10 Best Car Stereo In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

During a long ride by car, everyone prefers a wide clear road, lesser traffic, and music playing in the background. It not only decreases the tiredness due to the ride, but it also adds the fun part to your memories. A quality stereo system is one of the important things to have in your car. If you are going to buy a new car stereo system, then you have to be selective and focus on various factors.

Sony, Pioneer, JBL, and many other reputed brands are selling their affordable car stereo system which can easily fulfill the need as well as at the affordable price point. After huge research, we found that there are many products which don’t worth the price and buying them is a complete regret. So, here we are mentioning the top five stereo system which is available at the genuine price point.

Best Car Stereos System

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A music system is not about the sound level or bass level only; you have to find the adequate choice which gives clear sound without much noise. It must be audible enough, not too loud to reduce outsider sound.

As a car stereo is a lot more about the compatibility with your car, volume, bass and tremble, you have to look at some other factors also. It might be hard to say which factor matter the most because it is a subjective part.

Still, we would suggest you consider a reputed brand because they are in the same field for years and they will offer quality products with quality after-sale services which will help in various manners for sure.

1. Ibell DXP700 Car Stereo Media MP3 Music System 

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In the section of affordable car stereo system with justifiable sound quality and normal bass level, Ibell DXP700 Car Stereo Media MP3 Music System is a great choice. It is a low power choice that is compatible with almost every single car speaker. You get enough features to control music bass, volume and tremble with ease.

It comes with a fully functional remote which can help you access all the features without having a single issue. The best part is the built quality. The overall look of the stereo system is good enough to impress you. Keep it in mind that you consider the size and dimension so that it fits into your car stereo system column without causing any trouble.


  • The detachable front panel makes it easy to install.
  • It has USB/SD/MMC/FM/Bluetooth One Touch to Receive Call.
  • Comes with six months of warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Very compact design fits easily.
  • Comes at a very affordable price as compared to others.
  • Sound output is reliable for large woofers also.
  • Night illumination makes it look good.

  • Compatibility with newer car models is a big mess.

2. iBELL 140W Car Stereo Media MP3 Music System

iBELL 140W Car Stereo Media MP3 Music System

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A different variant from iBELL is going to make you prefer this brand over the expensive ones. No Doubt iBELL is a great brand to go after but their features at such a low price enhance their reliability factor. It has a great quality MP3 system that you can rely on and the built quality is also better from our top pick of choice.

Pricing is similar to the top pick, but the looks are slightly different. It looks very simple, but it completes the job with the same quality. You can connect it to your media system using Bluetooth, FM, AUX, and various other options, so things become easier by using such methods. Having a color LCD display enhances the looks, and it looks pretty during the night, that’s why you can prefer it.


  • 140 Watts 4*35w Mp3 Music System
  • Comes with a fully functional remote control for easier usability.
  • The front panel is detachable so that you can install it easily.

  • Built quality is genuine and sound output is also better.
  • Price is lower as you look at the big dogs of the stereo industry.
  • Durable choice as you consider the most of reviews from buyers.

  • FM doesn’t work on week signal, could be better.

3. Onix OCS-04 Car Stereo

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One of the most reputed brands in sound and stereo systems is the Onix OCS-04 Car Stereo. It is a quality choice and comes at quite a high price from the rest choices that’s why you might find it uncomfortable during the purchase, but every single penny is worth spending on this product. The chances are higher that you love this product and get a range of advantages.

It has a G equalizer to offer you mesmerizing sound quality which is reliable for sure. The looks of this car stereo system are good enough to rely on it. Price-wise, it is a bit expensive, and we understand that if anyone can get the job done for a lower price then why spend extra? Well, we would say that the brand credibility and after-sale services totally nail the list and make it a perfect choice.


  • Gives you extra bass for the deeper end.
  • It supports MP3, WMA, FLAC, USB, AUX, FM.
  • Play karaoke by adding a mic and singing over the music.
  • The face panel is detachable for quick time installation.

  • Sound quality is good enough to rely on this product.
  • Every single penny is justifiable about this product.
  • Premium after-sale services as you compare.
  • Comes with a long-term warranty and an easier replacement option.

  • Cheaper choices might make it feel like a dull deal.
  • Can be hard to install due to compatibility with limited car

4. GoMechanic Godryft Premium

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With the support of all media types, our next product of choice is GoMechanic Godryft Premium Car Stereo with Bluetooth. It is a bit advanced from the other selections in various manners. It supports CDs and DVDs, which means that you have one more type of playing song. The support of Bluetooth is an additional advantage which can make you prefer this product over other ones.

The price factor is also comparatively lower. If you check our top pick and compare both of these, you won’t find much difference. Even, this stereo system is supporting the CD and DVD, which makes it reliable. You can control it with the help of a remote which is helpful in various manners; that’s why you can consider it over the selection of other products.


  • This product supports Bluetooth, DVD, and other types of media.
  • Easy to connect and play songs using this stereo system.
  • It has an Id3 with a colourful VFD LCD display including large fonts.
  • Everything is built-in and packed with a stereo system.

