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Last updated July 6th, 2022

Stress has become a vital part in everybody’s life in no time. The changing lifestyle with the growing time has infused stress in the life of every individual. The work schedule has changed into a hectic one with an increase in traffic and change in sleep patterns. These factors manifest itself into body aches and pains. While getting a massage done from the spa might prove expensive, a wide plethora of body massagers is available in the market to help you soothe the pain.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Body Massagers in India

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Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager For Pain…

Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager For Pain Relief of Back, Leg & Foot
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  • 4 Heads for Customized Massage: Dr Physio handheld massager comes with 4 massage heads - Wave massage, dead skin removal head, scraping and rolling heads and a protective cover. These massage heads deliver deep tissue massage for relieving pain naturally
  • Targeted Full Body Massage: Comes with an ergonomic handle to enable vigorous deep tissue targeted massage on neck, back, shoulders, legs, buttocks and toes etc. Produce light vibrations that stimulates the blood flow to make you more energize with each massage session
  • Lightweight & Portable Gift: This is a small sized handheld massager that can fit easily into a travel bag or purse. It is easy to carry with you anywhere to enjoy massage. Its design is easy for handling to all so could be a great gift for your loved ones
  • In The Box: What all you will get in the box? 1 Dr Physio Massager, 4 sets of interchangeable massage heads, a protective cover, 1 user manual and 1 wall outlet adapter
  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety & Tension: This is best choice as you can enjoy customized massage as per your convenience. It delivers light and steady pressure to relieve from tension, anxiety, muscle soreness, chronic pain, knots tension, sports injuries and more
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AGARO Atom Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

AGARO Atom Electric Handheld Full Body Massager with 3 Massage Heads & Variable Speed Settings for Pain Relief and Relaxation, Back, Leg & Foot, Black
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  • For any Cloth mesh cover to avoid tangling of body hair during message
  • Electric handheld massager helps in relaxation and pain relief via deep tissue stimulation
  • Variable speed selection via control knob
  • Compact handheld design. Power: 28 watts
  • 1 Year manufacturer's warranty
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Lifelong LLM270 Powerful Handheld Electric Manipol Massager| Massager

Lifelong LLM270 Powerful Handheld Electric Manipol Massager| Massager for pain relief | Massage at home (Brown, 1 Year Warranty)
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  • Powerful copper motor: The copper motor has pure copper wires for energy efficiency, durability, and improved performance
  • Lifelong handheld body massager stimulates accu-pressure points effectively and helps to relax and rejuvenate muscles
  • Customizable message: manipol massager has 5 changeable message heads which generate different message effect at different speed settings
  • Voltage: 240.0 volts, Wattage: 50.0 watts, Power_Source_Type: Corded Electric
  • Helps firm and tone thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach and chest
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FEGSY Personal Body Massager

FEGSY Personal Body Massager for Women, Men, Rechargeable Wireless Vibration Machine for Female with 20 Vibration Modes, 8 Speeds and Water Resistant, Flexible Head for Targeted Compression (Black)
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  • SUPER SOFT SILICONE: Personal wand massager is made of medical silicone, safe, skin-friendly, smooth and soft to protect your health. The overall waterproof design of the massager makes it easy to clean.
  • POWERFUL, RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: powered bullet A full charge provides 1.5 hours of usage and you won't have to deal with tangled and tugging wires while you enjoy your massage
  • CORDLESS MASSAGER: This powerful, personal massager is the therapeutic answer to your sore and injured muscles whether at home or while you travel
  • SKIN FRIENDLY MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL: The Fegsy Massager is delicate and loves your skin. It is made with medical grade material that’s extra smooth, tender & easy to clean.
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE MODES: Switch gears for the right massage; multiple vibration levels and modes ensure that you get the right thrust for effective pain relief.
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AGARO Impact Electric Gun Massager

AGARO Impact Electric Gun Massager, Handheld With 6 Massage Heads, 5 Speed, For Deep Tissue Massage, Body Relaxation And Pain Relief (Black)
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  • Deep tissue hand held percussive gun massager designed to target sore muscles to releive fatigue, pain, muscle soreness and stiffness. Ideal for relieving shoulder, neck, waist, and back pain
  • Comes with 6 replaceable massage heads- Standard Ball head, flat head, u shape head, cone head, big ball head, arc shaped head for a customized massage experience
  • 5 adjustable speed modes allows to change the speed for a customizable deep tissue massage
  • 80 Watts high torque motor produces up to 4000 vibrations per minute for quick and effective pain relief
  • Compact and portable, easy to carry while on the go
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Lifelong LLGM09 Gun Massager Deep Tissue Body Massage…

