The 10 Best Rechargeable Fan in India (Jun 2022)

You can get Best Rechargeable Fan reviews in this article. Rechargeable fans can be a very useful buy for you if you are a frequent traveler or are looking to have a backup plan to deal with harsh summers and unplanned power cuts. These compact yet useful devices can be extremely beneficial for different purposes.

So, if you are fed up of long power cuts especially in the summers, and are looking for a way to deal this situation, then it is advised that you should invest in a rechargeable fan that is compact, provides good airflow and is reliable enough to be used for years without much maintenance.

Best Rechargeable Fan

1. KLAY Led Light Multi Function Powerful Rechargeable Fan

Mr. Right 3 Blade Oscillating AC-DC Rechargeable Plastic Table Fan

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If you are looking for a fan that can be operated both on AC and DC modes, has enough back up for the large power cuts, then the Klay Led light rechargeable fan would be a perfect choice for you. In addition of having a brilliant battery backup, there are plenty of more unique things about the fan. Some of them are

  • 12-inch blades provide great airflow
  • Can work on both AC and DC current
  • Extremely compact and easy to use

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Great battery back up

  • Needs five hours to charge

2. Geek Aire GF6, 8 Inch Rechargeable Mini Fan

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Another brilliant choice for the buyers who want to have a reliable and efficient rechargeable fan is the Geek Aire rechargeable fan. Unlike the other rechargeable fans available in the Indian market, this fan is for those users who want to have decent airflow and are looking for a fan that can be used in outdoor without any major issues.

Here are the unique things of the Geek Aire fan that we love to talk about.

  • Decent 4000mAh battery that can easily last for 5-6 hours once fully charged
  • Metal fan blade for better efficiency and airflow
  • Easy to operate

  • 120-degree tilting angle
  • LED battery indicator

  • Nothing so far.

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3. Piesome Rechargeable Table Fan with USB Charger and LED Light

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This is best Charging Fan With Light. If you were looking for a traditional table fan look for a rechargeable fan, then this Piesome fan would be the perfect buy for you. Apart from the typical fan looks, this rechargeable fan has unique features like battery indicator, USB port, and others. This is Battery Operated Table Fan. Some of the best unique things that we liked about the fan are

  • USB port for charging your smartphones and tablets
  • Extremely easy to carry
  • Works with both AC and DC power

  • Good battery life
  • Efficient design
  • Cable’s quality is not up to the mark.

4. SmartDevil USB Desk Fan

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If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to carry fan that can be used in warm summer nights, then the SmartDevil New Model Powerful rechargeable fan would be a brilliant buy for you. Apart from being extremely handy and compact, the fan is capable enough to provide a decent airflow so that you can completely rely on in it the hot summers. This Rechargeable Fan With Light is perfect for night use.

You can Everyday Recharge Fan and use while power cut. The unique things about the fan are listed below

  • Airspeed up to 27 ft/s
  • Battery easily lasts for 4 hours
  • Easy to carry

  • AC and DC power capability
  • Has an LED light and a USB port

  • The product is not as durable as the other fans on the list

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5. PESOMA Table Fan Powerful Rechargeable

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PESOMA is a compact and easy to carry rechargeable fan. This is a fan that you must consider once to get the best results. The fan not only is one of the most compact and efficient rechargeable fans available in the Indian Market but is also a great value for money. Here are the unique points of the fan that you must know before considering it to buy.

  • Two Speed setting
  • Extremely portable
  • Great battery life

  • Easy to carry
  • Has 2 LED tubes to work as emergency light (6w)

  • Speed of the fan degrades remarkably while the product is in battery mode.

6. Impex BREEZE-D1 Solar Rechargeable Fan


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There is another brilliant product BREEZE-D 1 Solar rechargeable fan from Impex brand. It has dual speed mode and LED light also, with lightweight and beautiful build, the fan is capable to provide efficient airflow. Charging Light With Fan makes this product even more perfect. So you can also trust on this product and we have below given more features about it.

