Top 5 Best Floor Cleaners in India – Floor Cleaning Liquid

It has been observed that the rate of pollution is increasing day by day. Thus it is very important to see that our homes are protected and secured in all respect. It is for this reason special care is taken to keep the floors clean and fresh for a long time. Generally people used only water to clean the floors but in due course of time it was not enough to protect the room from dirt and germs. Keeping this in mind, there has been invention of some high-quality floor cleaners that are quite capable of cleaning the floors.

Best Floor Cleaners

Only a few drops of floor cleaners are quite capable of cleaning the floors beautifully. You can use it simply. If you take a bucket of water and drop a few drops of floor cleaners then it is quite enough to clean the floor. Regular application of the floor cleaners can bring good results. You should try it for getting best results.

Different types of floor cleaners in India

In today’s world you can get various types of floor cleaning materials. You can choose it as per your convenience and demand. Most of the time it is seen that people gets confused about choosing the right types of floor cleaners for their house. However, in such a case it should be remembered that the floor cleaners mainly depend upon the type of floors.

People use various types of tiles to make their room look more beautiful and gorgeous. Thus in such a situation you have to choose the best type of cleaners for cleaning the floors and make it free from dirt and germs. Let us try to find out some of them.

  • White Phenyl concentrates.
  • Disinfectant Concentrate
  • Black phenyl concentrate

If you use these types of phenyl you can easily keep the floors clean and fresh for a long time. It is a very simple process to use these types of phenyl.

Bestselling Floor Cleaners Online In India

In the following lines we will come across various types of floor cleaners available in the market. Most of these types of floor cleaners come with some specific features that are quite different from the other ones. It will be an interesting matter to gather good knowledge about the best floor cleaners.

1. Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Citrus

Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Citrus

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If you are looking for a perfect floor cleaner that can clean your floors completely by providing a fresh fragrance then it is the best one. It comes in a wide variety of flavors and you can choose the one that suits your house. Apart from keeping the house free form germs it can also help to provide a shiny look to the floors. If you use plain water then it can bring the shinny look of the floors. But this product is just the best one in all aspect.

Things we liked

  • It is the best brand as recommended by the Indian Medical Association.
  • It dilutes easily with water and helps in perfect cleaning.
  • It leaves behind a fresh fragrance.
  • Most common fragrances are jasmine, citrus or lavender. You can choose it as per your wish.

Things we did not like about it

  • It is not good for cleaning the salty water strains from the floor.

2. Patanjali Gonyle Floor Cleaner

Patanjali Gonyle Floor Cleaner

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It is the best floor cleaner that comes with all types of natural ingredients. It is a wonderful item for removing the dirt and germs from the floor. If you once start using the floor cleaner you will get used to it. This product is mainly made from all types of natural and freshly extracted materials of nature. You will also get a fresh fragrance at the time of using it. Only a few drops of this floor cleaner are enough to make the house 99% germ free.

Things we liked

  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • Best for any types of floor.
  • It can easily remove all types of stains from the floor.
  • As it is made of cow urine it can be a perfect item to keep away the germs from the floor.

Things we did not like about it

  • The price of the item could have been reduced to some extent.

3. Amazon Brand – Presto! Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Lavender

Amazon Brand - Presto! Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

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In order to keep the floor free from germs and dirt you can use this product. It is absolutely safe for any types of floor. If you have any type of tomato sauce stains or coffee stains on the floor then it can be a perfect item for removing those stains from the floor. Only a few drops floor cleaner is enough to remove the dirt from the floor. Apart from this, it can also help to give a shinier look to the floors.

Things we liked

  • Perfect for cleaning the tough stains from the floor.
  • Leaves behind a refreshing and wonderful fragrance.
  • Keeps the hand safe and soft.
  • Can be used on various types of floors like marble, ceramic or even on granite floors.

Things we did not like about it

  • The packaging of the bottle should have been a little better.

4. PaxClean ECO Floor Cleaner (Lavender)

PaxClean ECO Floor Cleaner

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There are several instances that clearly show how unclean floors can be the main cause of various types of diseases. In such a condition it is very important to use the best floor cleaners that can help to keep the floors clean and fresh for a long time. It is such a floor cleaner that can help you to stay away from all types of allergies that are often caused due to dirty and unhygienic floors. It is very simple to use. Only a few drops of floor cleaner can help to remove all the germs from the floors.