Lifelong LLGM09 Gun Massager Deep Tissue Body Massage Machine For Pain Relief | 6 Specialized Heads | 30 Speed Level Massager Machine For Full Body with Premium Carry Bag (1 Year Warranty, Black)
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  • massage machine with 6 interchangeable heads, each targeting specific muscle groups, this massager vibration machine provides a deep muscle treatment for your entire body.
  • The Gun Massager comes with a premium bag and 30 Intensity levels.
  • The Lifelong Massager Gun comes with a powerful 2500 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery which can last up to 6 hours, with 2 hours of charging.
  • Round Head for large muscle groups such as abdomen, glutes and legs, Flat Head for inside and outside muscles of the abdomen, chest and legs, Conical Head for direct pressure on joints, deep tissue, trigger points and release muscles knots, U Type Head for shoulders, neck and bilateral muscles, Spade Head for relaxation and shaping of various tissue parts, cellulite and fat storage using percussion massage therapy, Bone Massage Head for joint muscles.
  • 1 Year Brand Warranty
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AGARO Relaxo Electric Handheld Full Body Massager

AGARO Relaxo Electric Handheld Full Body Massager with 8 Massage Heads, 5 Mode & 6 Speed Settings for Pain Relief & Relaxation (Black), Back, Leg & Foot
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  • 5 vibration modes & 6 speed settings i finger-touch button operation
  • Cloth mesh cover to avoid tangling of body hair during message
  • Compact handheld design
  • 8 detachable message heads for a holistic body message
  • Percussion technology helps in relaxation & pain relief via deep tissue Stimulation
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Oxterm® Powerful Double Speed Floating Action

Oxterm® Powerful Double Speed Floating Action for Full Body Massager, Corded Electric powered, Silver
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  • Home massage just like the profesional. An absolute must for active people positive massage motion through fingertips to scaalp, face, neck, arms, legs and body increase circulation, soothes nerves, relaxes muscles and eases pain or tension. Thick spong rubber cushion shock proofs hand. AC/DC motor for use anywhere.
  • Designed with powerful floating action to provide a positive massage through the fingertips to scalp, face and neck, built for years of trouble-free service, can be run for long period of time without overheating.
  • How to attach to hand :- with palm of hand down, insert all four fingers into the rear spring strap. Either hand can be used.
  • insert the two middle fingers only into the frount spring strap. Push machine back on hand so that the fount small rubber pad is just back of the second joints of the middle fingers.
  • The small vibrating rubber pad transmits the vibrations to these fingers.
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Caresmith CHARGE Cordless Battery Powered Massage Gun |…

Caresmith CHARGE Cordless Battery Powered Massage Gun | Deep Tissue Percussion Body Massage Machine for Pain Relief | 6 Specialized Heads | Massager Machine for Full Body (Rechargeable battery, Grey)
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  • STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY | The Caresmith Charge is a scientifically calibrated hand-held body massager that uses advanced percussion therapy to release pain, muscle stiffness and soreness.
  • CORDLESS, ERGONOMIC & ULTRA-LIGHT | No wires, a rubberized non-slip handle & a feather-light weight of only 800 gms makes the Charge Massage Gun the most premium & easy to use massage machine for full body in the market.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR | The Charge comes with a formidable 12.6V, 24W High Torque Motor which can generate up to 3300 strokes per minute. That means the Massage Gun touches and comes off the body at an astounding rate of 55 times per second!
  • 6 VERSATILE HEADS | With 6 interchangeable heads, each targeting specific muscle groups, this massager vibration machine provides a deep muscle treatment for your entire body. No more awkward and hurried massage appointments; Comfortably treat your entire body in one go. Anytime. Anywhere.
  • LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE | The Caresmith Massager Gun comes with a powerful 2500 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery which can last up to 5 hours on a single charge! Never run out of juice again.
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Dr Physio (USA) Electric Hammer Pro Body Massager…

