Top 10 Best Handicap Wheelchair In India 2022

Having to deal with a disability is hard enough without having to get used to the sudden abrupt change that it may entail. That sadly is what every disabled person goes through; it is a learning curve and one that’s a tad steep. If you had been hurt in an accident, one that has left you disabled, and then you would definitely need to purchase a good handicap wheelchair for transportation.

Top Selling Wheelchairs

1. KosmoCare Dura Foldable Wheelchair 
2. KosmoCare Transport Wheelchair
3. MCP Jindal Folding Steel Wheelchair
kosmocare KosmoCare Tranz-Air Ultra Light Weight Transport Wheelchair Regular Foldable Wheelchair
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Best Buy Handicap Wheelchairs Online in India

These wheelchairs are quite handy and you can use the same to move around easily. Just check out the top 10 best handicap wheelchairs in India.

1. KosmoCare Tranz-Air Ultra Light Weight Transport Wheelchair

KosmoCare Tranz-Air Ultra Light Weight Transport Wheelchair

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One of the first things that you need to look out for when purchasing wheelchairs is how easy is it to handle and move around on. It needs to be lightweight and to that end, the Kosmo care wheelchair is ultra light and you can easily use it for transportation and from moving from one place to another, with ease. It comes with a detachable armrest and footrest as well as all the advanced functionality that you would ever require. It also comes with a carry bag which you can use to carry and store important items. As a wheelchair, it certainly stands out for its ‘ease of use’ and advanced functionality.

Here are some of the unique features of Kosmo care

What we liked 

  • Detachable footrest, detachable armrest
  • Length can easily be adjusted
  • It is foldable
  • Comes with a separate carry bag to store the wheelchair in, when not in use
  • It comes with nylon upholstery which makes it easy to clean the wheelchair

What we did not like 

  • Slightly expensive

2. Regular Foldable Wheelchair

Regular Foldable Wheelchair

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When purchasing a wheelchair, the first thing you need to consider is what you need it for – do you need it for your home or for outdoor use? The great thing about this wheelchair is that you can use it for either one, as it comes with a sturdy frame and is quite lightweight as well. The wheelchair is also foldable and can be stored easily, and should not take much space. It comes with a chrome plated steel frame and currently has a maximum load bearing capacity of 100 kgs.

Here are some of the unique features of this regular foldable wheelchair

What we liked 

  • Foldable wheelchair
  • Chrome plated steel frame, strong and robust
  • 46 cm width wheels
  • Padded and upholstered armrests
  • Swing away footrest

What we disliked 

  • Fixed arm and footrests

3. Instant Mobility Victory Mag Standard Wheelchair

Instant Mobility Victory Mag Standard Wheelchair

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When it comes to purchasing a wheelchair, the first thing that you need to do is to figure out how long you would need it for; if you are going to require a wheelchair for extended long periods of time, then you may want to check this one out. For the instant mobility Victory Mag standard wheelchair comes with an ergonomic design which can help prevent bedsores from developing. What’s more, it is also comfortable and easy to use and comes with fast movements. Check out some of the features of this wheelchair.

What we liked 

  • Compact, foldable and can be easily stored
  • Chrome plated steel frame, strong and robust
  • Rear Mag wheels for better movement and stability
  • Triple layered chrome
  • Extra wide footplate

What we did not like 

  • The overall design could be better

4. Karma Foldable Wheel Chair – Model: Fighter C

Karma Foldable Wheel Chair

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It is important that you choose the right wheelchair; with so many choices, it is getting harder to pick one but the one factor that you need to consider is its size, width and whether it is comfortable to use. Well, Karma foldable wheelchair fits all those requirements and more.  It comes with a foldable design that can be stored easily when you are not using it. It also comes with a chrome plated steel frame for better strength and robustness, as well as wide armrests and footrests that are fixed. Check out some of the main features of the wheelchair,

What we liked 

  • Compact, foldable design
  • Superior quality wheels with spokes
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Maximum load bearing capacity of 100 kgs
  • Portable

