Best Oil For Cooking in India 2022

Being fit and healthy is on everyone’s mind now as the pandemic completely stopped outdoor physical activity. Fitness is not only affected by physical activity but significantly altered by your eating habits. If you eat healthy food cooked with the right cooking oil, then you would have taken a major step towards maintaining good health.

Best Oil for Cooking

There are many cooking oils available from different brands in the market, with each having its own qualities so it is difficult to choose the right one for your health benefits. In this post, we have listed the best cooking oils available in the market that you can use to have a healthy meal every day.

1) Oleev Health Oil

Oleev Health Oil, for a Healthy Heart, 5L Jar Flavour : rice brancanola

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The Oleev health oil is a multisource oil that contains a perfect blend of rice brand and canola oil. This everyday cooking oil comes with a special Cardizymes formula to keep your cholesterol level in check. It also has a good amount of Omega 3, 6, and 9 with MUFA, PUFA, & ALA to promote your heart health.

The Oleev oil gives you less oil absorption by the food to make your meal healthier and less sticky. With a good shelf life of 2 years, you get a healthy cooking oil to lead a long life.


  • It contains good fatty acids and lipids to maintain your overall health.
  • It is rich in Oryzanol and has a unique Cardizymes formula to promote your body health.

2) Hudson Canola Oil

Hudson Canola Oil, Healthiest Cooking Oil, Indian Medical Association Recommended -1L (Pack of 2)

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The Hudson Canola oil is suitable for everyday cooking as it acts as a rich source of multiple vitamins to keep your health in check. It has low saturated fat than any other cooking oil, so the bad cholesterol level in your body will not increase by using it. The Canola oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6 to control your cholesterol level.

With a neutral taste and low oil absorption, this oil from Hudson is perfect for Indian cooking like frying, sauteing, and more. This oil is IMA recommended, so you can confidently consume foods using this oil.


  • It keeps your heart healthy as it is rich in Omega 3 and 6.
  • It has more than 90 percent of unsaturated fats, which is good for the heart.

3) 24Mantra Organic Groundnut Oil

24 Mantra Organic Unrefined Sunflower Oil - 1 L | Pack of 1 | 100% Organic | Chemical Free & Pesticides Free | Double Filtered | Expeller Pressed

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The 24Mantra Organic Groundnut oil is a 100% organic cooking oil that is manufactured by a cold-pressed method to retain the flavor, aroma, and nutrients. This organic oil doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or additives, so you can safely use this to improve your health. This groundnut oil is high in anti-oxidants for better nutrition.

High in unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, this organic groundnut oil has been shown to reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol levels in your body. You can use this groundnut oil to have tasty and healthy meals every day.


  • It is a pure groundnut oil with no chemical residues.
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants.

4) WOW Organic Black Sesame seed cooking oil

WOW Cooking Oils Certified Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Black Sesame Seed Cooking Oil 425 Ml

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Made from cold-pressed sesame seeds, the WOW organic oil has the ability to improve your skin, hair, and bone health. With no harmful additives or chemicals, this sesame seed cooking oil is best-suited for everyday Indian cooking. It is rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and other essential vitamins to promote your overall body health.

The Vitamin E and B present in this oil is shown to improve your skin and hair. With a good number of nutritional benefits, this oil from WOW is one of the healthiest oil for everyday cooking.


  • It is 100% organic and contains no additives or chemicals.
  • It is best for frying and making Indian meals.


Fortune Sunflower Oil is the most popular everyday cooking oil to make your meal healthy and tasty. It is a light and healthy oil that is rich in vitamins and fatty acids for easy digestion. With a high amount of vitamins, consuming foods from this oil keeps your skin healthy and improves your immune system.

The Fortune refined sunflower oil also brings out good flavor and aroma, especially when used in Indian meals. You can safely use this oil to have tasty and healthy meals every day.


  • It consists mainly of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins for easy digestion.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months.


Obtained from High-quality olives and imported from Spain, the DiSano olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking oil on the market. With zero cholesterol and low saturated fats, consuming meals cooked with this oil helps to lower bad cholesterol levels in our body. This olive oil is light in aroma and flavor, so it does not change the taste of the food much.

Loaded with anti-oxidants, meals cooked with this olive oil helps to reduce chronic inflammation. With a maximum shelf life of two years, you get a healthy oil for everyday cooking.


  • The high smoking point feature of this olive oil reduces the risk of overheating while cooking.
  • It is high in healthy fats such as MUFA and PUFA.


The Saffola Edible Oil is a unique blend of 80% refined rice bran oil and 20% soybean oil. With dual seed technology, you get the goodness of two oils in one. The LOSORB technology makes this oil up to 27% lesser oil absorption, so you get to eat healthy food with little oil. Rich in Omega 3, this edible oil from Saffola helps to promote the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system.

The Oryzanol present in this oil helps to maintain your cholesterol level. With good health benefits, Saffola oil is one of the best every day cooking oil that you can use.


  • The LOSORB technology helps for lesser oil absorption when cooking meals with it.
  • The dual seed technology gives you the benefit of two oils in one.

8) Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml

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The Extra virgin olive oil from Figaro gives you superior flavor and aroma as it is made from the first pressing of finest olives. With zero added preservatives and chemicals, you get to eat meals prepared from pure olive oil. This olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and other essential nutrients to keep your overall health in check. If you are health-conscious and want to have tasty food, then you should use the Figaro Extra virgin oil as it one of the best olive oils on the market to lead a healthy life.


  • This oil is kept in a durable shatterproof packing bottle.
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants, MUFA, and PUFA to boost your health.


Selecting a good cooking oil for everyday use is important to lead a healthy life as it directly affects the health of our body. The above listed are some of the best cooking oils available in the market that you can purchase to cook healthy and tasty foods.

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