue with metal blades. 

4) Is wall mounted fan more energy/electricity consuming than the ceiling fans?

This is a false notion. Famous brands like the orient wall fan come with energy-saving specifications. If anything, ceiling fans consume more electricity than wall-mounted fans.

5) Is blade size an important factor?

The blade size of a fan affects the efficiency to an extent but not completely. The efficiency of a fan is also determined by the number of revolutions it takes (RPM), and how intensely it generates the air thrust. 

6) What fan should I buy for a small space?

Wall-mounted fans are the ideal choice for small spaces. The oscillating feature makes the air spread across the whole space. 

7) Why are wall-mounted fans better?

Wall-mounted fans are not only cost-effective but are compact, portable, and give adjustable angles.


These were the five best wall mounted fans that you can buy today. All of them have different power and sizes and thus target different buyers. So, choose the one that suits your needs the best and buy it right through.

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