8 Best Cordless Phones In India 2022 – Buying Guide

A cordless Phone is one of the best intercom choices which can be used for various purpose in a company. It enhances productivity and you don’t have to stay bounded due to 3 feet wire of telephone. There are plenty of advantages offered and the very first benefit is cost. These are cheaper and you can compare the price with all other choices available in the market.

Top Selling Cordless Phones

Design and built quality are always the major factors to look after. Cordless phones have a main hub with the wireless phone placed on it. You can pick it up and start using without any trouble. The design is the same as old telephones but the functionality is of both kinds, normal wireless phone and wired phone that’s why you can consider the purchase over all other choices available in the market.

There is a range of manufacturers that can help you grab the best deal and avail a range of advantages. List of main things to check in Cordless Phone before buying.

  1. LCD Screen.
  2. Speakerphone and Auto Talk.
  3. Battery Backup.
  4. CallerId. 

Let’s begin by checking out the list of top 10 cordless phones.

Best Buy Cordless Phones Online in India

The first half of 2022 is gone so it is the right time to present the top 10 cordless phones of the year which are reliable, easy to use and you can consider them for intercom and various other purposes.

1. Panasonic 2.4 GHz KX-TG3611SXS

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With the higher brand credibility and Great after-sale services, Panasonic gets the advantage in our list and Panasonic Single Line 2.4GHz KX-TG3611SXS Digital Cordless Telephone become our top pick. It has a single line phone with a unique called ID assigned to the phone.

It has one rechargeable battery and you can find caller ID with 50 number storage memory. You can have a phonebook of 100 names and number which make it convenient for casual use as well as in a company. The design is also pretty as it is compact and looks astonishing.


  • Simple and Compact design to enhance looks.
  • It comes with a rechargeable Ni-MH battery.
  • The phonebook has storage of 100 names and numbers.
  • Comes with one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

Things We Like 

  • It has a clean looking design with a small size.
  • The brand warranty ensures a safer purchase.
  • It has a large 1.8 Inches screen for information.
  • The wall mount is included by the manufacturer.
  • Brand credibility is absolutely high with Panasonic.
  • All the basic things are included in the setup.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Seems a bit pricey choice.

2. Beetel X90 Cordless

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Having a cordless receiver with the answering system through a wireless cellphone can enhance productivity. Beetel X90 is not the highly popular brand but their Handset Connect to Cell Answering System can definitely fulfil the need for the affordable price point.

The design is absolutely pretty and it comes with DECT 6.0 wireless technology which provides you clean audio and enhanced quality. The range of this cellphone is high and you have a small Bluetooth earphone or receiver which eases up the work and help to keep both hands free for other things.


  • The wireless technology used in manufacturing is DECT 6.0.
  • It is designed with perfection for smaller and compatible size.
  • A wireless Bluetooth receiver included for hands-free usage.

Things We Like 

  • Small and compatible design enhances the looks.
  • Available for an affordable price point.
  • Comes with the wireless Bluetooth receiver
  • Audio quality is crisp and clear for better intercom use.
  • In-hand feel is quite good and it also looks genuine.
  • It also has a voice mail indicator for easier use.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • There is no warranty offered by the manufacturer.

3. Panasonic KX-TG3611BX

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Panasonic is quite reliable; however, they are designed for enterprises mainly. Due to this, going for a landline can help you stay connected with the outside world and our third product can definitely fulfill the need. With the Panasonic Cordless Landline Phone, you can find all the major features in it.

There is a total of six variants available in the same design and you can buy all of them for the same price point. It is affordable and totally wireless. All the basic functional buttons are on the cellphone body and you can use it directly after plugging in a landline wire. Even, it also has the caller ID for landline use.


  • Called ID is inbuilt for landline use.
  • Phonebook transfer features are included.
  • Available in six different variants including colours.
  • The indoor range is 50 meters from the main hub.

Things We Like 

  • Built quality seems genuine with a great in-hand feel.
  • Designed with perfection for long term use.
  • The small design makes it look simpler and easy to use.
  • The alphanumeric illuminated keypad makes it easy to save contacts.
  • The range is quite genuine and we find it suitable for indoor use.
  • Comes with one year of warranty for the base and handset.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The display size and brightness is a small issues.

4. Beetel X73

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Beetel has a great reputed in the Indian market for telephones and if you are born in the 90s or before that, then you may have seen Beetel telephone in every second home. Beetel X73 Cordless Phone has a silver and black colour design which is reliable to prefer over other ones.