What we disliked 

  • It is a little hard to clean and is priced slightly higher

5. Khl Reclining Foldable Commode Wheelchair

Khl Reclining Foldable Commode Wheelchair

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Before purchasing a wheelchair, you need to carefully consider your current requirements; if you are on the lookout for a reclining wheelchair or need one, then you may want to consider this model. The Khl Reclining wheelchair is designed in such a way so as to enable patients to be easily transported from the bed to the wheelchair and back to bed later on. It comes with a foldable design and can be easily stored and is portable as well. Check out some of the main features of this wheelchair,

What we liked 

  • It is a reclining wheelchair
  • It comes with a compact design, one that can be folded and stored easily
  • Chrome plated, and is both strong, durable and robust
  • It comes with 8” PVC caster wheels as well as 24” solid wheel
  • Detachable arm and footrest

What we did not like 

  • It is slightly expensive

6. Karma Reclining Bed Type Commode Metal Wheel Chair


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This wheel chair is ideally designed for the elders and patients, its bed type transforming wheelchair as well. This wheelchair is chrome plated wheel chair and all god features, its high backrest to provide comfort to the users. This foldable features increases it portability, it would be great buy for you. Check out some of unique features of the wheelchair.

Things we liked

  • It has compact, foldable designed
  • It is chrome plated steel frame, with all good features
  • It especially designed as bed type, which provide you comfort and flexibility
  • Swing away footrest

Things we didn’t liked

  • A little bit expensive

7. KosmoCare Dura Rexine Mag Wheel Regular Foldable Wheelchair


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There is another brilliant product of KosmoCare, this wheelchair comes with superior quality wheels with light weighted as well.

When it comes to wheelchair then KosmoCare is one of most popular brand in online Indian market and you can also fold this chair, it has fixed arm and footrest for your comfort, it would be great buy for you.

Things we liked

  • It made with chrome steel plated frame
  • It has high quality wheels with attractive look as well
  • This folding wheelchair max load bearing of 100kg
  • It comes with superior quality PU armrest for long time uses
  • It rear wheel lock provide the comfort and safety

Things we didn’t liked

  • The leg support could be better
  • A slightly expensive

8. KosmoCare Crest Series Recliner

KosmoCare Crest Series Recliner

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While choosing the wheelchair, you may need to check the various features such as reclining back position, elevated leg rest position, etc available in it or not. You can’t simply choose any model of wheelchair that has none of these features. Some wheelchair offers the user an option to lie in a sleep position. So there are many additional features that you can enjoy by choosing the right wheelchair model. Kosmocare Recliner Commode Premium wheelchair is one such model where you can expect all the above features. This model has a hydraulic reclining high back option in which the user can change the levels up to 180 degrees to feel comfortable.

What we liked

  • It is a reclining high back wheelchair
  • It has a soft commode seat for the user to feel comfortable while resting on it
  • It has an option to change the position of footrest seat
  • It has a safety belt of seat width 47 cm
  • It provides a smooth ride over all surfaces

What we did’t liked

  • This brand premium model is much costly

9. Fastwell Premium Folding Wheelchair

Fastwell Premium Folding Wheelchair

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It is crucial for you to choose the right model of a wheelchair, so that you may feel comfortable to move around. Sometimes, the wheelchair may occupy more space in your room, thus foldable wheelchairs may save a lot of space. One such foldable wheelchair model is the Fastwell Premium Folding wheelchair.  The wheelchair looks modern and stylish in its design.  Most people feel it difficult to carry and move the wheelchair to other places, but this is not the case with this model. This wheelchair is light-weight in design and highly durable.

