Top 10 Best Lamination Machines in India 2022

Have you ever felt disgusted and sad because your ID card or any document have lost its value as it was left unprotected for years? If yes, then you would surely know that such issues could be solved by laminating the document.

Top Selling Lamination Machine

What is lamination?

For those who do not know, it is a simple process of enclosing and bonding documents or paper between two pieces of clear plastic film. The purpose of the plastic film is to add strength, rigidity, and protection to the paper or document bonded between it.

Benefits of having a lamination machine 

  • Lamination is a process that protects the paper or document enclosed between it
  • A lamination machine enables the user to laminate any paper, therefore, increase the durability of the print material.
  • Lamination adds protection to the print material against smudges, fingerprint, stains, tears, and wrinkles.
  • Laminating through lamination machine will enhance the appearance of the print material as they are designed to enhance the color of the print.
  • Lamination increases the lifetime of the print material
  • If you are a person who prefers carrying documents like driving license, voters ID, and Aadhaar card. Then you know in its original condition it could tear and prove useless, however, laminating these documents can help you increase its life.

Recommended print material that should be laminated 

  • Government documents
  • Certificates
  • Education and training material
  • Maps and bookmarks
  • Reusable hash tags
  • Safety instructions
  • Maintenance procedure
  • Warning signs
  • Sales presentation materials

With all these things shared, I would like to remind you that it is not easy to select the best lamination machine from the market today.

Bestselling Lamination Machine Online in India

However, based on our expertise and from customer reviews, we have selected the 10 best lamination machines that you can consider purchasing today.

1. SToK ST-L11A A4 Laminating Machine

SToK ST-L11A A4 Laminating Machine

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As you have read above, lamination is a useful process that can help you protect your print material and to increase its life, if you are a person who requires the same then SToK ST-L11A is one of the best lamination machine available on the Indian market today.

There is a reason why this lamination machine has secured the first position in this list, unlike most of the lamination machine available on the India market, this lamination machine can laminate print material with a size almost up to A4 with ease. Yes, A4 size print material can be laminated using this lamination machine.

Things we liked 

  • The manufacturer offers three 5 A4 size lamination pouch with this product, all 5 free of all cost
  • The machine can laminate documents with a maximum A4 size
  • Both Hot and Cold lamination can be done with this machine
  • The machine can be used with foll with a thickness between 80-125mm
  • The entire machine is sleek and compact

One of the most attractive things about this machine is that the manufacturer has incorporated an ABS button in this device that could help the user stop the lamination process, in case if the print material or pouch jam.

Things we did not like 

  • The user needs to preheat the machine before laminating.
  • This machine is suitable for personal user only, PS: It is not designed for heavy duty.

2. Texet A4 Lamination Machine

Texet A4 Lamination Machine

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 Even though, the lamination is an easy process and it is less time-consuming process, however, if you end up purchasing a cheap product with no quality and feature, then you are destroying your print document instead of protecting it.

The Texet A4 lamination machine is one of the best machines that you can purchase from the market today. This machine, unlike most of the lamination machine works faster. To be precise, the machine can laminate 30cm/minute. Yet another important feature that comes incorporated into this machine is the rocker switch on its side that allows the user to switch on the machine, and switch off the machine.

Things we liked 

  • Designed to produce photo quality laminate
  • Has a feature that warms up the machine comparatively faster than other machines
  • Can operate with 100-160 micron pouches
  • The product comes with 5 free pouches
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on this product

There is something special about this product, the Texet A4 lamination machine comes in a shockproof design and the entire machine has a matt black finished exterior that keeps the device new as always.

Things we did not like 

  • This lamination machine lacks the anti-jam feature, which could be a major cause of trouble at times.

3. VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination

VMS Professional LM Deluxe Lamination

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Until now, we were talking about lamination machine that could laminate printed material with a maximum size of up to A4 size. However, this lamination machine is designed to laminate printed document with a size up to A3.

The VMS Professional LM Deluxe lamination machine is one of the best lamination machines available on the market today, this product, unlike other products, comes at a reasonable price for the features it provide. This machine is designed to laminate a document of maximum width 320mm and can laminate 475mm in just a minute.

Things we liked 

  • Operating temperature of this lamination machine is 90-degree to 180 degree
  • The entire machine is powered by an AC geared motor
  • The device has 4 heavy rollers and an IR system for efficient heating
  • Consumes a maximum of 400 watts only
  • Best recommended for laminating Photo ID, PAN card, etc
  • Designed to laminate without any bubbles

Things we did not like 

  • The machine is comparatively heavier than other lamination machines

4. AGARO Signature A4 Lamination

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There are more than 100-lamination machines that are available on the market today, so, how is that we select the best lamination machine? The best method is to select based on the customer reviews.

