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Last updated July 8th, 2022

Are you having a hard time choosing the best iron cookware for your kitchen? Then don't worry. We are here to help you with it. It is difficult to trust any brand's products. So, we are going to look at different brands and the features of each product which would help you to make an easy purchase. If you are planning to buy a cast iron cookware but are still confused. Then we would suggest you read this article and have at least basic information about various models of cast iron cookware in India. Cast iron cookware lets you cook food with less oil and maintains the taste as well. We would also provide you with a buying guide and answer frequently asked questions so you can make a great purchase. So, here is the list of the best iron cookware in India.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Cast Iron Cookwares in India

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Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa

Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa, 10.5 Inches, Black, 1 Piece
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  • Brand:Rock Tawa
  • 4.2 Mm In Thickness
  • The Product Comes Pre Seasoned With Sunflower Oil, One Year Warranty
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Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast…

Rock Tawa Dosa Tawa 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, Black
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  • Ideal for cutting down on oil and butter use
  • Use on gas, electric or induction stovetops
  • Increases iron content of food
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Colour: Black, Material: Cast Iron, Shape: Round
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Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron Kadhai

Wonderchef Forza Cast-Iron Kadhai, Pre-Seasoned Cookware, Induction Friendly, 24cm, 1.9L, 3.8mm with Lifetime Exchange Warranty
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  • Designed for old-style slow-cooking, just like how your dadi & nani used to cook those sabzis and gravies. Explore the magic of Cast-Iron cooking that helps you make juicy, tender, and aromatic foods.
  • Equally suited for exotic foods to age-old home-style cooking. Heavy Cast-Iron retains & transfers heat evenly. Indulge in the spicy pakodas, sweet jalebis, or the mouth-watering fried rice and noodles, all easily prepared in the Forza Kadhai. Now you can make meals in the Forza kadhai endlessly since the material is very highly sturdy and durable. The kadhai will never leave your kitchen!
  • It is pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil. Cast-Iron enhances the Iron content in your food, so if your body is Iron deficit, now you can get your essential dose of Iron ions with every meal. Since the pan pre-seasoned, you can cook healthy food with very little oil.
  • It is difficult to achieve a constant and smooth finish without any rough edges in a Cast-Iron pan. It requires very high quality casts and precision engineering. Wonderchef offers you that level of finish and quality in its Cast–Iron. The sturdy handles give an excellent grip and make it easy to hold and be moved around. We have specially designed Forza to ensure that it is not as heavy as other Cast – Iron cookware, making it easy to pick up and use.
  • All cooking surfaces friendly. Though when using it on ceramic or glass-topped cooking surfaces, avoid dragging the cookware to protect the cooking surface from scratching.
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Meyer Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa

Meyer Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa, 28 cm, Black, 1 Piece
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  • Totally Toxin-free – No ENAMEL, No CHEMICAL coating on inner or outer surface. Pre-seasoned with 100% Vegetable Oil – Regular seasoning creates a chemical free natural non-stick surface for low oil cooking
  • Uni-body ‘one-piece’ design – free of any screws or weld joints
  • Adds a STRONG AUTHENTIC INDIAN FLAVOUR to your preparations
  • Suitable for all cooktops including Induction. Comes with a canvas grip for easy handling. Lid included :No. Pan Type : Flat
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Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai / Kadhai

Vinod Legacy Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai / Kadhai with Glass Lid of 26 cm Diameter (4.3 litres Capacity) for Cooking and Deep Frying, Loha Kadai, Non Toxic, Enamel Free, Coating Free - Black, 1 Pc
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  • Made in India
  • Pre seasoned : Vinod Legaacy Cast Iron cookware is pre-seasoned twice with 100% vegetable oil to create a chemical-free non-stick surface over it
  • Even heat distribution : Cast iron is an excellent heat conductor, it enhances even heat distribution throughout the cookware
  • Toxin Free : No SYNTHEIC COATING, No CHEMICAL on inner or outer surface
  • Uni-body – free of any screws or weld joints
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The Indus Valley Cast Iron Cookware

The Indus Valley Cast Iron Cookware - Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware Combo Set Kadai (2.5, 1.5 L) and Dosa Tawa, 25.4cm / Black
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  • Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware set. Small kadai - 1.5 l, large kadai - 2.5l, and cast iron dosa/roti tawa - 10 inch diameter.
  • Tasty - Cast iron gives the traditional rustic taste to your food. It requires very less oil to cook. You deserve tasty & healthy food every day. Healthy - Unlike non stick and other pots/pans cast iron is healthy. All indian food is flavor rich and cooked in high heat, making cast iron the best fit for us. It also enriches iron content in our food.; Food Safe - Cast iron cookwares are completely safe for cooking any type of food.
  • Use & Care - Once you received your product, clean it completely using mild liquid/water and pat dry using a soft cloth. Then apply cooking oil all over a surface and leave it for 6 hours. And then heat the kadai/tawa under medium flame for 5 mins. After 5 mins, switch it off and let it cool down completely. Repeat the process for 3- 4 times before starting to cook to get your desired result. On further usage, it becomes non-sticky and your food will taste the best.
  • Cleaning use a soft scrubber to clean your kadai/tawa. Apply oil and store it in a dry place. It enriches your food with iron. Works on gas stove - can be used on the stove, over a fire. It can withstand high temperatures for a long time.
  • Package Contains 1 Cookware Set
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Amazon Brand

