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While you are driving alone, then you may find it difficult to hold the mobile phone and drive at the same time. This not only can cause a major accident but can also damage your smartphone if you accidentally drop it. So, if you are a frequent traveler and want to keep your smartphone safe, then you should invest in a good car mobile phone holder for your phone.

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Top 10 Best Car Mobile Phone Holders in India

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ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder Universal…

ELV Car Mount Adjustable Car Phone Holder Universal Long Arm, Windshield for Smartphones - Black
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  • PRODUCT FEATURES : ELV Easy one touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger, Two step locking lever provides additional mounting support for multiple surfaces.
  • EASY ACCESS : Redesigned bottom foot ensures access to all your device ports.
  • SUPER POWER GRIP IN BOTTOM : Super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces (including textured surfaces),Yet is still removable.
  • 360 DEGREE ROTATION : Fully adjuestable with 360 degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape views, TELESCOPIC ARM New telescopic arm adds 2 inches to allow for closer device viewing.
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Portronics CLAMP X POR-1101 Car-Vent Mobile Holder

Portronics CLAMP X POR-1101 Car-Vent Mobile Holder with Adjustable Side Arm for Smartphones (Z-Black)
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  • PATENTED UNIVERSAL MOBILE HOLDER: a patented Universal mobile Holder comes with cradle to hold any Smartphone 6 inches in the car AC Air Vent (Circular AC vent not supported)
  • ALL WEATHER : It is designed to with stand extreme weather conditions, hot or cold. Designed to secure your phone on smooth and bumpy roads.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply press the button on the back to open the sides of the mount to fit your size phone.
  • DESIGNED FOR DRIVING SAFETY: Now you can drive safely while viewing directions on the Google Map or can talk on speaker phone.
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Portronics Clamp M2 Adjustable Car Mobile Phone Holder…

Portronics Clamp M2 Adjustable Car Mobile Phone Holder Stand, 360° Rotational, Strong Suction Cup, Compatible with 4 to 6 inch Devices(Black)
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  • [COMPATIBILITY] : The Clamp M2 car mobile holder can easily accommodate smartphones with screen sizes of 4 inches to 6 inches. It is also designed intelligently so you can connect any cables from the space below the charging port. Now you can charge the phone and look at notifications better.
  • [ONE PUSH RELEASE] : Detaching your mobile is made simple with the one-arm release button at the arm. Pull off your mobile quickly with Clamp M2 car mobile holder.
  • [360°FULLY-ROTATIONAL BODY] : Mobile holder with a 360° rational body so that you can watch from your preferred angle after fixing the Clamp M2 car mobile holder to the dashboard or windshield. Find the viewing angle that does not hamper your driving or GPS navigation. Further, the arm of Clamp M2 can be extended to an angle of 180° so that you can adjust it just like you want.
  • [STRONG SUCTION CUP] : The gel-like suction cup is versatile as it can stick to both glass surfaces and plastic surfaces of the car. The Clamp M2 mobile holder provides bump-proof adhesion for everlasting effect. Change the position at will with the same adhesive power as the first use. The mobile holder is dependable and durable.
  • [ABS BODY] : It makes for a premium cradle for your smartphone for a scratch-free and shock-free affair. The Abs body provides for a firm grip that is just perfect in that it protects your smartphone from grip marks.
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BLACKSTAR [ ORIGINAL ] Mobile Holder for Car Dashboard - Car Mount - Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car ( World's Strongest and Safest Magnets ) - Can be used in Car , Bike , Scooter , Desk , Office , Home - Universal Mobile Holder
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  • Small & Stylish - looks like a Piece of Luxury on Your Car's Dashboard ( Other Mobile Holders Are Old Style , Big & Bulky ) - World is Getting Modern and You Should Also Choose Modern Mobile Holder
  • SINGLE TOUCH OPERATION To Remove Mobile or Put Mobile Back on Mobile Holder ( Other Kinds of Mobile Holders have 2 Steps to Remove and Put Back Mobile on Mobile Holders )
  • Your Mobile While Not Move a Single Inch Even if you Drive at 150kmph and Suddenly Heavy Bumps Come on Road Because Mobile Holder has World's Strongest Magnets ( Neodymium N52 ) , But They Do Not Harm Your Mobile or Tablets in Any Way ( Tested )
  • Compact Size ( can be installed easily in All Cars of All Brands ) ... Can be installed in Bike / Scooter , Wall , Tables etc. Practically Anywhere
  • Its A Guarantee that Everyone Will Ask You " What is This " After Looking at Your Mobile Holder , Because It Looks Like a Luxury Piece , Not a Mobile Holder
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WeCool C1 Universal Mobile Holder

