Top 7 Best Folding Chairs in India 2022

Folding chairs not only provide a great way to enhance the place, but they also fit themselves up in the smaller space quite well. These useful and amazingly designed chairs are often considered as the most important and useful set of furniture for the Indian homes with the limited space. So, if you are also struggling with the free space at your home, and want to have a sitting arrangement that can easily be altered whenever needed, then you should opt for the set of folding chairs instead of the permanent sitting solutions.

Although the folding chair is a category of chairs, you can find a wide variety of such chair that differ in material, storage, and usability.

So, make sure that you choose a folding chair by keeping all these aspects in mind.

Buyers’ guide for the Folding Chairs

In case you are buying the folding chair for the first time, and are unable to zero on one type and brand, then, the following quick buyers’ guide can be very helpful for you. Go through it, and keep the points in mind while you are out for buying the folding chairs for your home.

Material – Make sure that the chair you are planning to buy is made up of reliable This somehow will affect the durability of the chair and also determines the beauty of the chair.

Durability – Make sure that the chair is durable enough to be used by the heavy persons too, and can last for years without any major maintenance.

Reliability – Another thing that must be considered while purchasing the folding furniture for the home is the reliability. Make sure that the chair is reliable to use and has a better build quality that can assure you about the overall durability of the chair.

These points may look simple to some buyers, but they can help you buy the bet folding chairs for yourself.

Still, if you are not sure about which chair would be right for you, then here are five best folding chairs that you can buy India. check this link also: Best Office Chairs in India

Bestselling Folding Chairs Online in India

Go through the list, and choose the one that suits your needs, budget,and needs.

1. [email protected] Folding Round Bungee Dish Chair

Story@Home Folding Round Bungee Dish Chair

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If you were looking for a modern and brilliant looking folding chair that is durable enough to be used on the daily basis, the [email protected] Folding Round Bungee Dish Chair would be a perfect choice. These were the points that we loved about the chair

  • High-end fabric material
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Lightweight yet reliable

Things we liked

  • Durable enough for heavy users
  • Great for outdoors

Things we didn’t liked

  • No warranty whatsoever on the product

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2. GTB Classic Folding Chair in Black-BT-220

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For the buyers who are looking to buy a durable and sturdy looking folding chair for their home, the GTB Classic folding chair is a brilliant option to go with. The easy to carry and lightweight design of the chair makes it a perfect option to be used both in doors and outdoors. Here are a few great things about the chair.

  • Brilliant hip and back support
  • More comfortable than the other folding chairs
  • Extremely durable

Things we liked

  • High-quality cushioning
  • Brilliantly tough off design

Things we didn’t liked

  • The dimension of the chair is relatively smaller

3. Starry Night Multipurpose Padded Metal Folding Chair Black Pack of 1

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Made up with the aluminum, this chair not only looks good but also feels as strong as any other furniture that is being used in your home. Also, the dual tone of the chair provides it a unique and classy look. Here are a few great things about the chair that we liked the most

  • Good back support
  • Comfortable sitting
  • Easy to carry

Things we liked

  • Extremely durable design
  • Space saving design

Things we didn’t liked

  • Isn’t a good option for heavy people.

4. Nilkamal Hardy Foldable Chair (Black)

Nilkamal Hardy Foldable Chair

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Nilkamal Hardy is another foldable chair with brilliant looks and awesome design. The additional grips make it a great for the home and outdoors. Moreover, this chair the best looking folding chair in the list. Here are the few great things about the chair

  • Brilliant looks
  • Durable and balanced design
  • Easy to carry

Things we liked

  • Space saving design
  • Extra rubber grips make it a reliable chair

Things we didn’t liked

  • Not for heavy users.

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5. Furlay Recliner Chair Coffee Bean

Furlay Recliner Chair Coffee Bean

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For those buyers who want to buy a more comfortable chair for themselves, the Furlay Recliner chair would be a great choice. With adequate cushioning and brilliant design. Here are the unique things about the chair

  • Six adjustment settings
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Fiber handle for utmost comfort

Things we liked

  • Easy to carry along
  • Lightweight yet amazingly durable

Things we didn’t liked

  • Reclining mechanism is extremely smooth. People may find it unreliable

6. Ikea Gunde Folding Chair, Black

Ikea gunde

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Ikea gunde is another folding chair with simple and elegant looks. It has most comfortable and light weight chair, and this overall good product for your required. Hare is few great things about it

Things we liked

  • Brilliant looks with light weight
  • Easy to clean and very portable
  • Easy to carry
  • It has space saving design
  • Comfortable sitting with back support

Things we didn’t liked

  • This not good option for heavy person

7. Smart Shelter Super Strong Folding Rest Chair

folding chair

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There are many folding chair but this smart shelter super strong folding rest chair is one of best chair in our list and it outdoor & indoor chair is perfect way to relax when you getting tired of your work. It has comes with 2 padded cushions for great comfort along with durable design  and it best for your home you can use in 4 positions according your situations.

This chair made with Ms Powder coated metal frame and high quality cloth apart from you can removed this cloth and also wash it.

Things we liked

  • This chair super strong foldable design for lifelong durability
  • It suitable for both sides (outdoor & indoor)
  • It has 2 padded cushions for your great comfort
  • It also changed this chair in 4 locking rest positions
  • It perfect chair for relaxing your body
  • It is easier to carry

Things we didn’t liked

  • Doesn’t have an armrest
  • A little bit expensive to others


So, these were the best folding chairs that you can buy today from the Indian market. Choose the best one for yourself according to your budget, needs of buying a chair and the place where you are going to use them.

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