Top 5 Best Roller Skating Shoes In India 2022 – Reviews &  Buying Guide

Roller skaters are one of the most entertaining things around. They are quite loved by children and alike. In times when kids and people are getting hooked on indoor games, skating is a great choice to get them involved outside. And this also allows for a healthy endeavor providing your body a good exercise and fun.

Roller skates are getting quite prominent in India and are growing in demand. Kids these days are quite involved in it and with the growth of the skating grounds in colonies and more, it has become a good pastime. There are quite a few skating shows available in the market at various price spectrums and varieties. They also tend to be featuring different factors that we’ll also look into while citing these roller skates.

With so many options around, we thought of lining out the best of the lot for you via our review series. We here look into the top picks among the market and list them out accordingly with their brief description and feature list. We’ll also have a keen look at the parameters and the buying guide for the roller-skating shoes. Read along.

Bestselling Roller Skating Shoes Online in India 

Here we have the list of the best 5 top roller skating shoes available in the market. We have picked them after consideration for their features, performance, durability, and price.

Let’s check them out.

1. Jaspo Tenacity Adjustable Senior Roller Skates

Jaspo Tenacity Adjustable Senior Roller Skates

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We have picked the one from Jaspo as the top option for our list. This one comes along as one of the best brands around and is aptly the top of the line. It is quite accustomed to performing for a long haul. This one is an option worth an investment for.

Jaspo Tenacity roller skates come with lightweight fiber chassis which allows for high performance and durability. It comes with adjustable sizing that can be used by children from the age group of 6 to 14. It comes with high-speed semi-precision ball bearing and features an anti-skid vinyl wheel. It also has toe stoppers which allow for greater control. It also has light weight body for easy and free skating. It is great for indoor and outdoor use and makes a good way to entertain. It is also priced at an affordable rate making it a worthwhile investment.

Things we liked

  • Lightweight body
  • High-speed precision bearing
  • Anti-skid vinyl wheel
  • Toe stoppers

Things we didn’t like

  • Does tend to have a soft cushion

2. Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

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Next up we have the one from Cosco, one of the top tier brands in India when it comes to performance and sports equipment. Cosco for long has been marked as the best one and they don’t disappoint either. We here look into this roller skates from them on our list.

This one from Cosco is an imported inline skate roller skate that comes with a breathable shell. It has big wheel that allows for easy grounding and helps maintain the connection and impact with the ground with ease. It comes in different sizes allowing you to choose from a plethora of sizes for your kids.

It comes in multiple color combinations and has a smart look to it allowing it to be loved by kids and all. The one thing that may not land in its favor is the pricing as it is priced quite high than the rest of the roller skates listed here.

Things we liked

  • Imported inline skate roller
  • Breathable shell
  • Big wheels for easy connectivity

Things we don’t like

  • Priced quite high

3. Kamachi Aluminium Body High-Quality In-Line Skates 

Kamachi Aluminium Body High-Quality In-Line Skates 

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Next up w have the one from Kamachi with its high-quality skates. This one comes across as one of the best ones around and is loaded with impressive details. It is certainly one of the options that you should go for without hesitating.

This one features an adjustable inline skate and has a soft boot support system that allows for a triple cam level based buckle for secure fit. It also has a push-button adjustment system that allows for a comfort fit padding. It has lightweight padding and is perfect for kids, juniors, and beginners. It also has reinforced polymer frame that allows for a safe option and long term durability. It also has soft based inner lining that helps to prevent any of the blisters and tight spots. And it also helps to control the under-padded areas.

Things we liked

  • Adjustable inline skates
  • Soft boot support system
  • Triple cam level based buckle
  • Comfort fit padding
  • Reinforced polymer frame
  • The soft based inner lining

Things we don’t like

  • Not many color options

4. Squad Novanym Inline Skating 

Squad Novanym Inline Skating 

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Next up we have the one from Squad Novanym. It comes with inline skating and has one of the most impressive ones around. This one is an entrusted brand around. It makes the fourth cut in our list and comes across as a good piece to run around.

It has an inline based skate shoe size that allows adjusting with the small to the big size. It also comes with balance frame allowing for power and stability. This one has an equipped low rolling resistance and comes with attractive color packing. This one has an age barometer from age 6 to 20 years. This has safety parameters that allow for a good outing and has a good rolling movement which makes for free movement.

Things we liked

  • Inline skate show
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Highest safety parameters

Things we don’t like

  • Lack of color options

5. JASPO Cruze Quad Line Adjustable Roller Skates

JASPO Cruze Quad Line Adjustable Roller Skates

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Another one of the pieces from Jaspo on our list is making entry. This one comes across as one of the best picks around and features plenty of impressive picks. We have the one with Jaspo Cruze Quad in this one.

It comes with bigger wheels than most others with 72mm inline wheels which are made with quad technology. It comes with better control and allows for perfect control over the skates and its speed. It has an adjustable sizing which allows for a minimum size of 21 cm and has a maximum of 28 cm. The adjustment chart allows for its use by people from age above 6 years and above.

It also has easy to lace features and comes with a comfortable fit option. There’s also nylon strap that makes it equally easy and befitting of use. There’s also a high-quality tongue with it that allows for a snuggle fit. It has a safe and low snug fit design that allows for long-lasting and safe options.

Things we liked

  • Bigger wheels
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Easy to lace features
  • Comfortable fit

Things we don’t like

  • Lack of options

Benefits of Roller Skating 

Kids nowadays are becoming more and more confined to their houses. They are becoming more inclined towards the screens of their mobiles, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, and other internet related time-passes. This is not only harmful to their eyes but also their allover growth process. Playing outdoor games engages them in physical activities. Moreover, they will be able to make some real-time friends. So, outdoor games are helpful in unfolding both their mental and physical development. Roller skating is one such outdoor game that children can engage in and have fun too. The benefits of playing this game are discussed below.   

