Top 5 Best Car Floor Mats In India 2022

Buying a car is one of the most important achievements in our lives. Possessing the vehicle of your dreams and being able to keep in clean is another task altogether. Car floor mats become an important accessory that keeps the car floors clean and tidy. Read Also: Best Car Body Covers In India

Best Car Floor Mat

Here are some of the reasons why you must buy a car floor mat, before it gets too late

  • Beyond cleanliness – the look: An authentic look of affluence is reflected by the quality of the car floor mat. The interior of the car needs to reflect the aesthetic value which you intend it to reflect.
  • Say no to re-carpeting: The car floor mat intends to keep the carpet of your car protected against stains and erosion. Moreover, it is easy on your pockets to change the car floor mat than to re-carpet the entire floor of the car. It is a symbol of luxury and comfort.
  • Rich driving experience: Not just the look of the car gets enhanced, but also the driving experience gets enriched. Customization and personalization of the car floor mats can add to your driving comfort as well.
  • Colours drive your mood: Driving across long journeys can be monotonous as well as tiring. But a fitting floor mat with authentic mix of lively colours and rich blend of right texture can enhance the mood of the driver in long journeys.

Since car floor mats are an essential accessory for your newly bought car, it should not be bought in a hurry. Proper judgement and research needs to be done.

Best Buy Car Floor Mats Online in India

As we understand the value of the vehicle and the product, we have carried out the research for you to collect the top 5 best car floor mats in India 2019 and here we are listing down some of the best car floor mats:

1. Autofurnish Anti Skid Curly Car Floor Mats (Black) Universal

Autofurnish Anti Skid Curly Car Floor Mats

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One of the best features of this car floor mat is its ability to trap both solid and liquid dust materials. With an easy to install procedure, the product is made of vinyl and its gets easily adjusted to fit the size of the car. The product is available only in black color


  • The product’s life cycle is longer thus making it more durable than its competitors.
  • Floor mats are anti-skid, thus they will not change their positions while you rest your legs on them.
  • Easily removable and washable to remove the dust particles attached.
  • Easily absorbs the dust and liquid materials, thus no re-circulation of dust materials.
  • Five piece set, include two for the front seats and three for the rear.

Things We Like 

  • Variant size of products are available for different car models.
  • Adds aesthetic value to your car
  • Smell of the plastic can be done away with by exposure to sunlight.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Foot pad is rigid hence cannot be shifted as per requirement.

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2. AutoKraftZ Universal Passenger Car Floor Mat

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Customizable foot mats made of rubber material and intended to last over a long period of time, AutoKraftZ car floor mats are aimed at providing a very clean experience to your car ride. High strength floor mats that don’t skid easily and are available across a wide range of colours, of your choice.


  • Easily washable product, thus cleaning is the easiest task
  • Four mats are provided, 2 for the front seat and 2 for the rear seat.
  • Easily customizable and fits perfectly into the car model.

Things We Like 

  • Value for money product.
  • Fits easily in the car of the desired model.
  • A good quality product that allows being washed easily, hence hassle-free maintenance.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The pungent smell of rubber is not easy to do away with

3. Adroitz Universal Car Floor Mat

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The wonderful car floor mat which fits all weather conditions is here for you. Keeping it very easy to handle as well as customizable as per the needs, Adroitz Universal Car Floor Mat provides high robustness and becomes a perfect fit for your vehicle. Designed in a way to attract an affluent look to the vehicle, the floor mat comes in varied shapes and sizes, thus making it unique.


  • It is available in only black colour.
  • A set contains 4 mats weighing nearly 4 kg each.
  • The material used for the construction is PVC, making it durable.
  • Portability increases the ease of cleaning and washing the floor mats.

Things We Like 

  • Front and read floor mats are built in a way that fits almost all the renowned vehicle models.
  • The fitting of the foot mat is not an issue as its size is universal.
  • Trimming of the foot mat can be done if required, thus customization is enabled.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The smell of the floor mat doesn’t fade away easily
  • The ridges in the floor mat are not designed optimally, thus trapping the shoes which can cause mishaps during driving.

4. Auto Hub 4D Car Floor Mats

Auto Hub 4D Car Floor Mats

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The car floor mat is an exclusive product tailor made only for Maruti Baleno. It comes in a pack of 5 floor mats, which are a perfect fit to the model of car. Claimed to be an odorless product, made of environmental friendly PVC material with the unique design to give an authentic aura to your car. Enriching your driving experience and enhancing the status, auto hub 4D car floor mat is perfect for automobile lovers. Product is waterproof in nature, thus simplifying the washing procedure.


  • The color available for the product is only black.
  • Unique 4D designs give an awesome look to your car.
  • The floor mat doesn’t slip while driving, hence provides extreme safety.

Things We Like 

  • Customizable, hence easily fits on top of another floor mat.
  • Exclusive branding, thus making it only fit for Baleno.
  • Presence of protruded corners at the side prevents the dust from blowing out.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Plastic quality can be improved.

