Best Cable & Wire Companies in India

Electrical wires are the root of modern homes. With a good wire, we are able to enjoy the power of electricity and keep our homes cooled or heated depending upon the environment. So, it is vital to have good wire connections to keep our homes comfortable. There are different types of cables available for different loads.

As for normal use, you need 1.5MM wire. For heavy loads like AC, you might need 2.5mm wire and so on. You can consult with your electrician to find a suitable one for you.

Despite the importance of wires in our home, most people take them for granted. Installing unrecognized, or abnormal brand wires in our homes can bring major issues down the road. These wires don’t hold up well. Wear and tear will take its toll, and issues will arise every now and again. So, it is really important to install wires from recognized and trusted brands in our homes.

Best Cable & Wire Companies

1) Havells

Havells Lifeline Cable WHFFDNA11X5 1.5 sq mm Wire (Red)

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ROHS Compliant – These wires follow the standards, and are ROHS compliant.

Corrosion Resistance – The copper and aluminum wires from the Havells are resistant against corrosion, and are safe from termite or rodent attacks.


  • High insulation resistance
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • High electricity conductivity


  • It is a premium quality product that requires a premium price. The price is a bit high with this one.

2) Polycab

Polycab Green Wire with 5-in-1 GreenShield Technology -  90m 1 sqmm RED, HR-FR-LSH-LF House Electric Copper Wire

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  • Low Halogen Insulation — This helps to improve visibility when there are low levels of toxic fumes
  • Anti-Rodent Protection – It helps to protect from bites due to rat


  • High heat resistance
  • Pure copper wire
  • Flame retardant technology


  • The pricing is slightly on the higher side.


RADILITE Copper Wire with Triple Layer PVC Coating, Single Core Flexible Electric Cable for Domestic & Industrial Connections (1.0 mm, 90m Long, Green), (RLWC05)

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  • Oxygen-Free Copper — This helps in improving conductivity and resisting oxidation
  • Superior Insulation — It can offer better protection from corrosion and rodent attacks


  • High current capacity
  • 99.99% pure copper
  • Excellent electrical conductivity


  • It is a relatively new product.

4) V-Guard

V-Guard PVC 1.5 Sq mm House Wire (90 m, Red)

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Less heat generation – They are made to produce less heat, so you can save electricity and energy bills.

Anti-rodent and Anti-termite protection – You can safely install this wire with no worries from rodents or termites.


  • Comes in different colors and size
  • Insulated cables
  • Good length for house works


  • Priced slightly on the higher side

5) RR Kabel

RR Kabel PVC Insulated 1.5mm Single Core Flexible Copper Wires & Cables for Domestic/Industrial Electric | Home Electric Wire | 90 Mtr | Electrical Wire | (Black)

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PVC insulation – This makes the wires highly durable

Lead-free – The wire has no environmental effects as it is completely lead-free. So you can safely install this in your home without any worries.


  • Good conductivity
  • Highly durable


  • Doesn’t come in different colors or size

6) Anchor

Anchor By Panasonic Advance Fr 1.00 Sq.Mm. Red 90 Meter Fr 1100V High Voltage Industrial Cable

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  • RoHS Compliant — Meets the standards set by RoHS
  • 100% Electrolytic Grade Copper — It can offer better electrical conductivity with high performance


  • High voltage industrial cable
  • Molecular firefighters
  • Up to 20% bending radius


  • None so far.

Buying Guide for Electrical wires

There are various things to check for when buying an electrical wire, so you have to be careful in choosing the right wire for your needs. To help you with the process of buying, we’ve detailed some things to look out for when buying a wire. So you can choose the perfect wire for your needs.

Type of the wire

The type of wire plays an important role in deciding the wire. So you have to be careful in choosing the right type of materials. There are mainly two materials available such as aluminum and copper. Copper wires have some advantages over aluminum like high flexibility and conductivity. So it is wise to choose copper wire for your home use.

Colour of the wire

You need to choose the appropriate colors of the electric wires according to the insulation type and capability.


Quality wires are preferred because of their longevity. They tend to cost high because of the premium materials involved with the creation of the wire, but it is advisable to choose this over common wires. Quality wires have high durability so they can last for a long time without any problems.

In the long run, quality wires save you money. They also have less heat generation. They can save money by reducing the energy bill. So quality wires with a high cost should be preferred.

Length and Size of the wire

The length and the size of the wire depend upon the area of the building that the wire should cover. The length and size of the wire should be given importance cause buying a wire with less or more length than the required amount can cost you more.

You will have extra unused wire or less than the required amount of wire if you don’t choose the right amount. Buy the wire with the correct length and size that covers your home to save money.

Other features

The wire should be completely lead-free as lead harms the environment and is considered dangerous for people. So it is important that the wire has no lead in it. Anti-rodent, Anti-termite are necessary for a wire as it protects it from rats and mites. Also, make sure the wire is resistant to water, heat, and high temperature. These may not seem important but in the long run, these features keep your wire without any damages.

Different Types of Wires and Cables

There are many types of cables and wires. The most common is the solid wire that comes with a polyethylene insulation jacket. Generally, in the market, there are two types of wires:

  • AC wire 
  • DC wire

Bear in mind; it is imperative to understand that both AC and DC current has different types of applications. While AC wires are required for transmission, DC is used by all the appliances. In our household, AC transmission needs 230 AV while DC devices work on 12 V, 24 V, and 48 V. 

AC wire vs. DC wire

  • Insulation: AC wires have no zinc coating while DC wires have a zinc coating
  • Tinned cover: AC wires have a single tinned cover while DC wires have a double tinned cover.
  • Application: AC wires work on AC operators, while DC wires work on DC appliances or self-power generation. 
  • Voltage: AC wires have a voltage of 230 AV to 240 AV, while DC wires have a voltage of 20 V to 1100 V.

Other Types of Wires:

There are other common types of wires found in the market as well:

  • Coaxial cable: Generally used in radio and TV transmissions, this type of wire is used in devices where no risk of electrical interference can be taken. They are also called network cables.
  • Ethernet cables: Widely used in a wired network, these cables are used to connect LAN with devices such as switches, routers, or pc.
  • CCTV cables: These cable wires are used in combination with communication and cable wires. Communication wires are used to record images and connect with the data center.
  • Submersible cables: Ideally used in direct burial or inside wall casting, they can be used in fresh or saltwater with a submersible. 
  • Computer cables: These cables are used to connect a computer to its power source. They are also called cords, plugs, or connectors. Variations include DVI, HDMI, or USB cables.

Buying Guide (addition):

  • Voltage: One of the things you need to pay attention to while buying a cable is its voltage. Post testing the manufacturer specifies the insulation breakdown voltage. You can get this on the box of the cable. If the specification is higher than the voltage of your system, then go for it.
  • Ability to Handle Overheating: Often overlooked, this is an important aspect to keep in mind while buying cables and wires. The wires need to handle electricity safely without getting overheated or heating up their insulation. The amount of heat that is generated can be calculated by the current that is passing through the wire and its resistance. 

What are some of the Top Companies?

The top cable companies for buying the best quality electric wire in India are Polycab IndiaSterlite CablesFinolex CablesHavells IndiaKEI Industries, RR cables, etc. These are also the best companies for house wirings.


As mentioned in the Introduction, electrical wires are the root of the building. So it is important to choose quality wiring that lasts a long time. We hope our review and buying guide helps you in choosing the perfect wire for your need.

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