Yes, the Agaro Signature professional is one of the best lamination machines that could be used both at home and in a commercial place. There are features that make this machine different; it is not just the design, but also the overall specification of the machine that makes it best.

Things we liked 

  • This machine can be used to laminate a document of maximum size A3
  • Has a fast warm-up feature that could help ease the lamination process
  • The Bambalio automatic heavy-duty professional lamination machine comes with a reverse knob that can keep the pouches without getting stuck
  • This device comes with a temperature control feature that helps the user to use different type of pouches
  • Comes with a LED temperature display panel

Things we did not like 

  • The machine is comparatively larger in size making it difficult to move and handle

5. Texet LMA4-VX Lamination

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Are you looking for a lamination machine that is stylish and great? Then the Texet rugged thermal/cold laminator is the best option for you.

This is one of the perfect lamination machines as it comes in a portable design that is easy to handle and use. This machine is designed for home use, especially for projects and other personal work.

Things we liked

  • Comes with a strong branded motor that is powerful and is of high-quality
  • Designed to warm up quickly so that the lamination could happen instantly
  • One of the most attractive features of this lamination machine is that it is updated and therefore, the machine produces less sound.
  • This machine can perform both cold and hot lamination processes with ease

Things we did not like

  • The entire product is made of plastic, if you do not handle the device with the care it could break easily.

6. MDI Lamo A4 Lamination Machine

MDI Lamo A4 Lamination Machine

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It is necessary to protect all your crucial documents and certificates, for which you need a good lamination cover.  To get a good quality lamination cover, one has to choose the right lamination machine. One such good product is MDI Lamo A4 Lamination Machine.

The machine is best to use in offices, schools, etc. to protect the significant papers and documents.  It uses plastic material to cover the papers and uses mica plates as a heating element. It can laminate an 80-125mic pouch. So, it serves as the best for laminating photos and papers. It doesn’t much time to warm up, but just take 3 minutes.

Things we liked

  • The laminating speed is 400 mm/min, which is good for laminating photos or papers
  • The best option for laminating A4 size papers

Things we didn’t like

  • Only A4 papers are laminated but not other size papers

7. Texet A4 (LMA4-EX) laminator with the Jam release button

Texet A4 (LMA4-EX) laminator

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When you laminate your important documents and papers, you may get a bad quality lamination or lamination with bubbles. To avoid this hassle, one can go with this purchase of this Texet A4 laminator. Here the photo quality is too good with bubble-free lamination.

The laminator is much compact and handy. One can carry this machine easily, wherever they go. Storage is also easy due to its compact size.

Things we liked

  • The lamination speed is 250 mm/min.
  • Compact size and light-weight
  • Easy to carry
  • Bubble-free lamination
  • Best for home, office or small office use
  • Supports both hot and cold lamination
  • Jam-free release system
  • Takes less time to warm up the machine

Things we didn’t like

  • Sometimes the jam release button doesn’t work properly

8. GOBBLER 312-PL A3

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One of the leading suppliers of office accessories is the GOBBLER. 312 laminator is special for its heating system to laminate the photographs, digital images, and other documents, etc. One can get the lamination of up to A3 size. It has a less pre-heating time by maintaining the gradual temperature range.

The machine uses the dual lamination system of hot and cold laminations with a jam control system to turn the rollers manually in case of a jam. The warm-up time is minimal and the signals when it is ready for laminating the papers. It involves various applications for home, office, school, art, etc.

Things we liked

  • Easy to use
  • Wide application
  • Hot and cold lamination
  • Laminations up to A3 Size

Things we didn’t like

  • None so far

9. SToK ST-LA4 Lamination Machine

SToK ST-LA4 Lamination Machine

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SToK ST-LA4 Lamination Machine provides both hot and cold lamination features. When the machine jams, it releases the ABS button to remove the jam. One can’t simply use the machine without knowing anything about the laminator. So it is better to refer the user manual before using the machine. The laminator allows up to A4 sizes for lamination.

It features a high-quality heating system that prevents blistering.  It automatically switches off when the machine is overheated.

