5 Best Business Card Holders For Office – Buying Guide & Reviews

A small thing like a simple “business card holder” can be of vital importance to many businessmen out there. It might look like a simple thing that a person carries along with him, but the benefits of such cards are huge. Business cards are usually of small size and compact. Mostly, business card holders consist of several compartments to keep many cards altogether. These discrete compartments help the business cards to remain sorted and not get mixed up with one another.

A business card holder can be made up of many materials. Some may be of plastic, metal, or even leather. The main function of a business card holder is to keep everything sorted, arranged and well-organized. The price of a business card holder may vary by a wide range, depending on how the material is, how many compartments it consists of, and to what brand it belongs.

Most importantly, when you carry a business card holder, you actually create an impression about yourself that you care about your personal important belongings and your business cards. This, in fact, portrays you as a careful and responsible person. On the other hand, keeping your business cards in an organized way in a business card holder lets you have easy access to all your belongings and allows you to present your cards instantaneously whenever you need them. Keeping here and there and all over the office premises might cause them to get misplaced.

Top 5 Best Business Card Holders:

1. Fashion Freak Leather Business Card HolderFashion Freak Leather Business Cardholder

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Stylish small, slim, and discrete designed business card holder can be a great choice for you. The dimensions of this business card is 3’1/8”x4’7/17”x1/8”. So, if you are looking for modern looking slim designed business card holder, then this can be the deal choice for you. This slim cut, extra thin wallet fits your pocket perfectly and does not cause you any discomfort while carrying this.

Another big advantage of this business card holder is that this exclusive range of business card is outfitted with some advanced technology of RDIF blocking. This means that it blocks the electronic signals to keep your identity protected at the time you travel, explore or shop.

This products is 100% trust worthy and are crafted out of real leather and you can rely on these products as this last you many years. This range of business card holders can be used by both men and women.

Before you make the final purchase, just have a look at the various pros and cons of this product:


  1. Highly durable and long lasting.
  2. presence of RDIF blocking technology.
  3. Slim and modern look.


  • The number of compartments could be more.

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2. Dishankart Business Card Holder

Dishankart Business Card Holder

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If you are looking for sturdy looking and durable quality of business card holder, with a cheap and affordable price, you can go for this one. This business card holder is made up of extremely durable and premium quality of material. The PVC jacket coating helps this wallet remain water proof and scratch proof. This product also claims that it is easy to clean and is also anti-wrinkle and anti-cracking. Also, this is a transparent product which lets you look through it.

Apart from that, the most amazing quality of this business card holder is that this product comes with anti-cracking and anti-wrinkle features. It is basically a multifunctional business card holder having an enormous number of compartments. The total number of compartments present in the business card holder is 480 pockets. This can be a great way of keeping all your important cards in an organized way so that you can access them whenever you want.

You can use this card holder book keeping business cards, notecards, name cards, shopper cards, membership cards, etc. This is an amazing card holder that can store all the cards in a single place. This is a great way that helps you find your important cards always at place and never lets you misplace them.

This business card holder comes very handy and it is of a compact size and a slim profile. You can carry this holder easily in your pocket or your handbag.

You can have a look at the various pros and cons of this Dishankart business card holder:


  • Huge number of pockets that can keep everything organized.
  • Highly durable
  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-cracking property.


  • Since it has 480 pockets, it might seem a bit heavy to carry in pockets.
  • This does not give you any warrant.

3. OFIXO 24 Bits Leatherite Business Card Holder

OFIXO 24 Bits Leatherite Business Card Holder

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This is a rectangular shaped business card holder. This rectangular shaped business card holder can serve multiple purposes. It can store your credit card, ID card, and any other card and it is a great accessory for all the employees and business people out there. This business card holder is quite affordable and may cost you only a 100-200 bucks if you purchase it from Amazon.

Also, this product can be even idea for gift. You can gift this business card holder to employees, colleagues or friends. This is a useful stuff and, it goes without saying that the person receiving this as a gift will be happy with it. This card holder is quite handy as well as portable. This is a pocket size business card holder and can be easily carried along with you wherever you go.

This business card holder comes with 24 compartments and can be an ideal fit for you ID card, credit cards, debit cards, etc. This can also be carried along with you when you shop and travel somewhere. Since the price of this product is quite low, it is possible that you might doubt its quality. But, you can assured that your products can easily last you a great period of time. As this is made of good quality of leather, you can absolutely rely on its quality and durable.