WeCool C1 Universal Mobile Holder for Car with One Touch Technology or Windshield / Dashboard Phone Stand for Car , Extendable Arm , Strong Suction Base Mobile Stand / Car Mount
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  • One Touch Technology : Telescopic Adjustable Car Phone Holder uses this technology to help you easily handle your phone while driving
  • Anti Scratch and Shake Proof Mobile Stand for Car. The Super Power Grip from Double Shift Locking and Super Strong Sticky Gel Pad
  • Universal Phone Holder for Car : Compatible with the mobile screen size starting from 6 Cms to 10 Cms.
  • High Grip Mobile Holder for Car : Super Strong Sticky Gel Pad with Dual Shift Locking for Powerful Gripping on Dashboard or Windshield
  • Car Holder with Adjustable Height , Adjustable Viewing Angle and 360 degree Rotation that provides atmost convenience to use while Drive
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Venganza Car Rearview Mirror Phone Holder Mount 360…

Venganza Car Rearview Mirror Phone Holder Mount 360 Degree Adjustable and Retractable, Car Phone Holder Apply to Car Rearview Mirror Phone Holder Mount for All Smartphone
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  • [Free Adjustment Angle] Designed with a 360° Half Spherical Swivel and a 270° Adjustment Rod, it can easily cope with various angle problems and provide more angle options.
  • [More Comfortable and Safe] No longer looked down at the phone, free your hands, reducing neck and shoulder pain, which has a better driving experience.
  • [Easy to Install] No cradles, brackets, clamps or gel and sticky residue,eliminates the unsightly features of most car mounts,direct to install on car mirror.
  • [Lightweight, Portable and Stable] Lighter weight, easy to carry, and the spring design allows it to hang on the rearview mirror more firmly. No longer obscure the dashboard, fans, and cup holders.
  • [Universal Compatibility] The phone holder is suitable for all 3 to 7 inch mobile phones and devices. The clip is suitable for rearview mirrors with a thickness of 0.6 to 1.8 inches, and is commonly used in most models on the market.
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Sounce Car Rearview Mirror Holder Phone Bracket Car…

Sounce Car Rearview Mirror Holder Phone Bracket Car Phone Holder 360 Rotation for Universal Cell Phone Holder Stand Base Vehicle Rear View Mirror Phone Holder Mount Universal Smartphone
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  • Universal Compatibility The phone holder is suitable for all 3 to 6.5 inch mobile phones and devices. The clip is suitable for rearview mirrors with a thickness of 0.6 to 1.8 inches, and is commonly used in most models on the market.
  • Designed with sturdy lock knob that locks the neck of the mount and can be adjusted to any 270 degree angle.
  • Slim, lightweight, and compact, mount conveniently hangs from rearview mirror keeping dashboard, windshield, and cup holder slot cleared. No clutter. Firmly clamps over the car's rear-view mirror without the need for tools
  • Soft rubber padded cradle arms for device grip protection, wont scratch or damage device. Expendable mirror clips also padded for grip protection, non-slip, and sturdy. Keeps device in place while driving.
  • Deal for long drives, road trips, and public drivers when using GPS directions, or for watching videos or movies for passenger entertainment.
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SKYVIK TRUHOLD Magnetic AC Air-Vent/Dashboard Car Mount Mobile…

SKYVIK TRUHOLD Magnetic AC Air-Vent/Dashboard Car Mount Mobile Phone Holder
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  • TRUHOLD Multipurpose Mobile holders-Stick your phone, Kindle, Knife, remote, tablets(Not recommended for Car) onto the magnet safely in your Car home or Office
  • Strongest Magnet- TRUHOLD uses Neodymium N45 Magnets , Strongest magnets in holders to hold any Phone on any bumpy Road or Offroad experienceing and unshakable experience on any smooth road.
  • Dual Installation Option- Can be used on Dashboard or on AC air vent
  • Viewing Angle- Swivel Ball head gives optimum viewing angle and adjustable arm ensures phone is in your reach
  • What you Get: SKYVIK TRUHOLD Magnetic Mobile holder, Dash attachment & Airvent attachment , 2x Stronghold metal plates, 2x scratchproof films, SKYVIK Worry-free 24 months Warranty & Friendly Customer Support.
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LXCN® Chimti Car Cradle Mobile Phone Holder Mount…