Amazon Brand - Solimo Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dosa Tawa, 12 Inches (30 cm), Black
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  • Cast iron tawa is ideal for preparing delicious crispy dosa, set dosa, chapati, phulka and paratha
  • Dimensions:- Length: 360 mm (36 cm); Breadth: 300 mm (30 cm); Height: 10 mm (1 cm)
  • Heavy duty cast iron for optimal heat retention and even heating
  • With proper seasoning, it gets better with every use for cooking
  • To clean the tawa, wash by hand only; not dishwasher safe
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CountryCook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan 26 cm

CountryCook Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frying Pan 26 cm with Glass Lid Heavy Duty Cookware (Black, 26 cms)
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  • Healthy & Natural: The more you cook, the better it performs. Your CountryCook frying pan arrives with a foundational seasoning of 100% vegetable oil (no synthetics or chemicals). It can leach some iron into your food and thatâ€s pretty good for health.
  • Whatâ€s in the Box?: 26 cms Frying Pan, Glass Lid with Silicone Rim, 2 Silicone Pan Holders & Instruction Manual.
  • Precision Heat Distribution: This cast iron frying pan has a smooth finish and a flat base to help provide even heat distribution for improved cooking and frying, even on grills, stoves or induction cook tops.
  • Durability: Famous for lifelong durability and workhorse versatility, CountryCook cast iron combines a rich heritage with modern cooking needs. Cast from solid, pure, premium steel and iron, this healthy nonstick frying pan is the master of heat distribution. Uni-body, one-piece design – free of any screws or weld joints.
  • Lifetime Warranty: CountryCook cast iron cookware last a lifetime and then some. Nothing beats cast ironâ€s durability; just try putting a dent in this! Some things do last forever.
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Prestige Cast Iron Fry Pan

Prestige Cast Iron Fry Pan, 200 mm
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  • Even heat distribution
  • Retains heat for long
  • Scratch resistant
  • Compatible with all heat sources
  • Heavy gauge - lasts for generations
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Dynamic Cookwares

Dynamic Cookwares, Mini Paniyaram Pan Cast Iron Flat Bottom Tawa 8 Inches 12 Cavity, Works with Gas, Induction Base, and Electrical Cook top, Black
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  • Perfectly curved cast iron cavities - Ready to use, Naturally non-stick and Induction compatible.
  • Features Thick Base for slow and evenly cooked iron rich paniyarams, paddus and ponganalus.
  • Ergonomically Designed Dual handle for comfy grip.
  • Pre-seasoned Naturally with organic cold-pressed gingelly oil. NO chemicals used.
  • 12 Cavity Mini Paniyaram Pan: Diameter: 8 inch, Weight: 2.7 kilo
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Buying Guide For Best iron Cookware in India

Don’t buy any random products from the market. First, have a basic knowledge of various models of cast-iron cookware and consider the points below in case of any queries.

  • Go for Well-Built Handles: You should really consider this point. It is important to go for cast iron cookware, which comes with durable handles. It would prevent accidents in the kitchens. This is especially applicable if you have a bunch of kids playing around the house. A well-built handle can provide you with the right support required while cooking.
  • Buy in Accordance with Your Family Size: If you live in a small family, then why to buy advanced cookware sets which come with so many items. Rather go for the basic cookware sets, which would make your everyday cooking easy. Neither less to say, it completely depends upon the individual preferences regarding the size you want to go for.
  • Cost-Effective: Well, cast iron cookware comes at affordable prices compared to all other cookware available in the market. Don’t buy too many items. Just go for a simple cookware set if you are under budget. Low cost doesn’t mean that the products are going to be cheap or less effective. There are affordable brands in the market that would provide you with good products.
  • The Size and Weight of the Product: This is the most important point you have to remember while choosing the right cast iron pan for your kitchen. Cast iron cookware comes in various sizes, and the weight varies as well. Most iron cookware is heavy-weighted. So, go for the one that suits your preference. We would suggest you go for smaller light-weighted pans if you live alone or in a small family. Buying advanced cookware sets would be a wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are cast iron cookware a good alternative to non-stick vessels?

Yes, cast iron cookware is a good alternative to non-stick vessels. It is free of any chemicals, so you can cook your food without facing any problem. The base of the cookware is coated with polymerized fat, which helps the cookware to turn into non-sticky cookware with time. It also takes less oil while you’re cooking in this cookware. And some portion of iron also mixes with your food, making it healthier.

2) Is it hard to maintain a cast iron cookware?

Yes, it is as iron skillets don’t come as light-weighted. So, some people might find it hard to maintain. So don’t give it a harsh wash or else the seasoning would wear off, and slowly it would rust. But you can do seasoning often to make it rust-resistant.

3) Is it okay to cook any food in this cookware??

You should avoid cooking acid-containing food in this cookware. If you continuously cook acidic food, then the layer of seasoning would wear off. And the cookware would be prone to rust.

4) How to know that it is the time to re-season the iron skillet? 

If your food is being sticky and the color of your cookware turns into pale grey, then it is indicating that you should re-season your iron cookware again. Sometimes spots come to develop at places in your cookware. You should at least re-season your cookware twice a year.

5) Is there any difference between iron and iron cast cookware?

Yes, there is a difference. The iron cast is the product of two metals. 97% is whole iron, and the rest 3% is silica and carbon. Whereas, iron cookware is made up of 100% whole iron.

Final Thoughts

We hope this compiled list of products was helpful. We have given you detailed information about each product. We have gathered each one’s unique features. Compared them and gathered customers’ reviews just for you.

Choose any of the enlisted products according to your budget and experience healthy cooking. You would definitely have a great time in your kitchen with all these feature-rich products. Convenience is more important than anything, so go for the right one that suits your needs.

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