  • Good motor RPM
  • Has bright LED for uses in emergency
  • Great battery life

  • Recharge system is not good
  • Hard to carry

7. Impex BREEZE-D4 Solar Rechargeable Fan


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There is another brilliant product of impex, this rechargeable fan comes with USB charging port, LED light and made by high quality ABS plastic as well.

It has 40 Pieces of 0.5 W Led together gives a bright and clear light, the breeze-D4 fan that you must consider once to get the best results. The fan is most compact and slim design with brushless motor for keeps your home cool.

  • It has 8 level adjustments in speed
  • You will full charged fan, you can used continuously 50 hours
  • One year warranty on product
  • It has inbuilt USB port for charging
  • Excellent battery backup with most stylish look as well
  • Easy to operate this fan

  • A little bit expensive to other

8. Rico Rechargeable battery table fan

rico rechargeable fan

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If you are looking for a table fan that comes with a rechargeable battery then this could be the perfect choice for you. This premium fan comes with Japanese quick charge technology and the battery is of very high quality. The battery provides a backup of 4 hours with just 2 hours of charge and the fan is also very easy to hang.

The fan also comes with deep discharge and overcharge protection which ensures that the battery is not damaged during the use. The manufacturer has also included an oscillation function in the fan.

  • Only 2 hours of charge required.
  • Backup of 4 hours
  • Build Quality and dual power mode

  • Speed of Fan

9. Geek Aire, 5 Inch rechargeable handheld fan

Geek Aire, 5 Inch rechargeable handheld fan

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Handheld fans can be of a great utility during summers when there is a power cut. If you are looking for something that is very portable then this is the end of your search. This fan is available in 2 sizes which are 4 and 5 inches and it is available in white and pink colour.

There are 5 speed settings available in the fan and the backup time of the fan is 3 to 8 hours. The charge time is 4 hours. The backup here is dependent on the speed setting you are on. The product also comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • Very portable and comes with 5 speed setting
  • 1 year warranty
  • Backup time of upto 8 hours

  • Lacks Dual Power Mode

10. UZQIC Powerful Rechargeable High Speed

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Next on our list is UZQIC Rechargeable fan and the advantage of this fan is that it comes with the compatibility for solar charging as well. You can simply connect the fan to the DC Solar Panel and it starts charging.

It is also capable of operating on dual power mode and the fan has 2-speed modes available. At low power, the fan works for around 11 hours and at high power, the battery provides the backup of 3.5 hours. The charge time is around 8 hours.

  • High backup time of 11 hours in low power mode.
  • Loaded with features and supports DC Solar Charging.
  • Comes with an emergency light that lasts 90 hours

  • High charging time.

List Of Best Rechargeable Fan Price List

Benefits of having a Rechargeable fan

As said, there are numerous benefits of having a rechargeable fan for yourself. However, if you want to know about the most prominent ones, then here are the best benefits of having a rechargeable fan. Go through them,and know why it is a great decision to invest money on a rechargeable fan.

  • Easy to use. Charge it and keep it as a spare fan for the emergency situations
  • Compact size. Easy to carry while traveling
  • Great value for money
  • Awesome performance

Apart from these, there are several other benefits of investing in the rechargeable fan that you can experience after buying one for yourself.

If you are willing to buy a rechargeable fan for yourself but are not sure about the which fan you should buy, then here is the list of the top 10 rechargeable fans available for the Indian market. Go through the list and find the perfect one for yourself.

Rechargeable Fan Limitation

Rechargeable fans are one of the best innovations to date. These are manufactured in such a way that it can run even without the supply of direct power supply. As most of the fans that are available in the market run on electricity, the power source of these fans is their inbuilt batteries. Rechargeable fans come with a bundle of benefits, but along with them come few limitations that should be considered while buying the product.

Not Functioning During a Power Outage

If you live in a country like India, then you are bound to face power cuts in several parts of it. A rechargeable fan can’t run more than the recommended battery life if there is no power supply. 