LXCN® Chimti Car Cradle Mobile Phone Holder Mount Stand 360 Degree Safe Stable One Hand Operational Compatible with Car Dashboard, Rear View Mirror & Car Sunshade fit for All Smartphones Upto 6.0'
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  • One Car Holder For Multiple Purposes: This clip car mount more convenient, can be used in car dashboard, sun visor, rearview mirror. Multiple purposes can provide you with more convenience and more use needs in the car.
  • Multiple Purposes: This phone holder can be used on car dashboard, rear-view mirror, sun visor . Whether requiring non-blocking the sight when navigating or lying in the seat to watch a film, you can always find a suitable position to mount it. It can also be used in many other scenes, such as table, bookshelf, kitchen, office and so on.
  • 360 Degrees Rotation:The upgrade car phone mount not only support 360-degree rotatable between horizontal and vertical screens at your will, but also can be 180°tilt will provide you with the best viewing angle, so you could see the phone screen clearly a keep secure driving rather than limited by view angle.
  • Detail-Oriented: All stressed parts are designed with soft pads to prevent injury to your car and mobile phone. The attached number stickers can be combined into your phone number, you can paste it on the holder if necessary.
  • Easy Installation Car Phone Holder: Just simple ONE-PUSH and ONE-Clamp to mount or remove your phone within seconds. Add the soft non-slip silicon on base provide ultimate protection for your dashboard from scratches by friction.
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CEUTA 2022 Rearview Mirror Phone Holder

CEUTA 2022 Rearview Mirror Phone Holder for Car, Multifunctional Rearview Mirror Phone Holder, Universal 360° Car Rearview Mirror Mount Stand Holder, GPS Holder Car Phone Stand for All Mobile Phones
Created with Fabric.js 1.7.22


  • [Upgraded Version 360 Degree Rotation Phone Bracket] The rear view mirror phone mount have 360 degree rotation design, you can rotate the car rear view mirror phone holder to any angle so that you can get the best perspective. The rotation design makes it easy to fold, easy to telescopic, and the arm length can be scalable 0-5cm, which does not block your view while use.
  • [High Quality] Earview Mirror Phone Holder : Our rear view mirror rotatable and retractable car phone frame made of high-quality ABS materials, lightweight and rugged, durable, non-deformed, maintain quality.This rear view mirror phone holder suitable for iPhone 12 pro max / X / XR / XS MAX / XS / X / for iPhone 13, for Galaxy S21 etc.
  • [Security Travel] You can easily insert and unplug your phone. Refused to overlook the phone, whether you are chatting, listening to music, navigation, or charge, you can enjoy a safer driving experience.
  • [One-Handed Operation] This car rear view mirror phone holder allows mobile phones or GPSs to be installed on the rearview mirror, so that you can touch the screen with a hand when driving. This rear view mirror phone mount can easily insert and unplug your phone. Refuse to overlook the phone
  • [Easy to Operate] This rear view mirror phone mount easy to install. Suit for all 3.0-6.5-inch phones and devices. The telescopic clamp arm is located in the rear view mirror above the vehicle seat, which can be easily installed and completely fixed without falling off; If you have any problem for our rear view mirror phone holder
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Buyers’ Guide for Car Mobile Phone Holder

As the car phone holder is an important car accessory to have, you may find various local as well as branded car phone holders that work perfectly fine to hold your smartphone efficiently. However, for the first time buyer, this huge range of products can be very confusing to zero on one product from the list.

So, if you are also one of those buyers who is finding it difficult to choose one particular car phone holder, then the following buyers’ guide can help you choose the best product, and avoid the rest of the products that are not a fit buy for you. Keep these points in mind while you are buying the car phone holder and then choose the best car mobile holder for yourself.

  • Size of your mobile phone
  • Make sure that the holder you are planning to buy does not interrupt the charging point of the phone
  • Make sure to check the holding mechanism of the holder before making the purchase
  • Durability
  • Make sure that the holder can easily be relied upon to hold your expensive smartphone

These five points can be very beneficial while choosing an ideal mobile phone holder for your car.
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And if you are still can’t decide which product will work the best for your phone, then here are the 7 best car mobile phone holders in India that are trending among the buyers’ wish list and are worth buying for every person who travels by car.

