Top 5 Best Kids Skate Scooter In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Kids love to ride a bicycle and they also love to ride skate scooters. They are certainly much more portable than bicycles. There are many kids who would rather prefer a skate scooter over the bicycle. Anyhow, it is good for physical fitness. The big task is to choose the right kid skate scooter for your kid. This can be really tricky because of the various models available in India. Well, the easy way out is to check out the list of recommended products here. We have compiled this list after carefully checking out hundreds of models.
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You can also refer to the buying guide if you are still concerned about choosing the right scooter for your kid. So, let us move on to the list of the best kids skate scooters available in India.

 Bestselling Kids Skate Scooter Online in India 

Here are the top 5 kids skate scooters that we would recommend for you. You can choose among these for making the purchase easy.

1. First Play Road Master Kids Scooter

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The first one in our list is from First Play and this is a 2 wheel skate scooter available in India. The gliding wheels here are smooth and they feature ABEC bearings which reduce the friction and hence reducing the wear and tear. The frame of the scooter is made of metal which makes it very sturdy to use.

Apart from this, the scooter is also folded able and it has a very lightweight construction. You can easily fold it and store it anywhere inside the house. This model features a rear fender brake which needs to be used pressed with the leg. The handlebar has a lot of foam grip to provide comfort to the rider. Apart from this, the foot board is also quite wide to make it easy for the people to ride the scooter.

Overall, the quality is very good and you will really be satisfied with what you get at this price. It is suitable for the kids over the age of 5 years and in addition to this, the scooter can take the weight of up to 50 Kgs.


  • Metal Frame gives sturdiness to scooter.
  • EN071 certified which is as per the European Standard.
  • Comes with a foldable compact design


  • No Handbrakes

2. RUDRAMS Kids Scooter

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If your son loves to ride a skate scooter then you must check out this design for her. This is a cute looking blue skate scooter which is again foldable. It is available in black and blue colour as well. Adding on to more details, this has a height-adjustable handlebar and it also has LED lights on the wheels which light up when the scooter is in motion.

This scooter is also equipped with rear fender brakes and these brakes are also very efficient. This is also a foldable design so you can fold the handlebar and squeeze it in any corner of the house. Also, there is a small side stand which ensures that the scooter doesn’t fall when it is stationary.

You can purchase this scooter for kids who are less than 50 Kg and over 5 years in age. As the child grows, you can adjust the height of the handlebar until the kid reaches the threshold weight. It is certainly one of the best models that you can choose from in Indian market.


  • Comes with 6 month warranty
  • Has LED Lights on wheels
  • Has a side stand as well.


  • Nothing as such.

3. R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooters for Kids

R for Rabbit Road Runner Scooters for Kids

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If you are looking for something more versatile for your kid then you need to really check this scooter out. This is a 3 wheel design which also comes with 4 level height adjustment for the handlebar. In addition to this, it is 2 wheels in the front which improves the stability by multiple boards. The wheels are also equipped with LED lights. In terms of portability, the scooter can be folded with push of a button which is yet another advantage associated with this scooter from R for Rabbit. The handle is made of aluminium alloy which gives a lot of strength to the scooter. Lastly, this also has extra wide brakes at rear of the scooter.

You can buy this scooter for you child as soon as he turns 3 and he will be able to use it until he turns 14 years old. In addition to this, you may not have to worry about the weight threshold as well because the metallic frame and 3 wheel design can hold as much as 75 Kgs.


  • Sturdy 3 wheel design with 4 levels of height adjustment for the handle.
  • Led lights on wheels with foldable design
  • Has a weight limit of 75 Kg.


  • Slightly expensive.

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4. Toyzone Ben 10 Scooter

Toyzone Ben 10 Scooter

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Is your kid a fan of superheroes like Batman or Ben 10? Does your kid like Doremon? Well, if the answer to any of these question is a yes then we found a perfect model for your kid. This scooter is available in 3 different designs which include a graphics of batman, ben10 or Doremon. This is also a 3 wheeled design but it has 2 wheels at the rear of the scooter. Overall, it offers a good balance to the kid. The quality is very nice and it is surely going to be very durable in the long run and at the same time, the floor grip is also very good.

You can start using this scooter once your child is at least 4 years old. In addition to this, the scooter also features a foldable design along with the height adjustable handlebar. The braking system is located in the rear of the scooter which makes it easy to brake and stop the scooter even when the kid is riding very fast.


  • Comes with amazing designs
  • Features a 3 wheel design for higher stability
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Very affordable


  • Some users have complained about the durability of this scooter.

5. Baybee Flash Scooter for Kids

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This is the last model on our list and this is also a 3 wheel design. Just like one other model in our list, it has 2 wheels in front and 1 in the rear. The handlebar can easily be adjusted as per the height and the scooter itself can be folded for storage purposes. It is available in 3 general colours and it is also certified as per the European safety standards. The braking system in this is also a rear braking system which can be used with the leg. The aluminium brake pedal is very sturdy as well.

To give in more details, this scooter is suitable for kids who are between 3 to 12 years in age. In addition to this, the height of the handlebar can be adjusted as the kid grows. The maximum weight limit for this scooter is 50 Kg. As per our recommendation, this is a good buy for the people looking for a scooter for their kids.


  • A sturdy design which is easily foldable
  • Comes with an aluminium reinforced braking pad.
  • Features height adjustable handle and it is also very affordable.


  • No designs with cool graphics. Features a plain and simple design.

Buying Guide for Kids Skates Scooter

Here are some of the points that you must consider while purchasing the kids’ skate scooter

  • Electric or Kick Scooter – The first choice that you can make here is between the electric scooter and the kick scooter. You can choose which one would you like. If you really wish to promote the physical fitness in kid then you should opt for the kick scooter as this will increase the physical activity of the child.
  • Size of Scooter – The second thing to consider is the size of the scooter. There are 3 sizes available which are small, medium and large. You can choose the one as per the height of your child and also ensure that the model you are purchasing has provision for height adjustments. This will ensure that you can retain the same scooter while the child is growing up.
  • 2 Wheeled or 3 Wheeled – Decide whether your child can ride a 2 wheeled scooter or a 3 wheeled model. 3 wheeled are more stables. To give you an idea, if your child can ride a bicycle then we are sure he will be comfortable with the 2 wheeled models. For the younger children, it is better to opt for 3 wheeled models but again, this depends on the child’s comfort level.
  • Childs Age and Height – You also need to refer to the child’s age and height. You need to decide if the child is actually ready to use the scooter or not. Since you are the parent, you will be the best judge here. Also, ensure that you purchase the safety gears for your child because bruised knees and elbows can hurt a lot.
  • Braking Mechanism – Check for the braking mechanism that the scooter is equipped with. There is one which needs the use of leg and is located in the rear of the scooter but you also get the scooter where you have the hand lever brakes. Ask your child which one he wants.
  • Budget – You can also set a budget before you start shopping for kid’s scooter. This is because the higher range can burn a hole in your pocket. You will find expensive models which are battery operated and you will also find models which have lights embedded into them. These tend to get more expensive and hence you need to decide a budget before you start purchasing the model.
  • Kids Choice – The best scooter that you can buy is the one that your kids choose. Pay a lot of attention to what your kid likes. He is going to be the end-user and you must not undermine the choice of this little customer. Buy what he loves and this will keep your kid excited and he will be happy to ride it all the time. Give your kid a freehand while making a choice.


These are the best kid’s skates scooter available in India. We hope that the buying guide will help you in making the purchase and honestly, let your child make the choice.

You can go ahead and shortlist some of the models and then let your kid decide which one he wants. Your kid will be delighted and it will also make the task easier for you.

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