Doesn’t Work for Bigger Rooms

Generally, these rechargeable fans are compact. Though it allows the user to carry it anywhere they want but, it doesn’t promise to cover a large area. These fans are usually small and can’t cool rooms with wide space efficiently.

Battery Issues

Batteries that are used in these devices are fixed and have a capacity of recharging. Due to the use of charging and discharging, it may become faulty with a shorter period. After the batteries become malfunction, they start taking longer while charging and lose their ability to retain energy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can we use these rechargeable fans as a ceiling fan?

These amazing devices are nothing but normal fans that have the capacity to run even without the supply of power. Yes, they can be used for any purpose like ceiling fan, wall, and table fans.

2) Why are all the rechargeable fans small in size?

Generally, rechargeable fans are made small to elongate the running time of the device. If a fan with a compact shape is connected to a battery, it will serve longer than a large fan. The fact is not true every time; you can even find large rechargeable fans with big battery systems. But, they are comparatively heavier than the smaller fans.

3) Does it show the charge remaining in the battery?

Most of the advanced days rechargeable fans come with Certain indicators or displays that continuously show the remaining percentage of battery by blinking. In many of the brands, they stop blinking while the device is set for charging.

4) How many hours can the rechargeable fan run without charge?

The duration of running the fan depends on the size of the fan and the battery. Most of the rechargeable batteries that are available in the market are small in size, which means they can run longer. Suppose, it draws two amperes and has a battery of 200mah, then theoretically, it will run for 100 hours.

5) Does it make too much noise?

No, all the rechargeable fans have brushless motors that can run quietly and work efficiently without making any noise.

6) Can we turn on the fan while charging?

Well, yes, in the general case. Nowadays, rechargeable fans are technologically advanced and have the power to perform multitasking. The circuit of the fans is mainly responsible for any such operations. The batteries used also play an important role in deciding this feature.

What are the best ways to find the right Rechargeable Fan?

If you are thinking of buying a rechargeable fan, but don’t know what to look for when buying it, then this article is for you. The below factors will serve as a guide to assist buyers in selecting the best recharge fans that meet their needs effectively.


The first and foremost thing that needs to be considered when buying any electric device is price. This will help you narrow down the options that you find in the market. Different brands provide their models at a different price. The price of the fan can increase depending on the features built into it.

Some of the functions are not useful in daily use. It unnecessarily increases the price of the fan. Compare the models, and choose the one that has the most desired functions and suits your spending capacity.

Customer Service

Customer service is another important consideration when you are seeking for a rechargeable fan. This gives you mental peace of getting the best maintenance of the product. It is advised to choose a model from a popular brand that provides good customer service to its customers. This is especially important when your product gets old.

Size and dimension of Room

The dimension and size of the room is another important feature to decide the right type of fan. It will also help you decide its placement in the room. There are mainly two different kinds of rechargeable fans such as standing rechargeable fans and ceiling rechargeable fans.

For an optimal flow of air, the ceiling rechargeable fan has to be installed in a room at an eight to nine feet level from the floor. Its blades should be at a minimum distance of eighteen inches from the walls. So, if your room isn’t as high as nine feet to ten feet from the floor, then it is advised to buy a standing fan.

With or without accessories

You need to ensure whether you want a simple rechargeable fan or want one with the accessories that come along with it. Some of these accessories are embedded lights, micro USB port, etc. Learn about the utility of the accessories and how useful it is for you. This will help you form the right purchasing decision.


Battery, operational duration and charge time are all most important parameters that you must look at when looking for a long-lasting and durable rechargeable fan.  You must check about these parameters and compare them between different models to find the right one.

Brand and reputation

You can’t overlook the reputation and name of the manufacturing company when purchasing a rechargeable fan. Devices from branded and established firms guarantee you of the top quality.


These were the five best rechargeable fans you can buy today. So, choose the best one for you according to your preferences, budget,and requirements.

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