What we liked

  • Extra brake for an attendant to use
  • Light-weight
  • Durability
  • Easy to fold the wheelchair
  • Stylish elliptical design
  • Easy to clean

What we did’t liked

  • Slightly expensive due to its design and light-weight feature

10. Dr Trust (USA) Premium Quality Portable Foldable Manual Wheelchair

Dr Trust (USA) Premium

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When the patients or physically challenging people want to move out, then the Dr Trust Portable Wheelchair serves as the best option. It is a manual wheelchair that is foldable to save a lot of space. This model has chrome-plated steel frames that help the patients to feel convenience while moving the chair around. The wheelchair features an armrest that one can adjust while shifting the patient to other places.

What we liked

  • To handle rough and terrain surfaces, the model has the 24 inches rear wheels
  • A Patient can use the loop-style manual brake to move or stop the wheelchair
  • Foldable light-weight model ideal for patients
  • Not much expensive
  • Top-quality wheelchair

What we did not like

  • It is a manual wheelchair with fewer features.

Difference between Wheelchair and a Transport chair

Normal or manual Wheelchair

A normal wheelchair is fitted with four wheels, where two small wheels in front and two bigger back tires finished off with pivoting handrails.

Self-driving, hand edges on back reels permit clients to propel themselves forward. The seat is worked on rock-solid strengthened steel development for halted use highlights a broad scope of frill: plate, cup holders, sacks, pads, oxygen connections, and so on.

Standard wheelchairs have the wheels bigger, which gives extra self-sufficient mobility because it facilitates the user to stride without a caretaker’s service. The normal wheelchair price in India is comparatively less than that or transport wheelchair.

Transport wheelchair

Transport seats offer 8″- 12″ around wheels that cannot be reached while sitting in the seat. Wheelchairs, nonetheless, are worked with bigger 18″- 24″ wheels finished off with a simple to-grasp, turning handrail that permits clients to push themselves forward. Transport seats require the help of a subsequent individual to push from behind. 

There is likewise a significant contrast between slowing mechanisms. Wheelchairs repeatedly include a push-lock wheel instrument, securing the seat for clients to securely enter or leave the seat. Transport seats are furnished with brakes on the handles situated on the rear of the seat. This element empowers the individual to push the seat to apply the brake. The cost of the Wheelchair may vary according to brands.

These were the common differences between wheelchair and transport wheelchair.

Frequently asked questions

1) Is a prescription required for buying a wheelchair?

One doesn’t needn’t bother about getting a prescription for purchasing a wheelchair. The explanation you would require a wheelchair solution is in case you’re hoping to utilize a protection advantage or include the cost of a wheelchair in your medical insurance.

2) How can I buy a 2nd hand wheelchair for sale?

2nd hand wheelchair for sale can be bought through the consumer to consumer website that may be through Olx, e- bay, and others.

3) What are the costs of buying a wheelchair?

The cost of a wheelchair may vary according to the design, type, and brands. If you buy an advanced technology wheelchair that gets on into the Wheelchair, the higher will be the amount of a wheelchair.

4) Generally, for how do wheelchairs last?

Generally, wheelchairs last for five years or further. The total lifespan of a wheelchair relies on how it is being maintained and stored. Also, how a wheelchair is used explains a lot about its lifespan. If a wheelchair is preserved well and good care is taken of it, then it will surely last for a more extended period.

5) Can we customize my Wheelchair according to my need?

Generally, a wheelchair has an old traditional shape that almost fulfills all the requirements of the patients. But, you can easily customize your Wheelchair according to your special need. There are many joint or fracture problems where you require particular kinds of attachments that, if attached, help in faster recovery.

6) Can we transform my ordinary Wheelchair into an electrical one?

Yes, it is possible to transform your ordinary Wheelchair into a fully automated electric wheelchair. But initially, it would require a lot of budget for converting it into an automated one. These electric wheelchairs are convenient when it comes to old age people.

These are some of the top handicap wheelchairs that are currently available in India. Do keep in mind that the structural integrity of the wheelchair is important so when purchasing one, and if possible do try it out to see if it is a good fit, and whether it is sturdy and strong enough. And always check out the specs of the wheelchair before purchase and double check its load bearing capacity as well.

Given the various choices out there, opt for the fit rather than choose one that’s priced the least.

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