10 Best Study Chairs for Students in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Do your children lack concentration while studying at home? If Yes, then their study position can be the real reason behind this. According to the studies done in this field, the position in which the kids are studying plays an important role in their concentration level.

It is essential that you choose a perfect study environment for your kids. And the first step towards providing them a perfect study environment is to buy them a perfect study chair that not only take care of their posture while studying, but also help them study with full concentration. You can either choose to buy a folding study chair that can be a space saving option too, or go with the other types of study chair available in the market.

Best Study Chairs for Students

Talking specifically about India, there are plenty of brands associated with the student furniture that manufacture brilliant study chair.Whether you are looking for a foldable study chair, or are looking for the study chair with plank, you can easily find one in the market. Also check this, Best Office Chairs in India

And if you are buying them for the first time, then you may get confused that whether you should opt a local seller or a branded furniture for your kids.

 Best Buy Study Chairs Online in India

If you are still not able to decide that which study chair is a good buy for you, you can rely on the following list of 10 best study chairs for the students in India 2022. These chairs have the best quality material and priced accordingly.

1. RW REST WELL S-Model Black Study Chair

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If you were looking to buy a multi-purpose chair that can be used by your kids for studying as well as by you as a normal chair, then the Apex Low Back chair would be a great choice for you. Unlike the other study chairs available in the market, this chair provides an adequate amount of cushioning to the user and the smooth 360-degree swivel action makes it a worthy product for the students.

Here are the unique features of the chair that made us to include this in the list of the best study chairs available in India for 2022.

  • Highly durable wheels and base
  • Gas lift mechanism makes it reliable enough to be used by kids
  • 120 kg weight capacity

  • Leatherette material makes it look premiums
  • Comfortable cushioning

  • Requires assembling

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2. CELLBELL® Folding Study Chair

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If you were looking for a foldable chair that is specially designed for the kids to study, then the AmazonBasics Study chair would be a perfect choice for you. It has a writing pad attached to it that makes it a great chair for kids to study. So, if you are looking for a specific chair that can help kids writing then this would be a great buy for you. Here are the unique features of the chair.

  • Writing pad to make studying easier
  • Adequate cushioning for kids

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Comfortable material
  • Not as durable as the other chairs

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3. KIDOMATE Height Adjustable Study Chair

KIDOMATE Height Adjustable Study Chair

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If you are looking for a chair that is specially designed for the kids to study, then the Kidomate height adjustable chair would be a great buy for you. With the minimalist design and highly durable construction, this is probably the most simple yet efficient study chair for kids.

The height adjustable feature makes it a great chair for kids of almost any age group. The tough wheels make it easier for kids to move the chair in their study room.

Here are the unique and  worth mentioning things about the study chair.

  • Easy to use height adjustment feature
  • Good quality material
  • Easy to move

  • Adequate cushioning
  • Easy to maintain

  • No armrest

4. GTB BT-302 Octave Office Chair

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Urban Ladder Eisner is another brilliant product that is designed for a comfortable sitting position. BBY choosing this for your kids, you can be assured of giving them utmost comfort while studying. You won’t need to worry about the back pain or any strain that can be caused due to the wrong posture.

Here are the unique features of the chair that made us include this on the list of best study chairs in India.

  • Great for kids of any age group
  • Easy to use
  • 1-year warranty on the product

  • Lightweight design
  • Adequate cushioning

  • Armrests are not of best quality

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5. Da URBAN Study Chair with arms

Da URBAN Study Chair

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If you were looking for simple yet durable study chair for your kids, then the Da Urban Study chair would be a great product for you to go with. With durable frame and proper cushioning, this is the most durable study chair in the list. With a great back support and cleverly designed armrest, this is a great product for kids of any age group.

Here are the unique features of the chair

  • Proper cushioning
  • Durable frame
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

  • Proper back support
  • Great for kids

  • No wheels

6. MBTC Erizo Folding Student Writing Pad Chair in Black


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MBTC chair is a brilliant product in our lists, it’s especially made for students. It’s has a student writing pad and made up highly quality polypropylene with durable powder coated frame, you can easily fold this chair when you don’t needs as well. Below given are some compulsive points about it

  • Writing pad helps your write easily
  • Beautiful looks with amazing durable body
  • Folding capability is excellent
  • Perfect for going to school kids

  • The position of writing pad is uncomfortable

7. Alex Daisy Mesh Study Chair

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When it comes to kids studies, then parents want gives the best options their kids. This Alex daisy candy chair is best for your kids and comfortable to sit on, even for long hours as well.

It is made with durable virgin plastic, so no chances of breakage & damage, an agronomical designed, and you can easier adjusted seat height form 42 to 54 cms. This ergonomically design chair best option for your kids in summer season.

  • It comes with contoured foam seat cushions
  • It has made in Upholstered with textured pu fabric
  • Durable virgin plastic body as well
  • It also meets european safety standards for children.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry with beautiful looks
  • Proper back support for kids

  • This slightly expensive

8. Finch Fox Stainless Steel Frame Writing Chair

Finch Fox Stainless Steel Frame Writing Chair

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I also parents and they are always wants choose the better option for their kids, and this finch comes with wooden writing pad which helps to write, it’s made by stainless steel with attractive look as well.

