Top 10 Best School Bags in India 2022

It’s that time of the year when you know that you need to get your kid a new school bag for the upcoming academic year. But choosing the right bag is easier said than done and given the sheer variety of brands available in the market today. When it comes to purchasing a school bag, there are a few factors that you would have to take into account, such as the right size to go for.

Remember, it will soon be a new academic year and chances are that your kid would end up with heavier books this time around.

Top Selling School Bags

So it’s high time that you quit checking out the various compact bags in the market and went through our collated list of the top 10 best school bags in India. 

1.Fur Jaden 15.6 Inch

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You need to be careful when you are picking out a school bag for your kid; size is important and especially where school bags are concerned. You may want to take a closer look at this grey, red coloured school bag.

It comes with a volume of 25 litres and comes in grey colour. So you can be sure that the bag is going to be durable. It also comes with three compartments which can be used to store books, school supplies and even lunch. At the outset, the bag looks great but it also depends on how many books your kid would have to carry to school each day. Check out some of the main features of this bag

What we liked 

  • It is made from Polyester and is durable as well as compact
  • It comes with three full compartments
  • It also comes with mesh back padding for extra comfort
  • It also comes with lined interiors, gunmetal finish pullers and more
  • It also comes with one year warranty

 What we did not like

  • The design needs to be better

2. Lunar’s Comet 35L

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Let’s start with the obvious, the bag is black in colour and this may be a good buy provided you are buying it for your little boy. Most schools expect their students to carry all their books with them and as such, kids these days are often overloaded with books.

So if you are on the lookout for a durable and spacious school bag then you may want to take a closer look at this one. The bingo plus comes with an interesting design and shade; It is made from polyester and is quite durable. So, let’s check out some of the main features of this bag,

What we liked 

  • It comes in black color and is quite durable
  • It comes with padded shoulder straps for added comfort
  • It also comes with a smart front pocket as well as organized interior
  • It comes with three main compartments as well as a side mesh for holding a water bottle
  • It comes with one year warranty

What we did not like

  • It is a little spacious but needs more

3. POLESTAR Vintage 32 L

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When it comes to choosing a school backpack, it may make sense to go in for a simple basic one without the frills. After all, your kid needs a strong, sturdy backpack to carry his school books and if you are looking at basic bags, then you may want to take a closer look at this one.

This backpack comes with a classic design and is about as basic as it can get, but, it also comes with an invaluable rain cover which should help to protect those school books in case of a sudden downpour. Check out some of the features of this school backpack,

What we liked 

  • It Is laptop-compatible and can easily hold laptops up to 15.6 inches
  • It comes in polyester blue and is both durable and strong
  • It comes with a capacity of 32 litres
  • It comes with one main compartment which your kid can use to store his books
  • It also comes with rain cover
  • It comes with one year warranty

What we did not like

  • The bag could be better designed

4. Northzone Lightweight School Bags

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If you are looking at something better than your basic school backpacks then you would definitely want to consider this model. This backpack is designed and created by Northzone and it certainly seems to be as good as it can get, with extra compartments and the works.

The good news is that it is spacious enough and your kid can use it to carry his books and even his laptop and still have room to spare. Check out the main features of this bag,

What we liked 

  • It comes with a black, minimalistic design
  • It comes with laptop sleeve as well as rain cover in addition to the main compartments
  • It has a capacity of 40L
  • It also comes with two zippered pockets as well

What we did not like 

  • It is expensive compared to the other school backpacks

5. Martucci 15.6 inch 30 L

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When it comes to basic functional school backpacks, it is hard not to consider this one. This backpack, given the attractive pricing, does not come with any frills but instead comes with one main compartment. It also comes with three small zippered compartments for pens, pencils and other school supplies. Just check out the main features of this bag,

What we liked 

  • It comes with a water bottle pouch as well as back strap and handle
  • It is made from denim
  • It is water-resistant
  • It also comes with one year warranty

What we did not like 

  • It is not completely waterproof and does not come with a rain cover

6. POLE STAR “HERO” 32 Lt Sky & Navy Casual Backpack 

pole star

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Mostly kids and teenagers love using fancy and bright colored backpacks and Pole Star provides to you many bright color and durable school bags for your kids. It comes with adjustable shoulder straps & is targeted towards both the genders, made up with high quality polyester as well.

This trendy and stylish backpack form pole star and comes with a water bottle pocket and it’s made up water resistant material which protects your form adverse climate conditions.