  • Fat Burning 

The low physical activity has aggravated diseases like obesity in children as well. The working process of the roller skates is designed in such a way that it helps a lot in the fat-burning process. Regular use of these can result in a major calorie burn. This is a great way to be fit and have fun at the same time. 

  • Aid the Joint 

Skating can protect your child from damaging joints by fluid motion. They can also enjoy running and dancing without any fear of joint damage. 

  • Happier Mood of Your Child 

Roller skating helps lighten up your child’s mood. Learning something new always helps children to stay happy. The best skates’ brands in India produce skating shoes with fantastic additional features like lights and music. This gives children immense pleasure.  

  • Fun Alternative for exercise 

It is a fact that skating can provide you with similar outcomes of sports like jogging and exercising. So, skating can be a healthy choice for losing fat, calorie-burning and strengthening your child’s legs.  

  • Good for Cardio Exercise 

Roller skates can effectively help in strengthening your child’s heart. This is a form of exercise that can increase and maintain the heartbeat of your child at a healthy level. 

  • Strengthens Arms and Legs 

The best skating shoes for beginners can also contribute to strengthening your child’s legs and arms. A regular and moderate amount of skating will increase the power in your child’s legs. It will strengthen their arms by developing a sense of balance in them.  

  • Improves in Balance, Agility, and Coordination 

Balance is the first thing you need to be good at when skating. With regular practice of these sports, your child will develop better coordination between their lower and upper body along with their hands and legs, thereby giving agility in their entire body. 

  • Improves Brain Functioning 

While engaging in such sports, kids always have to be alert and focused. Any form of physical exercise not only develops the physical abilities but also increases the power of the brain. They function better in their cognitive skills which will last with them forever.  

  • Helps in the Development of Endurance 

Skating helps in developing strong muscles. This increases the endurance level of the children. They become strong in such a way that they can go for more intense workout sessions for longer duration without being exhausted completely.  

  • Improves social cognitive ability 

Roller skates are an outdoor sport. Children get to know more people; they learn to interact more. Like any other sports, skating also helps develop a higher social spirit and morality within the kids. They tend to be more friendly and smart around people. 

Buying Guide for Roller Skates

There are quite a few factors that need to be taken into consideration while going for a roller skate. There are the likes of size, material, type, wheels and more. we here will look into it in detail and will brief them about it.

  • Type of Roller Skates

First things first, the type of roller skates is a major thing to focus on at first. We need to know the types of roller skates before we can lay our hands on it. There are mainly 2 types of roller skates that come along in form of quad skates and inline skates. Here we will describe both of them down here.

  • Quad skates

Quad skates are the one that features 4 wheels in form of 2 in the front and the 2 in the backside. This one is a conventional piece and is perfect for the beginners around. They allow for a better balance and stability.

  • Inline skates

Inline skates come around with 4 to 5 wheels and are placed in a single line. These are better suited for adults as it requires a bit of strength in the legs and ankles for better control.

  • Different styles of skates

Next up we have different styles of roller skates allowing for a variety of options and features.

Let’s have a look at it.

  • Roller derby skates

These ones are designed for those people who want to start competitive leagues. This one allows for long term durability and has quick acceleration. It also allows precise turning helping you to gain maximum traction.

  • Artistic skates

These roller skates are also known as the recreational skates or indoor based skates. These are one of the top boots and allows for better control and ankle support and also helps in better traction with the smooth indoor based surfaces.

  • Outdoor skates

These are the ones that feature a softer wheel and have better shock absorption. These come around with the ability for an all-terrain skating and has option for using in all weather types.

  • Speed skates

These skates are used along by the people so as to gain high speeds around. It has a low top design and comes with better facilitation with the ankle movement. It allows for smoother skating.

  • Size of the roller skates

Next, up now we look into the size factors of roller skates. Mostly roller skates come with standard show sizes and have a size variant available from a child to an adult. It also has a snuggle fit so that it has secure fit and allows for a comfortable skating experience. Always go for one size bigger for your child as the kid tends to grow larger and they may outgrow the show.

  • Different factors of roller skates

In this column, we will look at the different factors that affect roller skates. These factors provide essential support for the roller skate.

  • Boot

Boots that you wear on should always match along with the frame of it. This way there will be no pain for children and they can smoothly glide with the roller skate.

  • Frame

The roller skate frame has a base that provides support to the wheels and the shoes. This frame is what allows for the binding of the two to helps provide them wheels and shoes. They are made along with aluminum materials that have longer lifespan and greater maneuverability.

  • Bearings

Bearings make up as one of the major parts of roller skates. These allow for smoother control and glide in skating. Always go for a high quality based roller skate with good bearings and lifespan. It will also help to provide better traction.

  • Wheels

Roller skates have a pair of wheels that help to keep them in the upright position. Look for the hardness of the wheels and the way they behave on the skating surface. The skates with softer wheels are best suited for the outdoor-based ones while the harder ones are suited for slippery and indoor surfaces.

  • Design aspect

Roller skates have another thing in common which allows them to attractive. And that’s the design aspect. The design aspect allows for color combinations and more that will entice you.

  • Price and warranty

Price and warranty is a thing that you should never opt-out of. Always look for a fair price deal and if you have a budget then stick to it so that you can find a good piece to have for. That way you will have a clear idea of what to get. Also normally warranty comes around in 6 to 24 months timeline. Look for the genuine warranty factor in the skates so that you can be on the right side.

Bottom line

Roller skates are one of the best entertaining things for kids and alike. It is also a good recreation and exercise so that you can enjoy. With so many options around it there may be hard time finding one for yourself. We hope you find the one with the help of this review and buying guide.

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