Things we liked

  • Hot and cold lamination feature
  • Foil thickness of up to 80-125 microns
  • 1-year manufacturing defects warranty

Things we didn’t like

  • According to some customer reviews, the quality is poor

10. GBC Fusion 1000L A4 Laminator

GBC Fusion 1000L A4 Laminator

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It is one of the GBC products from the USA that provides the 2-year machine warranty. It laminates the documents of up to A4 size. It uses less time to get warm within 4 minutes. It also takes less time to laminate the papers or documents, because it uses one step lamination.

The machine laminates 75-micron thermal pouches. It serves as the best option for doing crafts projects, home and other occasional use in the commercial buildings. It is very stylish and easy to store in any place. It employs two-roller technology to provide fast laminations.

Things we liked

  • The best product of GBC from the USA
  • It provides a 2-year machine warranty
  • It’s just a few minutes to warm up
  • Easy one-step lamination
  • Good performance
  • Stylish and compact
  • Easy to store

Things we didn’t like

  • It is too expensive
  • Some customers complain about the bad quality of the machine

How to Choose the Right Laminating Machine in India?

We live in an era where we have lots of relevant documents to take care of, and it gets withered with time. We always take lots of care for such documents or want an extra layer of protection to provide them a longer shelf life. Having a laminating machine at home will help you a lot to protect such documents, and you can also save time & ample amounts of money. Choosing the right lamination machine can be headscratchers for someone new in this lamination world. So, to solve your problem, here are some essential points that you should remember while going for a laminating machine.

Types of laminating machines

The selection of this machine should be based on how often your machine is in use on an average day. After the knowledge and purpose of your usage, certain machines are recommended for every type. For the heavy-duty office tasks, thermal laminators are considered best. However, some less expensive once are best for occasional use in the home, so choose wisely.

There are two types available in the category lamination as follows: 

cold and the thermal one. If we have some sensitive documents like photos that can fade colors because of heat, cold laminators are very helpful in those cases. However, there are many laminators available in the market that can work in both modes. To use cold lamination, you have to have a self-adhesive laminating sheet, but thermal lamination will give you the greatest durability and clarity.

Buying Guide for the Best Laminating Machine

Now you may have a question that, what to see while you are choosing the best laminating machine for you. So, it is a straightforward process. To reduce your load, we have generated some required buying guidelines, which may help you to choose your desired one.

Paper Size

In any lamination process, paper size plays an essential role. As we all have most of our documents in A4 size, that will be good for most of us. We always need to keep one thing in mind about lamination that always chooses the larger lamination sheet for paper size.

Paper Thickness

Try to get a laminating machine with a minimum of 160 microns or more than that. Because if we don’t choose the perfect laminating paper thickness, then there are chances where the document might get damage. So, always select the ideal paper thickness. 


Everyone is in a hurry. By taking that entity under reference, then speed also the vital entity. You should check the speed of laminating so you can save more time.

Frequency of Use

Mostly, these machines take more than 5 minutes for heating. If you are willing to buy this for intense use then, it is better to select a device with less heating time of 1 to 3 minutes.

Heat time

Heat up time always affects the quality lamination with speed. With that, it also becomes a necessary thing to focus on the heat up time ratios. The laser’s heating time is speedy. So, try to get that laminated material with less heating time so you can save some time.

Warranty and build quality

As it’s a one-time investment so you should go for good build quality. So, that it can work for long-lasting. Most of the laminating machines come with 1-year of manufacturing warranty.

Buying Guide for the best Laminating Machine 

Lamination is not a complicated process if the lamination machine is the best and only if you end up selecting the best from the market. With this being said, it is not that easy to select the best lamination machine from the market today, here is the list of factors that you should consider

  • Size of the document – Each type of lamination machine is designed to laminate different size documents, A3, A4, A5, and A6 etc. So, before purchasing a lamination machine, have an idea of what size document you need to laminate.
  • Number of lamination you need in a day – There are different types of laminators that are designed to laminate different number of laminate. Some of them are heavy-duty, some are designed for personal use, and some are designed for personal and commercial used. So, before purchasing the machine, decide the number of lamination you require in a day.
  • Thickness of the document you need to laminate – Different documents comes with different thickness, most of the documents have a maximum thickness of 250 microns and common lamination machines can laminate it. However, if you want to laminate document with thickness more than 250 microns then check the specification and make sure the lamination machine is compatible to laminate your document.
  • Ease of using – A lamination machine could be used by any people, it could be a kid or a grown up. However, a laminator with complicated switches is not ideal for kids and therefore, always be sure on which type of laminator to select.


The 10 machines listed above are the best available on the market today and they were selected based on the customer reviews.

However, the buying guide above will help you select the best laminating machine from the market today. Feel free to select any one of the products listed above and you will not regret it.

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