Top 5 Best Daily Planner Diary in India 2022

Smartphones have literally replaced everything. Phones have replaced the small phone book diary that we used to keep with us and the phones have also replaced the daily planner diaries for most of the people. Well, the fact is that the daily planner still has a lot of other advantages and it can help you in planning your day better. It can also help you in controlling the smartphone usage and reducing the dependency on smartphones. You might still question us why are diaries so important.

Best Daily Planner Diary

So, we have dedicated the next section to talk about the benefits and importance of daily planner diaries.

Importance and Benefits of Daily Planner Diary

There are innumerable benefits of a daily planner but to give you an idea, we have listed the top most points here. Let us now look at them

  • Planning and Prioritizing – The daily planners can help you better time management. You can mention all your daily activities in advance and this can also help you in prioritizing the task. This way, you will know if you have time for everything or not.
  • Reminders – This can also work as a reminder. For example, you have an activity due after a month or a doctor’s appointment after a month then you can list that already under the date which reduces the chances of forgetting about the appointment.
  • Improved Productivity – As we mentioned earlier that diary can help you in prioritizing the task, this means that it can really help you in improving the productivity as well. This can help you in staying on track in terms of the important task and completing your work much more efficiently.
  • Reduces Anxiety – If you feel anxious about being late or missing something well then the diaries can help you in reducing the anxiety levels for you. This is because you can mention things in advance in diary and hence you can plan smartly.
  • Record Keeping – This also helps you in maintain the record. For example, if you had to visit the doctor after 1 month of first appointment date and you do not remember the last appointment date. In such a case, you can just flip some pages and find out about your last appointment with the doctor

With all these benefits, we are sure that you are also willing to buy a daily planner diary and to help you in making the choice, we have compiled a list of some of the best diaries available in India. Let us now move ahead and check out these details.

Top 5 Best Daily Planner Diary in India

Here is the list of top 5 best daily planner diaries in India.

1. TinyChange Planner

TinyChange Planner

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The first planner in our list is from TinyChange and this can help you in planning at least 15 months. This means that you would not have to purchase a new diary after every few months. This planner can really change the way you deal with life because this helps you in tracking your goals and even making a wish list. Apart from this, you can also make checklist and do other such things with help of the diary. This diary basically comes with weekly planning guide where you can list the priorities, events, notes, achievements, learnings, habits and gratitude as well. There is motivational quote mentioned on each page along with the weekly challenge. You get productivity sticker sheet, bookmark, thank you card and a scale free with this daily planner. Lastly, the design uses faux leather and 100 gsm paper.

What we like

  • Can help you in planning for 15 months.
  • Comes with extensive weekly planning which we believe is better than a daily planner.
  • Promotes self-reflection exercise and gratitude post to keep you motivated.

What we did not like

  • Slightly expensive.

2. Nourish Daily Planner

Nourish Daily Planner

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If you have a lot of activities to plan for on a daily basis and if you are looking for something that you can use in office then you can go ahead and purchase this Nourish Daily Planner. On this daily planner, you can list the top 4 goals of the day, schedule of the day and to-do list of the day. Apart from this, you can list details of important calls, meals, exercise schedule and you can rate your performance. What we love about this planner is that there is a lot of space to plan your day and a lot of space to take down the notes. In total, there are 20 designs available in this diary which can give you an extensive option to choose from. This is certainly something you can look at if you need a daily planner.

What we like

  • Has simple headings and a lot of space under each heading
  • Good quality paper and good quality spiral binding
  • Available in 20 designs and covers.

What we did not like

  • Comes with 75 pages.

3. InstaNote Non Dated Daily Planner

InstaNote Non Dated Daily Planner

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You really need to check out this planner available in our list. This can help you in tracking every minute detail of the day which includes your daily calendar, to-do list, calls to make, menu, money, water, sleep, exercise and overall day. In total, the diary includes 160 pages with 90 GSM quality. The size of the page is A5 and it is a wire-bound dairy. On the left side, there are just dotted lines which can help you in planning your day and taking down notes as well. The diary can prove to be of great help if you are trying to adopt a set of good habits which includes tracking your food intake, tracking exercise and tracking your sleep. The benefits are not just restricted to physical fitness levels but money tracker in this can help you with financial health as well.

What we like

  • Available in several designs
  • Extensive sub-headings under each day.
  • Good quality paper used and space on the left side to take notes as well.

What we did not like

  • Less number of pages

4. The positive store, Dream Believe Create Daily Planner

The positive store

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On number 4, we have something from The Positive Store. This diary can again help you in changing your perspective towards life. The page starts with the daily gratitude post and the daily listing of top goals. Then, there is space for things to do, priority list, rate your day, tracking water, exercise, visualization and daily learnings. There are as many as 200 pages and the diary also has extra space to pen down your ideas. The standard size here is A5 and the hardcover makes the diary very durable. The paper quality is 80 gsm and overall, we loved this product in terms of the sub-headings as well as in terms of quality and design.

What we like

  • Comes with 200 pages and a hardcover.
  • Creates an impact on your daily life by using the power of positivity to change your life.
  • Helps in staying focused towards the goal and remaining thankful with help of gratitude post.

What we did not like

  • Less space on to-do and priority list.

5. COI Note Pad/Memo Book

COI Note Pad

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If you are tired of spending money on purchasing new diaries because you run out page pages then you really need to check out this product in our list. This is a diary styled organizer and a notepad. The size of each page here is 7.5 inches x 4.5 inches and in addition to this, you get sticky notes of 3 different size. The pad is clipped to the notebook and it can be replaced very easily once you run out of the space. Apart from all the details listed above, there is also a pen included in the diary. The big and the medium sticky notes are 50 each and the smallest size of stick notes are 20 each in quantity with 5 colours. This means that the smallest size of sticky notes has 100. Apart from this, the blank sheets on the right side of the page are 50.

What we like

  • Pages can be replaced once you are out of empty space hence no need to purchase a new diary.
  • Comes with different colour sticky notes.
  • Economical in the long term

What we did not like

  • No sub-heading on the page.


These are all the best diaries that you can choose from. While buying, you can consider factors like the type of binding, the size of the page, the quality of page and the space available under each date. This can help you in ensuring that you are buying the diary which will be useful for you. You can also check out diaries which come with space for storing pens.

This can further help you in ensuring that you do not keep searching for pen when you need one. So, go ahead and check out your favourite diary to improve the productivity levels in your daily life.

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