  • Genuine built quality for what you are paying.
  • The sound output is reliable, a bit messy at very loud but ignorable.
  • Support all types of media which are commonly used.

  • Poor After-sale services might cause trouble.
  • Installation is going to take extra time than expected.

5. myTVS Double Din HD Touch Screen Car Stereo

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One of the most premium choices as compared to all other stereo is our next product of choice which is myTVS Touch Screen Car Stereo Media Player. It is a touch screen stereo with many features to impress you about the quality. You can control every single thing using the touch screen and it also has features to play video song which makes it easier to use.

You can connect a back camera in the same unit and get additional advantages to the screen. It might be an expensive choice but you can find it as the most reliable product as compared to the other ones. It is compatible with plenty of vehicles, that’s why you can rely on the purchase. The built quality is also good enough to go with this product over the selection of other ones.


  • Extra car models support the frame to enhance compatibility.
  • Can be used as the back-camera display and it is easy to install.
  • Large screen to give you a proper view of what is going around.

  • Versatility ensures that every single penny is worth spending.
  • Comes in various addition to help you grab the best one.
  • It supports GPS and other basic features of a touch screen display.
  • The stereo system is easy to use with the help of touch only.

  • Comes with a guarantee but hard to claim it due to a poor service network.
  • Compatible with fewer car models, might be hard to find the right version.

6. Dulcet DC-D9000X 220W

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As it is the first choice of a person to get an affordable and genuine media receiver for their car, being selective is necessary. JVC digital media receiver has different features, which can easily make the person into it. With many presets of EQ, it can amplify the performance of any speaker. There are 15 types of driven EQ, which make different adjustments suitable for your speaker according to your mood. 

Features like USB port can be helpful by putting a lot less effort. It is also compact with FLAC format, which allows the audio not to be compressed. Also, it is compatible with 16 bit / 48khz format. Some of the media receivers are hard to fit in cars, this product is easy to install if you’re looking it for small space.


  • Android music playback
  • Supports WMA, WAV, FLAC, and MP3
  • Aux input is also available

  • Easy to install and detach
  • Premium look
  • Separate settings/ control for subwoofer and amp.

  • Bluetooth adaptor support problem

7. Pioneer MVH-S109UI Car Stereo

Pioneer MVH-S109UI Car Stereo

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With the five-band graphic equalizer, pioneer car stereo offers, you can decide to boost any of the frequency. Features like connectivity through the phone will allow you to access all the functions like navigation and stereo control easily, so now your phone is a smart remote which can easily attract anyone to this product. The magic of mixtrax which gives a non-stop mix experience with technology based on the history of a pioneer.

 It has a dot-matrix display for a sharper view. You can use also dimmer the lights with an illumination timer. It comes with a premium finish, which will surely suit if the interior is black. Many other simple features like a glowing USB port, which will help you at night.


  • Advanced features to enhance the sound quality
  • Smart connectivity to the phone
  • Crisp display for better viewing angles

  • Built quality is excellent
  • It offers crystal clear sound and heavy bass
  • Great after-sale services

  • Compatibility issue for some speakers

8. Blaupunkt Colombo 130BT

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The biggest thing that is noticed by any car owner before buying a stereo is the colour. Blaupunkt car stereo has a black metallic finish, which can be an easy choice to invest in. This stereo comes with a radio FM, AM tuner, and supports WMA and MP3 file formats.

With a standard a type USB, you can easily access the Bluetooth by connecting a USB adaptor to enjoy music through your phone. The display quality is fine and shows different features of EQ settings and the folder that you are in.


  • Basic and user-friendly
  • Reasonable price for the quality
  • The equalizers are custom, classic, rock, etc.

  • The single black color is less distracting.
  • Good quality remote makes it more premium

  • Radio is disappointing

9. Dulcet DC-F90X 220W

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It comes with an IPS display and gorilla glass car stereo double din. With a space of 16 GB and 2 GB of ram, this product serves the best features to the buyer. As the quality of this product is superior to others, so is the price.

The high-quality display gives crisp video quality and the gorilla glass make sure that the screen will last and small kind of accidents. This stereo comes with a back camera and also has so many features like voice calling, 7-inch touch display, amp connectivity mirror link, and many more.


  • One year of warranty with easy claim
  • Google play store for apps
  • HD night vision and rotating reversing lines

  • Android system can be easily updated
  • Two USB ports for more storage
  • Sensor connectivity

  • It comes for an expensive price point.

10. Dulcet DC-F30X 220W High Power Stereo

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It is the best option for both IOS and android devices. It comes with an IPS display. The quality of the display is super fine as compared to others. The size of the screen is 7 inch which is a universal fit. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, and navigation. You can also control the screen with screen mirroring.

The sound quality of this product is awesome. With 240 watts of power, this product is suitable for heavy speakers in the car. The company provides a money-back warranty if the product is not working.


  • Universal fit design
  • Amazing sound
  • Great connectivity

  • Works perfectly with most of the cars
  • Easy to use interface makes it reliable
  • It comes with 12 months of warranty.