Things we liked

  • It has capacity of 32 L
  • It has comes with 2 zippered pockets as well
  • Comes with most bright and attractive looks
  • It is under our budget with reliable brand

Things we didn’t liked

  • A little bit smaller, and slightly expensive

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7. Half Moon 35 L

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There is another durable and efficient school backpack of Half moon, it has 3 smart compartments with a file holder with a beautifully simple design and it’s best for your kids.

This Half moon bag is made of high-quality polyester which protects your books in rainy and bad weather, it has a padded shoulder strap which provides extra comforts. So if you want to purchase a durable stylish bag back then it would be a great buy for your kids

Things we liked

  • It comes with 3 smart compartments
  • This backpack has a unique air mesh at the backside
  • Has one side mesh for holding a bottle
  • One year warranty on the product
  • Skybags with bright coloured and has a smart fort pocket for your accessories
  • It has the capacity of 35 litre

Things we didn’t like

  • It does not come with rain cover
  • Its fabric quality is not good & not completely waterproof

8. American Tourister 32 Ltrs Black Casual Backpack


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After a few days school will open and parents are always worried for their kid’s studies. This brand one of most popular & reliable international brand which makes many type of backpacks, luggage bags also.

This American tourister casual backpack perfect for your kid and it come with adjustable padded strap along with two main compartments in beautiful black colored. This bag has mesh pockets on both side to keep your water bottler and umbrella,it would be great buy for your kid.

Things we liked

  • It’s come with good capacity of 32 liters
  • It has mesh pockets on both sides
  • This bag made with double dot polyester fabric in beautiful black color
  • One year warranty on product
  • It looks more stylish in lightweight as well

Things we didn’t liked

  • It’s expensive to others
  • It not completely capable to rainy season

9. POLESTAR Original Buddy IBA Casual Backpack

POLESTAR Original Buddy IBA Casual Backpack

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This bag that is made of polyster material comes in a very attractive form. It is loved and preferred by most of the users. It has two large compartments and also comes with padded areas for keeping the laptops. The padded area provides maximum comfort and protection to the things. Even the strap that is provided on the shoulders is very impressive. They allows the user to hold the bag comfortably even for a long time.

What we liked

  • Made of ultra premiere light quality polyster fabric.
  • Durable in nature.
  • Padded shoulder straps allow the user to hold the bag for a long time.
  • Comes with two large compartments.
  • Light-weighted product.

What we did not like

  • There should be more color variations apart from the black one.

10. POLESTAR Hero 32 Lt Pink/Black lite Weight Casual Backpack


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It is a wonderful backpack that comes without any bells and whistles. It is quite fashionable and trendy in look. There are two spacious chambers inside the bag that is convenient for carrying materials. The spacious compartments are very helpful. There are padded areas that are ideal for holding laptops. The bag is very light weighted and can be easily carried by the user.

What we liked

  • Comes in a very trendy and fashionable look.
  • Ideal for both the genders.
  • Can be easily carried due to the light weight.
  • Suitable for any occasion.
  • Shoulder straps come with good quality pads. It allows the user to hold the back for a long time.

What we did not like

  • There should be a specific warranty period for the polyster material of the bag. It will help the users to a great extent in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which type of fiber is best for school bags?

Well, you should not get confused with this line, “The lighter the material, the better it becomes.” Markets have plenty of products to offer that are of cheap quality and don’t serve the purpose.

Polypropylene has the densest arrangements. This material is light in weight, and the filaments are durable, making it perfect for college going and office going people. No wonder these materials provide an aesthetic look, but polyester blended with denim fabric is best for school-going children.

2) How many books can you put in an empty school bag?

It mainly depends on you and the size of your school bag. A normal person can carry 5 to 6 books and 3 to 4 books in case of any school going kid. It also depends on the weight and thickness of the books.

3) What should be the standard size of a school bag?

The standard size of your backpack depends on the purpose of the carrying bag. For any college going guy, the ideal size should be 18.5″, 17″ for an adult and 12″ for a toddler.

4) Is your child’s bag too heavy?

Caring for a heavy school bag can severely affect the spine of your child and give them long term illness. According to several rules passed from different state governments, a child from 1st or 2nd class should not cross 1.5 kg. The students of class 6th to 8th don’t have to carry more than 4.5 kg.

5) What should we pack in a school bag?

A school bag of a school going kid must have a few books along with some notebooks. Parents must provide them with a water bottle and a lunchbox. The bag should not be too heavy or else it may cause some problems related to the posture of the child.


These are the top 8 school bags in India; each bag differs from the other either in terms of its size or functionality, space and price.

These are some of our top picks so do check them out. And choose one that is a good fit given your current requirements. Make sure that the warranty issued is a valid one and does not come with any hidden terms.

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