Top 5 Best Luggage Weighing Scale in India 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

A lot of us have paid extra for the luggage at some point in time and the fact is that it leaves a hole in our pocket and in our soul. All the extra luggage fees can be avoided by simply checking the weight of the luggage before you start a journey. While there are a lot of people who use a bathroom scale to check the weight, you can also purchase a dedicate luggage weighing scale that can even fit in your pocket. This is the easiest way to check the weight of the luggage and it proves to be really handy. Over time, this small weighing scale can help you in saving any extra fee that you may incur otherwise.

If you are planning an international trip then this weighing scale becomes even more important for you. It is best to purchase an affordable weighing scale that has all the general features including auto-calibration. If you think that you need a luggage weighing scale then you can surely order one for yourself. In this article, we have listed some of the best luggage weighing scales that you will find in the market. Check out the details below.

Bestselling Weighing Scale For Luggages Online in India

Let us now talk about the best luggage weighing scales available in the market. Go through their basic specifications and check out the pros and cons of each of their weighing scale before purchasing one. So, go ahead and fish out your favourite luggage weighing scale.

1. Generic Digital Heavy Duty Portable Temp Weighing Scale

Generic Digital Heavy Duty Portable Hook Type

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The first one in our list is from a Generic brand and it is one of the most affordable luggage weighing scale in our list. This luggage weighing scale is durable, affordable and sturdy. It is a compact design that features a metallic hook to hold on to the objects. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to measuring the weight as it has a capacity of 50 Kgs. If you are looking for something really affordable then you must buy this one.The weighing scale also comes with the auto off function which turns off the weighing scale after a brief period of inactivity. Overall, it is one of the best available in the market a d it is also one of the best seller luggage weighing scale that you will find in the market

  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • It comes with a metallic hook and has a maximum capacity of 50 Kgs.
  • Has on, Tare and Unit button.
  • The minimum capacity is of 5 grams

Things We Like

  • Comes with an auto-hold feature
  • Comes with backlit display
  • One of the most affordable in the list

Things We Don’t Like

  • Batteries provided are not reliable and you need to replace them.

2. Zollyss Portable Digital 50 Kg Weighing Scale

Zollyss Portable Digital 50 Kg Weighing Scale

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The second one on our list is from Zollyss. This one is a branded luggage weighing scale and well you pay a premium for the brand. The functionality is more or less same and it also has a weighing limit of 50 Kgs. The handle in this weighing scale is made of steel and it is retractable which means that you will be able to store it properly without any worries of damaging the luggage weighing scale. The weighing scale is very versatile and the use is not just restricted to measuring weight of luggage, you can even measure the weight of various other objects with help of this luggage weighing scale. It comes with three units which include Kgs, Lbs. and Oz. The power source here is 2 AAA batteries which last very long since the power consumed by this luggage weighing scale is very low. Overall, it is worth investing a little extra in this luggage weighing scale.

  • Has a weighing capacity of 50 Kgs.
  • The minimum weight it can measure is 5 grams
  • Has an automatic hold feature
  • It comes with tare feature as well.

Things We Like

  • The display comes with a backlight
  • The hook is very sturdy and durable.
  • Comes with a foldable handle

Things We Don’t Like

  • Slightly expensive

3. Smiledrive Black Luggage Scale

Smiledrive Black Luggage Scale

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If you are looking for something really compact and if you are looking for a luggage weighing scale that has a durable fabric latch then this could be a perfect choice for you. This one also looks quite amazing as it is very compact. The overall quality is satisfactory and this weighing scale also comes with 1 month warranty. This warranty is surely enough to understand if the product works properly on not. In addition to this, the maximum capacity is the same as that of other scales. What is different is the type of hook. It features a fabric latch to hold the luggage or any other thing up in the air. It not only provides better stability but it also helps in securing the stuff properly while you lift the luggage.

  • Has the maximum capacity of 50 Kgs
  • Can easily be accommodated even in a pocket
  • Easy to use and has a screen with backlight
  • It has tare and unit functions as well.

Things We Liked

  • It features a really compact design with a good grip.
  • LCD has a backlight
  • Comes with auto hold and auto off feature. Also loaded with overload indicator and sound indicator
  • Comes with 1 month warranty

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Comes with Dummy batteries only

4. CASON (DEVICE OF C) -ABS 10g to 50 kg Luggage Scale

CASON (DEVICE OF C) -ABS 10g to 50 kg Luggage Scale

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If you are looking for a good branded luggage weighing scale then you must check out this one on our list. It has the best built and it comes with a fabric loop. The main latch is made of metal which makes it even more durable to use. The tare function is also easy to use and just with a click of button, you can change the measuring unit from Kg to Lbs. and From F to C. The display also has a bright light and the handle is contoured so that you can actually hold on to heavy luggage without any such major issues. If you need something that would last longer then this would be the best possible choice for anyone in the world.

  • Has a capacity of 50 Kgs and minimum weighing limit of 10 grams
  • Comes with a temperature sensor as well
  • Works on CR2032 batteries which lasts longer than AAA batteries

Things We Like

  • One of the best quality luggage weighing scale available in the market
  • Comes with Tare, Unit and Auto Off feature
  • The display is high in contrast which makes it easy to read
  • The body is made of good quality ABS

Things We Don’t Like

  • One of the most expensive products on our list.