  • It has a slightly expensive price point

List of Best Car Stereo

Types of Car Stereo System

There are mainly two variations of car stereo systems that are single DIN and double DIN. It’s evident that after buying a luxurious car, you would want joyful rides with your chosen music. Many of them get confused about which car has the best music system in India and spend a lot of their time doing in-depth research. Now let’s see in detail what they have for us.

Single DIN

The main difference between single DIN and double DIN relies on the space that they have to offer. One can easily recognize them by their look and size. There is no doubt that single DIN systems are more compact and can fit comfortably in your car but are devoid of extra features.

It has almost half the size of double DIN. How many brands offer A variety of cool features and provide the best car audio system in India 2022.

Double DIN

The double DIN systems are generally massive and almost double the single DIN system with 8.4 inches. This machine comes with features like Bluetooth and a navigation system with cool specifications like a large display and a fully functional remote control.

Their GPS navigation system, HD and satellite radio system comes very handy for users and gives a unique experience. This also allows the customers to have input functions like USB, AUX, DVD player, and 3G and 4G connectivity. With these best budget car stereo India 2022 one can have a luxurious experience.

Three main components that are important for best car audio speakers in India, and they are as follows:

  • The head unit should have the capacity to control the navigation and all the features of your smartphone. Many consumers wish for Bluetooth facility as it allows the users to enjoy uninterrupted service without wire. The top 10 car audio systems in India that are mentioned above come with Bluetooth features. All its subwoofer systems should be equally controlled simultaneously with voice calls and navigation.
  • The amplifier system should be well equipped and advanced to increase or decrease the sound waves that can be equally felt from within. The user gets to experience a better quality sound that can be accessed with systems like a CD player, USB, MP3. 
  • The speakers of good quality can give a better experience as well as performance. Woofers and subwoofers of several types are available, among which the customer can select according to their choice. 

To make your traveling more exciting and shooting, one can have a car stereo to swing their heads according to the beats. It would serve as the best companion while you are traveling alone or with your family. Several customers have reported the ergonomic designs of this system that have provided benefits in several ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can any stereo fit into my car?

No, the size of the stereo depends on the interior space in your car. A single-DIN can fit into your vehicle within the two available types of single DIN and double DIN.

2) Is it possible to make the sound quality of the radio better?

If your speakers are old, then the quality of the speakers may drop. One can easily replace the old speakers with the new ones to improve its quality.

3) Can a new stereo speaker work with my smartphone?

Yes, almost all the new stereo speakers work with smartphones. They all support the latest features offered by smartphones. 

4) What is the lifetime of a general car stereo system?

It can effectively run for few brands depending upon the quality of the brands and its sturdiness. All the different brands have different lifespans.

5) What are the main components of a car stereo?

The three main features of a car stereo are its amplifier, head unit, and sound system.

Buying Guide for Car Stereos Choosing the Best for you

A quality stereo system comes at different price points, and it is a lot more dependent on what features do you want. For easier purchase, you can focus on various factors which are a lot more connected to the usability factor. Let’s have a look at some major factor


Choosing a reputed manufacturer means getting a reliable product. Most of the reputed brands are focused on their brand image, and they can’t take a risk by lowering quality.

After-Sale Services

A well-known company has a quality service network, and it is spread across cities. So, always know where the service center of a particular brand stereo system is and how good they are in the replacement or repair.


You can find features like bass boost, tremble, a remote, and lot more features in a stereo system. Due to this, you should check out the key features which will ease up the work and help you grab the best deal with ease.

Connectivity Option

From Bluetooth connectivity to Aux, you should know what are the options to play music in your car. Having lots of connectivity features mean convenience while playing music.


Most of the car stereo system comes with a warranty, and it will be good to check how long they cover their products. Most of the good brands offer one year of warranty whereas cheap one offer 3 to 6 months of warranty which aren’t good to go after choices.


No doubt that reviews are always going to help you grab the best deal with ease. This will help you understand whether the product is reliable or not. Most of the time, the positive rating doesn’t mean the best quality that’s why go deep in reviews and learn the best.

Additional Perks

Some stereo system has additional features like a camera, small parking sensors, and a touch screen. These perks are going to increase the price, but you can find that such deals are worth getting and you can consider them without having a single issue.

Apart from these factors, you should consider buying combo packs where all the basic things are included. If you need speaker set also then a combo will help you save money, and it is a reliable choice over the selection of all units separately.

Even, It is going to take much time and chances of getting incompatible products might cause trouble for you; that’s why consider these factors before getting started.

Note – You can also consider the design part which will help you find the perfect product of choice. A night light stereo option is a lot more reliable and better to consider as compared to most of the choices that’s why you can consider grabbing such amazing deals over the selection of cheap ones.

The Final Verdict

Apparently, many brands are offering a car stereo system with all the basic features that you may desire. It is hard to find which one is best, that’s why our buying guide will help you decide the right one. Our list of top 10 car stereo is helpful in sorting out the best ones and choosing the right one.

The arrangement is based on the design and usability along with value for money options, instead of the reliability factor. I Hope, this guide will help you grab the best deal and avoid all the issues.

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