It comes with a warranty for one year and there are charging accessories included with the product. With the LCD display, you can find it super convenient to use. The buttons are also backlit, and all the smart features are offered in this product. You can easily set the alarm and use it for various other purposes.


  • Great keypad with Backlit LCD feature.
  • The alarm function is included for office and home use.
  • Storage allows you to store more than 100 contacts in it.
  • A large speaker which let you know if someone is calling.

Things We Like 

  • The keypad is definitely awesome and easy to use.
  • The alarm function is only in this product as compared to others.
  • You can use the device with a long-range.
  • Storage helps you store contacts and save them as per your need.
  • Warranty is included for the Indian buyers.
  • Looks astonishing in the Black and Silver colour design.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Battery performance is not that great.

5. Panasonic Single Line 2.4GHz KX-TG3611SX Digital Cordless Telephone

Panasonic Single Line 2.4GHz KX-TG3611SX Digital Cordless Telephone

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Finally, the last product on our list is also from Panasonic. As this list start with Panasonic and ending with the same brand, you can feel that the brand credibility is definitely high which we told you earlier. The design of Panasonic Single Line 2.4GHz KX-TG3611SX Digital Cordless Telephone is quite impressive.

It is available for an affordable price point with all the major features like, calling, long range, quality in hand feel, and higher durability. It has a caller ID included so you can directly use it with the landline telephone. It can support 2.5 GHz of frequency during the landline or Sim usage.


  • Comes with the 2.5 GHz support for Sim usage.
  • It has 50 phonebook entry and 5 fast dial feature for easier use.
  • Alphabetic backlit display eases up the usage for you.
  • It has the wall mount feature included for the safer use.

Things We Like 

  • A large speaker grill throws loud and clear sound on calls.
  • The built-in microphone is genuine and records clear audio.
  • Backlit keypad eases up the work in the night time.
  • Caller ID and Speakers makes it reliable to use.
  • Phone storage and fast dial feature are included for such low price.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The display seems quite small to use for older people.

6. Panasonic 3411 Cordless

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Next, we have is a cordless phone from Panasonic and it is available in 2 colours. This cordless phone is quite compact and it comes with a talk time of 6 hours as well as a standby time of 144 hours. You can connect multiple handsets to one phone connections and they will work in sync with each other. It is a perfect model for the people looking for a sleek cordless phone


  • Supports hands-free call.
  • Can save 80 contacts and also saves incoming and outgoing caller list.
  • Illuminated display and keypad
  • Has alarm clock

Things We Like 

  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Has many features which are must-have.
  • Long backup time and lock talk time
  • Tested for durability

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Nothing as such

7. Panasonic KX-TG3611 SXM Digital Cordless Phone (Metallic)

Panasonic KX-TG3611 SXM Digital Cordless Phone

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Panasonic is also known for quality devices. The next product on our list is from Panasonic and this cordless phone supports all the basic features. It operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency. The phone is equipped with caller ID, hands-free support, alarm, and multiple ring batteries. Apart from this, the manufacturer also provides a 1 year warranty on the phone so that you are protected against any manufacturing defects.


  • Has a backlight screen for displaying all information.
  • Comes with a talk time of 5 hours.
  • Keypad also has a backlight
  • Supports paging and digital security code.

Things We Like 

  • Simple design with a lot of essential features.
  • AAA NI-MH battery is really long lasting and you won’t face any trouble while charging.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Looks are not very appealing.

8. Panasonic 2.4GHz KX-TG3612BX2 Cordless Phone

Panasonic 2.4GHz KX-TG3612BX2 Cordless Phone

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This is yet another product from Panasonic on the list and it is the set of 2 cordless phones which can work in sync with each other. So, if your house has multiple floors then you can use this phone. The features include a 90 channel operation along with a caller ID, Call Log and Contact Book support. Since it is a set of 2 phones, it can work as an intercom as well. The talk-time supported by these models is 5 hours


  • Comes with the phonebook and caller id.
  • Supports 3 way conference and intercom
  • The base unit has an inbuilt battery as well
  • Set of 2 phones can function on 1 line

Things We Like 

  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Has a really good range
  • Very durable and sturdy design

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Slightly expensive

After considering all the above-given products and their features, you can easily find the best one. It is up to you that what feature you want and what is your need in the mainstream. To ease up the work, you can consider our buying guide.