5. EzLife Silver Luggage Scale

EzLife Silver Luggage Scale

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If you want a luggage weighing scale that is compact but at the same time, you are not willing to pay more then check out this last product on our list. This is compact and it is perfect for the indented usage as well. You get a fabric loop for lifting the luggage and overall scale is also quite compact. There is no such issue in using the scale of the features. Each graduation is 10 grams so the minimum weight that can be measured is 10 grams. Apart from this, the power source here is reliable as this 3V battery has a lot of juice in it. This weighing scale also comes with a warranty from the manufacturer so, in case of a defect, you can directly call the manufacturer. This is in addition to the 30 days return policy offered by amazon.

  • The dimensions of this are 15.01 cm x 3.98 cm x 10.49 cm.
  • Has a weight limit of 50 Kgs or 110 Lbs.
  • Uses CR2032 as a power source which lasts long
  • LCD has a backlight

Things We Like

  • Comes with Tare function
  • Has a Display Size of 11.3 mm.
  • It comes with an indicator for overload and low battery.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Nothing as such

Buying Guide for Luggage Weighing Scale

The fact is that the luggage weighing scale can be difficult to choose. There are different types of design and there are many brands available in the market. You can check out this short buying guide as it will help you in choosing the best luggage weighing scale for you. Here are the points that should be considered while making a purchase.

  • Design – You need to start by considering the design of the luggage weighing scale. There are various designs available and some of them are really very compact. You can choose your favourite one here as there is nothing much that we can suggest here. While choosing the design to ensure that there is a proper grip for you to lift the luggage.
  • Screen – You need to look at the screen of the luggage weighing scale and ensure that the screen displays a bold letter. You must also ensure that the screen should have a backlight or else it can be difficult to check the weight during dark hours. This will make it easy for you to take the reading.
  • Hook – The next thing to take care of is the hook of the luggage weighing scale. The hook is the part that would pick up the luggage and there are usually two types of hook. There are ones which are made of latches and then there are ones which are made of metal. The fabric ones are better as per our opinion.
  • Size – Since you would be traveling a lot with your luggage weighing scale, ensure that they have a compact size. This will help you in ensuring that it occupies less space in your luggage. However, the luggage weighing scale should not be so small that you find it difficult to hold.
  • The margin of Error – Any weighing machine that comes in the market would have a certain margin of error. This is restricted to 1% to 5% and anything that claims to have a higher margin of error should not be purchased. Accuracy is certainly the key.
  • Units – Check for the units available and ensure that you have Kgs as well as Lbs. in the luggage weighing scale. You may also find the room temperature sensor in the weighing scale which is an add-on for you. If you do not need a scale that can measure in Lbs. as well then you can certainly skip these criteria.
  • Capacity – Check for the capacity of the luggage weighing scale. The usual capacity would be around 50 Kgs but you will find the scales with different capacities. Also, check the minimum weight that the scale can measure. These two things are really important for luggage weighing scale
  • Auto Calibration and Auto hold – You should also check for these two features which are auto calibration and auto hold. They will really make it very easy to use the weighing scale. Here, an additional feature is the Tare feature which sets the weighing scale to 0 when you press the button. We are sure that the name of the auto-hold feature suggests its functionality.
  • Cost and Reviews – The last thing to check is the cost and the review of the weighing scale. You can find many deals when you consider a purchase from an e-commerce website and for reviews, you can check the products above or you can seek advice from your friends who are already using luggage weighing scale.

Benefits of Using a Luggage Weighing Scale

good luggage weighing scale can prove to be beneficial for you. While the list for the best luggage weighing machine in India is provided, given below are few reasons to use it. 

1) Portability

Usually, these machines are compact and weigh less. These features make the machine a portable weighing scale for luggage. So, in other words, you can easily bring them along whenever you are thinking about making a trip. Neither less to say, with a portable luggage scale in your arsenal, you can actually weigh your luggage anywhere in the world. That means no more waiting around for finding the right spot to get the reading for the weight you are carrying. 

2) A sense of Relief 

While one might be intimidated with the thought of travel, but it surely comes with its own set of hidden perks. All the pressure that comes with booking tickets for the flight to even stressing over the extra luggage you carry. You can easily cut the cost of extra luggage while checking in an airport. In fact, you can have the exact weight of your luggage before packing, even if you want something extra.

3) Affordable

You won’t be breaking your bank while purchasing a luggage scale. In fact, chances are luggage weighing scales are far more affordable than you can possibly think of. You can actually get your hands on a quality luggage scale under a few bucks. 

4) Accuracy

Opting for a digital luggage scale can provide you with a ton of versatility over an analogue one. Smart luggage weighing scales can also serve the purpose of reading temperatures. For example, Samsonite luggage weighing scale India comes with all these packed features. Especially if you are travelling by air, there are always strict rules when it comes to any particular luggage weight requirements. Although you might be excused for a few extra pounds, the same may not happen every single time. 

How to Use a Luggage Weighing Scale?

Using a luggage weighing scale is as easy as it can ever get. Mostly it comprises of a hook as well as a strap that you can easily attach to the handle of your bag. This, in turn, can assist you in getting a better reading. Just bear in mind, while weighing, your luggage bag shouldn’t touch to the ground. This tends to hinder with the actual reading. 

Final Verdict

This was all about the best luggage weighing scales available in India. You can also visit the product page to seek more information about them. Some of the brands do offer a warranty on the products but most of the brands do not.

Since it is a low-risk purchase because of the low cost associated, you should not have any such major issues. You can also check out these products on e-commerce sites which offers return facility as well.

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