It comes with arms and a 6mm cushion padded seat with a durable frame and it perfect for Student Chair for classroom, Training Rooms, Coaching Center. Below are the unique features of the chair.

  • It writing pad to make studying easier
  • It comes with light weight and durable body
  • This chair comfortable material
  • Its provides excellence service
  • It looks amazing and stylish as well

  • It has no wheels

9. HOF Computer Student Chair

hof chair

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There are another brilliant product of HOF and this one of best chair in our list, it comes with cushioned Seat & single back lock, this made up highly quality five prong metal base with twin wheel nylon castor.

Its prefect for your kid and it would be great buy for you along with it is most relaxable and lightweight chair so you can easily lift it.  Here are the unique features of the chair.

  • Adjustable cushioning for kids
  • Push back mechanism

  • It has single back lock for your comfort
  • It comes with PP outer back cover with PP Arms
  • It has nylon caster wheels which make perfect it, and you can easily to move it
  • It made up high quality material

  • Cushioning quality a quite hard

10. Savya home® by Apex Chair

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You can work and study in comfortable style with this AmazonBasic low back chair and it would be great buy for you. This low back study/computer chair comes with simple pneumatic control which helps you raise or lower your seat for correct seated positions according to your work.

It has the gently curved back of the chair along with mesh coveres thick padded seated for enhanced breath ability. Below are some more necessary things about it

  • It has pneumatic seat for comfortably adjustment
  • Highly durable wheels you can 360 degrees swivels easily
  • It also comes with 2 inches thick padded seat for comfort
  • This chair also comes with one year warranty
  • Lightweight and swivels 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience

  • Not suitable for kids and heavy person as well
  • A little bit expensive

List of Best Study Chair for Students

Buyer’s guide for the best study chairs for students in India

The following points can be considered as the perfect buyers guide as they can help you buy the best study chairs for your kids. Keep these points in mind and buy the best study table that will help to improve your kids’ performance in studies and raise the confidence level by many folds.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Support

By keeping these four points in mind, you can easily buy the best study chair for your kids and provide them the best opportunity to study hard without being deviated from other things. So, keep them and mind and start searching for the best study chair for your kids according to your needs and budget.

How to Choose a Study Chair?

In the present time, modern man is quite cautious about their comfortability and relaxation. Keeping this in mind, there are several types of accessories that are made for the comfort of the people. The case is quite similar in the case of the kids

They are also very cautious about it specially when they are learning or studying. Most of the time, it is seen that they require a good chair and a table that can allow them to read and write properly during their study hours.

However, in the present time, there are several options before the people. They can get various types of study chairs and that too at a good price. There are certain things that must be always considered right at the time of buying a study chair.

  • The first and the foremost thing that is required in this case is the height of the chair. The height of the chair is the most important thing that is required in this case. If the chair is quite high it may hamper the sitting arrangement of the children. On the other side, if the same is too low it can also create some problems. The height must be adjacent to the length of the table.
  • It is always better to go for the chair that is of durable nature. You may get various types of chair that have a fancy look but that would never last for a long time. But if a chair is durable in nature it can run for a long time without any issues.
  • The chair should also be comfortable in nature. This is because when a child is studying in such chairs he will devote a long time and this quite natural. Keeping this in mind, the chair should always be of durable nature. The more will be its durability the more time will it run.
  • The chair should have a proper back rest and arm rest part. This is the most important part of a study chair. The proper arm rest allows the user to rest the arms for some time.

Thus with this points in the mind one should always opt for buying such chairs. A mere and a simple chair are not enough but it should have the basic qualities that are quite important. It will be mainly used by the students for their study purposes.

Study chairs or office chairs both are different from the normal plastic or wooden ones we use. For working or studying, one needs to first feel the comfort so that they do not lose concentration. Studying or office work might require a person to sit for long; thus, comfort is the number one factor here. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How are office chairs different from the regular ones?

The chairs that we find in an office or any workplace are swivel. They come with wheels that provide mobility. These chairs come with a feature of height adjustment. One can adjust the height according to their needs and comfort. 

2) What features should an ideal workplace chair have?

The features are what set apart the office/study chairs from the regular home ones- 

  • Lumbar support
  • Back support
  • Hydraulic to help adjust the height. 
  • Arms that can be adjusted.
  • Adjustable handles. 
  • Tilt tension can be adjusted well accordingly. 
  • Molded seat

The best chairs for working from home or office come with all the above-mentioned features. 

3) Is there more than one type of work chair?

An office or a study chair can be used and adjusted even according to one’s body size. The types of chairs are-

  • Chairs with a high back and head restraints. 
  • Workstation chairs, especially for regular computer users. These chairs help to lower the stress that can be hurting your neck or even your back. These chairs are often made of mesh and come with a cushion. 
  • Ergonomic chairs are the high-end chairs that can help your muscles in relaxing. These chairs usually have a very high quality and provide every necessary feature. If you want to choose the best chair for your workplace, read a few office chair reviews before purchasing.

4) Do these chairs limit people with large bodies?

No. Office or work chairs are adjustable, and almost each of them come with multiple set of adjustments. 


So, these were the best study chairs you can buy for your kids to enhance their performance in academics. So, choose the one that suits your kid’s needs the most and buy it tight through before the stocks end.

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