What is a cordless phone?  

In the easiest words, cordless phones are the smarter version of the landline phones. It is connected with the platform of the telephone through a radio frequency, rather than a cord. The convenience of using a cordless phone is that you don’t have to stand or sit in one place while talking to someone over the phone. You can use the cordless phone in the privacy of your room. You can take the handset anywhere within the frequency range of the telephone network.  

Although 2022 has almost forgotten the use of landline phones, it is always good to have a wired connection at your house. You can get the benefit of it whenever the charge of your mobile runs out, or during any dysfunction of your mobile network or if you somehow lose your mobile.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Do I need a battery for a cordless phone?  

Yes, you will need rechargeable batteries for your cordless phone. Ni-Cd batteries would be best for your phone as they will help the phone last for a longer time. Don’t use non-rechargeable batteries with your phone because they can damage your phone as they overheat and can cause an explosion.  

2) How frequently do I need to replace the batteries?  

The batteries will last for 1-2 years on average. If you take proper care of the batteries while charging them from the beginning, then there will be a better chance for better results. But still, there can be instances where they can get exhausted within a year under a few circumstances.  

3) Will the phone work during the power cut?  

The cordless phones need a continuous power supply as the handset receives the signals from the base of the phone through electricity. So, yes, it will either need electricity or a battery backup that can supply the signals even during the absence of electricity to function properly.  

4) Can overcharging cause any harm to my cordless phone?  

No, overcharging should not be an issue as most of the modern cordless handsets come with the overcharging protection technology. This helps protect your phone from any damage.  

5) What is the night mode feature?  

This feature is similar to the silent mode in mobile phones. You can select hours of the day when you don’t want the phone to ring aloud. This feature helps you set this function on your phone.  

6) What is DECT?  

DECT is the acronym for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. This is the key feature that enables the basic function of a cordless phone. Because of this technology, you can talk with the cordless handset without being attached to any wire. The DECT enable phones ha 2 separates for a base and a handset.  

7) What is the meaning of the standby time of a cordless phone?  

The cordless phones have a talk time and a stand by time. Talk time is the time duration; you can be on a call with a fully charged handset till the next charge. Similarly, the stand by time is the time a handset can stay active when fully charged but without talking. The time duration may vary from company to company.  

Cordless Phone Buying Guide – What To Check?

Nowadays people prefer handheld mobile phones rather than telephones, but for elderly people at home or physically handicapped people, it is the cordless phone that suits them most. So while choosing a good cordless phone for your home or office you have to keep some facts in your mind. Some of the facts are listed below.

Difference between a mobile phone and a cordless phone

A cordless phone comes with a cradle and a rechargeable battery and operates through a home-based landline network of a specific frequency. Unlike a mobile phone, its cradle needs a continuous supply of electricity, when stored the cradle provides the power to recharge the battery of the phone. So you have to arrange the required power supply accordingly.


Cordless phone uses a specific frequency to connect through the communication network. The frequencies differ from region to region. The most common frequency in India is 900mhz. While buying you should check carefully the details written in the user guide and contact the local service provider if needed.

Health and Safety

Cordless phones usually emit a moderate level of radiation while using and a higher amount of radiation can even cause cancer. Modern cordless phones use DECT (Digital European Cordless Telephone) technology and it’s quite efficient, so while buying check if it is DECT certified or not. There are also various certifications available for different regions and models like PHS. One major thing you’ve to remember that, try to keep the cradle in a secure position because it is always connected to a power supply.


Many phone signals used by cordless phones can be picked up by radio scammers and they can easily listen to private conversations. So, it’s better to buy a digital cordless phone equipped with frequency hopping technology and other security measures.

Performance and Features

Cordless phones usually equipped with lithium-ion batteries but some models still use AAA or AA type batteries. Lithium batteries are more efficient but costly while AA type batteries are cheap and easy to replace. There are several features includes in these phones like digital display, frequency modulations, voice inversion, etc. So as per your need choose the required model and always read the instructions carefully.

After going through all these factors, you can easily grab the best product for your specific need at home or office.

Bottom Line

A Cordless phone gives better sound quality and they are easy to use, so every company prefers them for landline usage.

You can also consider buying one for yourself after considering our top products or the buying guide. Hope, these factors will let you choose the suitable cordless phone system for the specific need.

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