5. Elegant Cord Black Carpet Car Floor Mat

Elegant Cord Black Carpet Car Floor Mat

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An exclusive product built only for Hyudai i20, is a custom fit floor mat which enables the easy maintenance of the vehicle. The floor mat is made of carpet material which is non-woven having dimensions of 50 X 30 X 5 cm. The floor mat doesn’t undergo the problem of bunching, which is a common problem for most of the foot mats. Washing of the floor mat is a very easy task.


  • The product fits perfectly for Elite i20 model with accurate cuttings for driver’s seat.
  • The presence of a rectangular cover placed under the mat prevents it from skidding during driving
  • Durable and robust in nature.

Things We Like 

  • Perfect fit without the need for any alteration.
  • Presence of an ant-skid backing that prevents the mat from sliding from one place to another.
  • Cuttings and patterns on the mat hold on to the sand particles on the mat and prevent them from getting scattered on the car.
  • Corner stitching are not only attractive but also appealing.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Product availability only for one car model.

Features for the Best Floor Mats

  • Perfect size for the perfect floor: Having an inch more or an inch less is a real headache when it comes to floor mats. Selecting the right size of the floor mat according to the floor area of the car ensures the entire carpet area remains protected. Choosing the right size of the floor mat is an essential step.
  • Durability should be the key: Floor mats that are durable and last long actually go easy with the pockets. Before choosing any floor mats, true decision-making lies with the quality of the material used, therefore look out for multiple options before finalizing the car floor mat.
  • Consistency or variability: Again, a lot depends on the lifestyle you choose. People looking for floor mats that will last the year long can opt for all-weather floor mats and ones looking forward to the yearly variation are welcome to try out different options as per the needs.
  • Customize and personalize: The world is moving towards personalization and so are the floor mats of cars. Looking forward to a floor mat with anti-skid or heel pads, to protect your floor mats from deteriorating, you always have options to choose one as per liking.

Types of car mats and their utility

As the name implies, car full floor mats are just the regular upgraded versions of mats that serve to save our car from stains and dust. These are made of almost the same material as your home or perhaps office. Ideally, your main aim should rely on getting the best universal car mats that should have a higher edge than the regular perimeter. It would be best if you chose the car floor mat lamination wisely as they are more fashionable, presentable, and add aesthetics to your car. Many consumer reports car floor mats are very basic and easily get very dirty and don’t serve to secure their vehicle from spills, dust, and stains.

Many passengers may find it just a regular car accessory, while it plays a huge role for the drivers. Car floor lamination best material depends on the purpose and regular usage of the customer. A perfect laminating material will keep grime and dirt away from the car and leave your feet dry by soaking excess water from your feet. 

Before selecting any random mat for your car, some materials are used to make car mats that add a premium appearance. You can easily get your hands on these car floor mats online and get your game going.

Fabric floor mats

Fabric floor mats are widely available and the cheapest of them all. They are available in different attractive colors and have a rubber back that prevents them from slipping from the surface. It readily fits in all cars and comes with universal sizes, which allows the customer to clean and wash them regularly. This car full floor mat has a short life span and starts sagging with time. 

Rubber mats

These mats are also readily available and come with durability. Rubber mats are slip-proof, safe, and don’t obstruct the consumer from pedal use. They can retain moisture as they come with irregular textured surfaces. Rubber mats are perfect when it comes to soaking mud and water but fails, as they get dirty very easily. User needs to carry it out after a regular interval. It is advised to go with a high-quality mat that is specially made for your car.

Nomad mats

These nomad mats are available in several colors and made custom according to your car. The plus point of owning a nomad mat is its capacity to trap and soak up mud, water, and grime that cause very minute spillage to your car. The curls present in these mats will remind you of doormats and prevent you from getting your feet wet.

All-weather mats

These special types of all-weather mats are made of the vinyl material that can run longer than any regular vehicle mat. The mat is filled with artificial spikes that don’t allow the user to slip and provides a sturdier grip with the ground. Their upturned edges that are curved inwards makes sure that no water or dust leaves the mat and sticks to its surface. These mats are your partner for all weather.

3D floor mats

3D floor mats are the premium looking mats that are very expensive for a one-time investment. They are mostly available in shades like tan, black, beige. With a premium flat finish, these mats are excellent for your foot relaxation. These 3D mats fit almost every car and carry all water, dust in its groove. They have anti-skidding properties and need to be cleaned properly due to their polymer surface. They always need to be adjusted regularly and don’t abstract pedal use.

Bottom Line

This article has summer up the entire range of top 5 best car floor mats in India, 2019. Choosing the best model of car floor mat is always a tough decision to make with a large variant available. But, we have tried to make your herculean task easier by listing out the best of the products available. Your car reflects your image and status. The products which augment the aesthetics as well as don’t hinder the safety of the driver must be purchased. 

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Lastly, while choosing the floor mat, some might have some negatives but don’t let the negatives outweigh the positives. Every floor mat that we have listed are based on the research and market analysis of the product.

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