Benefits of Using a Car Phone Holder  

Before hopping on the full-length review sections of different car holders, let us first get familiar with the oceans of advantages of using the best mobile holder. Here in this section, we have tried to showcase a few of them:

  • It makes sure that your phone is intact with your car while experiencing a joyful ride. It attaches your phone with your desirable place by keeping safe.
  • By mounting your device to the best car phone mount 2022, you can track your way and use it as a navigation device to get direction.
  • It also allows the consumer to experience a hassle-free driving experience by attending an emergency while driving.
  • While you are on the way, you can choose among your favorite songs and use it as an entertainment system.
  • The best mobile holder for a car also helps to save your phone from falling or any damage.

What to Look for While Buying a Car Phone Holder?

To get a brief idea about the essentiality and benefits of car phone holders, one must search for these below-mentioned features:

1) Overall Protection

The main advantage of setting a mobile holder in your car is its ability to prevent your phone from sudden accidents or damage. It makes sure that the phone is in its intact position and doesn’t fall off under any circumstances. 

2) Stronger Hold

There is an uncertainty that our accessories might fall off due to jerks and car bounce. But, when attached to the best mobile phone holder for car dashboard, It gets a secure condition and works as a companion for long rides.

3) Easy to Use and Perfect Adjustability

Due to its easily adjustable mechanism, you can fit this device anywhere according to your preference. One can easily access their phones while riding, which makes it a convenient product. Mostly, the magnetic mobile holder for car India allows you to adjust your device at the eye level and provide a smooth, user-friendly experience.

4) Rotation Capacity

The best gravity car phone holder can balance and equally distribute the weight of your device perfectly. The rotating technology becomes more crucial for photographers and vloggers. They can easily capture beautiful sceneries and record directly from their phone without even holding it. 

Types of different smartphone attachments

People consider that staying connected to your loved ones or your workplace is the most crucial thing while driving.

This will provide them the liberty of staying virtually connected and getting their work done. Here are some mentions of different types of car mounts that one can select according to their need:

Magnetic Mount

The magnetic mount works perfectly fine with just one magnetic base that helps to attach your phone. Unlike other types of mobile holders, these magnetic holders are devoid of any additional attachments. It is one of the most convenient types for drivers, which doesn’t require too much effort.

Wide Mount

If you are looking for the best quality mobile mounting device regardless of the price, then a wide mount can be the perfect option for all your queries. It is the most long-lasting beast that also supports you to keep on charging your phone on the go. Its sleek design also helps to mount your smartphone safely at the center of the dashboard.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that allow you to choose according to your device’s dimension. These full grips can adequately handle large smartphones and even heavy tablets.

Short Mount

These types of mounts are compact in shape and don’t occupy enough space for your dashboard. If you require minimal use of a phone, then short mounts are the best option for them. It is also useful for frequent travelers and people who need them only for navigation purposes.

Buying Guide for Best Car Mobile Phone Holder

1. Portability:

The first thing that you should keep in mind while buying a car mobile phone holder is whether the device is portable or not. It is important because you are going to fit this device into your car. And if it is not portable then you might not be able to remove it from its place and place it somewhere else.

2. Compatibility:

Another most important thing that you should consider while buying a car mobile phone holder is its compatibility.

You must make sure that the device fits all categories of mobile phones irrespective of its brand and model. This will ease out your buying process and no matter who drives your car, then the phone holder will fit all.

3. Durability:

Sometimes, while inserting or fitting the mobile phone into the holder, it is seen that the holder breaks or get bent. So, the durability of the holder is an important consideration while buying a car mobile holder. It should be built with durable material and should be elastic in nature.

4. Convenience:

You must make sure that after fitting your mobile device to the holder, you must be able to use it with ease and convenience. There should not be any blockage and every operation of the mobile phone must get carried out properly.

Also, you must ensure that the power button and the volume buttons of the mobile phone, which are mostly located at the side of the phone are also easily accessible after fitting the phone to the holder.

5. Firmness:

A car mobile holder must hold the phone firmly. Suppose you are driving on a rough road, having potholes, pebbles, and uneven surfaces. In that case, there will be a lot of jerking in the car, and there lies a possibility of slipping off the mobile phone from the holder.

This should not happen as this might cause damage to the phone. The grip of the holder should be tight and firm enough to endure heavy jerking.

6. Proper warranty:

Whenever we purchase something, the warranty period is what we must take into consideration. You must make sure that the holder that you are buying is covered under a sufficient period of warranty and should be quality assured so that if due to any manufacturing fault it catches harm, it gets either replaced or repaired.


So, these were the five best car mobile phone holder that you can buy today in the Indian market. Keep your needs in mind, and choose the one that satisfies all your requirements and is in your budget.

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