The various pros and cons of this business card holder have been jotted down below:


  1. Very affordable price.
  2. Easily available online.
  3. Portable and travel friendly


  1. Cannot hold very thick cards
  2. The number of compartments might not be enough

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4. SEPAL Stainless Steel Finger Thumb Sliding Slide

SEPAL Stainless Steel Finger Thumb Sliding Slide

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This business card holder is a slim designed holder and can be a right choice for you if you are looking for a card holder that is user friendly and of a compact size. The dimensions of this card holder is 100 x 62 x 8mm and this means that it is a quite slim sized with a modern design. This product is very easy to use and can be easily pressed to slide the cards out of it. So, you can take out your business cards without even opening your business card holder.

This business card holder store any cards whose size is within 100x62x8mm. This is a futuristic stainless steel case and is extremely strong quality. This is an easy to carry card holder and slips in to your pocket quite easily and also fits your handbag, purse or clutch. This business card holder can be ideal for both men and women.

This product can also be perfect for gifts and you can gift this product any of friends, colleagues and relatives. These card holder comes with an elegant design and are sure to serve your personal needs as well as can be a great item for gift. This can be a perfect item for everyday use.

The various pros and cons of this business card holder are:


  • Compact size
  • Easily accessible
  • Elegant design


  • Cannot fit the cards of bigger sizes.

5. Cable Hunter® Leather Business RFID Credit Card Holder

Cable Hunter® Leather Business RFID Credit Card Holder

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If you are too concerned about your business cards and do not want them to get misplaced or do not want to lose them, you can go for this business card holder which comes with a zip locker. There are total 10 slots in this business card holder and you can use these slots for storing all your necessary cards like business cards, name cards, credit/debit cards, etc.

This comes with a compact design and is capable of keeping them in a well-organized way. In addition to this, this business card also comes with two extra slots, which can be used to keep cashes. You can also use this slot to keep coins, keys, etc.

With this business card holder, you can rest assured that this will keep your cards in an organized manner without the fear of dropping them somewhere by mistake. This is because this business card holder comes with zipper made up of good material. This is convenient to put it inside the back pack, hand bag or briefcase for working, travelling or any other daily use purposes.

The various pros and cons of this product are:


  • Premium Material
  • Slim and light weight
  • Stylish and travel friendly


  • Only 10 chambers for cards which might not be enough.

Buying Guide For Business Card Holders:

A business card holder is an important tool lying inside your pocket or handbag. It is a useful tool that always helps you keep your business well-represented at all times. In this world of huge and enormous businesses out there, you can always keep your business well-represented every time you meet someone new and whenever you want invite someone to explore your company. Everyone who visits your office, tend to have a probability to become your biggest client. If you have you have your business cards neatly arranged and organized, you can save your time for looking for the one and shuffling the documents in your drawer for the same.

There certain things that you must keep in your mind while you buy a business card. These are:

Size of the business card:

The first thing you must take in to consideration before you buy a business card holder is that you must make sure that the size of the card holder is compact so that it can be easily carried through ease. Remember that you need to carry your business card holder to wherever you go because it is quite an uncertain fact where you might meet your potential client. Thus, it is of an important consideration that you have to ensure that the size of the business card is compact and slim.

Number of compartments:

It is another vital thing to be considered. The number of compartments in the business card holder must be as per the requirement of yours. Remember, if the number of compartments in the business card holder is more, then the size will also be bigger. So, just make sure that buy a the card holder consisting of the exact number of compartments as you want.

Product material:

This is a quality based consideration and you must keep it in mind that the quality, durability of your business card material should depend on what material it is made of. It also depends on how frequently you use your business card holder. The better the product material, the longer it will last and the more longevity you will get. The leather quality or the plastic is of vital importance and must be considered before you finally make the purchase.

Type of lock:

When you use a business card and keep all your important cards of some vital information regarding your business inside the card holder, you must not want these cards to get dropped on the roads by mistake. Thus, you must make sure that the business card holder that you buy, must have a good locking system, such as a zipper, or a button lock. This will keep your important document safe and secured and in place.


By considering the above products, and by following the buying guide, you might be able to purchase the best business card for yourself.

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