Things we liked

  • It can kill about 99.9% germs from the floors.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It does not cause any types of harm to the hands.

Things we did not like about it

  • The price could have been lowered to some extent.

5. Cleenz Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Liquid

Cleenz Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

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If you are looking for some high-quality floor cleaners then it is the best one. It can effectively clean all the germs and allergies from the floor. At the same time, the floor cleaner leaves behind a beautiful fragrance. It dilutes very easily in the water and that is main quality of such cleaners. Apart from floors you can also use this item in cleaning any types of surfaces. They are just best for any such cleaning.

Things we liked

  • Dilutes easily within the water.
  • Leaves behind a fresh fragrance.
  • It is best for daily moping and cleaning of floors.
  • It is quite tough on stains.

Things we did not like about it

  • The product should have come with other varieties of smell.

Floor Cleaners and its Benefits

As the use of floor cleaners have increased to a good extent due to high pollution so it has turned out to be an essential item in every home. There are hardly any homes that do not use any types of floor cleaners. To be very specific if you have a kid in your house then it is equally important to use floor cleaners. They are just best for keeping the house clean and fresh for a long time.

Easy to use

Most importantly it can be said that floor cleaners that are found in the present time are much advanced and upgraded ones. It takes very less effort to use such cleaners. Only few drops are enough to remove the dirt and infections from the house. They are easily diluted within the water. This is also a great advantage of using the floor cleaners.

Wide variety of fragrances

Apart from all this, you will be amazed to see that the floors cleaners come with various types of fragrances and that helps to keep the room more refreshed and nice. You will feel better the moment you will reach the room and get a good smell.

Kills germs effectively

Research studies have also revealed the fact that these types of floor cleaners are quite effective in removing the germs totally from the house. If you use plain water then it will not be enough to remove the germs but by using the floor cleaners you can stay fit and healthy for a long time.


The floors cleaners that are available in the market are absolutely non-sticky in nature. They will not damage your hands. You can safely use it as they will keep your hands soft and fresh without any adverse effects.


Apart from all this, it has also been noticed that the floor cleaners are much cost-effective. If you use a single drop of cleaner on water then that will be enough to clean the floors and keep it fresh for a long duration. But if you use other types of products other than floor cleaners that cannot be enough or good for your floors.

Now it has been seen that with these advantages it is very easy to keep your floors nice for a long time. As time is changing and there is a good increase of pollution so you should take proper precautions to stay healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Which differentiates a cleaner from a cleanser?

Surface cleaners can be used for kitchen tops, grease, and bathroom dirt. Floor cleaners, on the other hand, are designed to kill bacteria and mop the floor. 

2) Which is the best liquid floor cleaner?

You can get a wide range of cleaners if you look for the best floor cleaner liquid India online. For example, the Dettol floor cleaner is a common household name in India. You can always choose one according to your budget. 

3) What does cruelty-free mean?

Many brands test their products on animals, which are not considered cruelty-free. A lot of consumers check for the cruelty-free claim on their products before buying. 

4) Can I use the same floor cleaner to clean tile floors?

Many liquid floor cleaners are made suitable for tile floors. However, it is always advisable to buy from a list of the best tile floor cleaner liquid to avoid any damages. 

5) Is liquid floor cleaner safe around pets?

Pets are a common part of the household. No matter how safe cleaners claim to be, it is never safe to swallow the cleaner content. 

6) What kind of discounts can I avail of such cleaners?

Often shops and e-commerce sites offer discount prices and combos on household cleaning essentials. Look for a pack of floor cleaner liquid 5-liter pack, and you will be offered a plus one pack or other household cleaning items. 

7) What Should You Look for in a Liquid Floor Cleaner?

  • Check your floor type first- Different floor types call for different kinds of surface cleaners. Hard floor and tile floor have different needs, and both need a particular pH maintained liquid cleaner. Hard floor cleaners can often corrupt the tile surface. 
  • Check for any ingredient you might be allergic to. Certain harsh chemicals might prove hazardous to you or your loved ones.

Bottom Line

It must be now clear from the above facts that with the advent of the floor cleaner’s people can stay away from diseases to a great extent. It has been a wise invention in the present time. Most of the floor cleaners are also recommended by India Medical Association.

So, they are safe enough for the floors and also for the kids. If you have still not availed the floor cleaners now it is the prime time to start using it.

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