Dr Physio (USA) Electric Hammer Pro Body Massager (Gray)
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  • Double Head Electric Massager - Double head design,come with 3 sets of removable free massage heads for a variety of massaging options.Great for use on areas such as neck, back, legs and foot.
  • Professional Strength Massager - a powerful motor that runs up to 3,350 pulses per minute Customizable speed settings,Manage the intensity and power of the massager through multiple personalized speed features that allow you to adjust the motion and strength as desires.
  • Easy to Use - Non-slip & comfortable grip,built with a strong rubber grip for ease of use and comfort while massaging,easy to use handheld design
  • Therapeutic and Fatigue Relief - The percussion massage pillow is your move personal masseuse,Relieves built-up muscle tension and pain while enhancing blood circulation. Built for deep tissue body massage.
  • PRODUCT OF USA: 1 YEAR WARRANTY IN INDIA Designed and Engineered by Nureca Inc USA. Patented Technology and Design from USA. Product approved by United States Food and Drug Administration
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Recognize the kind of massage required

It is important for you to understand the type of massage you require. Some massagers tend to cover just a part of the body, whereas others cover the whole body.


Firstly, always remember to consider the person’s age before purchasing a massager. A mild massager is required for an older person, whereas a young person will need the opposite. It is important for you to know the age to ensure that the person can tolerate the body massager pressure or not.

Power consumption

Power consumption is definitely an important criterion that needs to be kept in mind. Keep into account the total amount of power to be consumed by the body massager. Buy the massager consuming the least power.


Another crucial thing to consider is the budget, whether the massages you choose falls within the stipulated budget or not. The massager needs to be the perfect one for your body as well as you simply cannot compromise on that. There are so many brands available with so many designs; hence budget needs to be kept in consideration while making the final choice.


No device can be successfully operated without being user-friendly. It should help you get rid of all the pain in different areas of the body. It should be such that can be operated easily without making much effort. Its operation should be simple and basic.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Massage Therapy?  

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the body’s tissues, ligaments, joints, and tendons in a scientific way. Massages can be done manually. Or, there are many massaging devices also available in the market. Massage therapy is considered as one of the oldest practices for healing many physical problems. There are many different techniques for massaging. Some of them include the application of pressure on a particular point when some other techniques cause healing through the movement of certain parts of your body. If you get into a habit of these massages on a regular basis, you will definitely get some positive results to see. Some of the benefits of massage therapy are discussed below.   

  • Manage your stress level  

Stress has come hand-in-hand with our modern lifestyle and work culture. Massage therapy can be a great help to combat the physical and psychological effects of stress on your body. Because, on practicing this therapy regularly, it helps in releasing the happy hormones – dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. These hormones work like magic in reducing your stress level.   

  • Relaxes your muscle  

Does your work require sitting in one place all day long causing a freeze in your muscles? Or you have a job where your muscles get worn out after your day’s work? Then you should try these massages once. This will immensely help you in relaxing your muscles as well as rejuvenating the same.  

  • Sleep like never before  

Insomnia or sleeplessness is another counterpart of stress and anxiety in our lives. Every human being needs adequate sleep during the night to live a healthy life and function properly. But starting from the teenagers and adults up to the geriatric population of our society, everybody is suffering from this sleep disorder. Massaging will relax both your body and mind resulting in a sound sleep.   

  • Relieves you from many chronic pains  

Life can be very hard if you are constantly suffering from any back pain, migraines, shoulder, or neck pains. Migraines can literally leave you paralyzed with the severity of pain. On the other hand, back pain is something that is as common as it happens to 1 person in every 10 people. And along with back pain comes the neck and shoulder pains. A good massage on your head or back will help relax your mind and the muscles. And this will provide you relief from the unbearable pains.  

  • Effective for the goodness of your skin  

Another benefit of using the massagers can be seen on your skin. If you start using the massager regularly for a particular period of time you will be able to notice betterment on your skin. This happens because these massagers help in stimulating the blood circulation under your skin. And proper blood circulation helps in tightening your skin cells for a younger-looking glow.   

  • Help to nurture your creative self  

We all have a creative self within ourselves. Everybody is creative in some way or the other to some extent. When you will be free from all your pains, anxiety, stress, tension, and get enough sleep, then only your body and mind will permit you to nurture the creative side of yours. You will feel free to indulge in your innate abilities.   

Is there any disadvantage of using body massagers?  

  • Despite so many good effects, there are a few disadvantages of using these massagers regularly that you should be cautious about.
  • Massagers may give momentary relief from your conditions but always remember if you have any serious health issues you have to consult a professional or a doctor. Because massagers are no permanent solutions.  
  • You should be careful with the electric massagers. Over usage of anything can never lead to anything good. They might cause side effects on your muscles and tissues.  
  • Always go with the premium products as long as your health is concerned. You should never take any risk with your physical and mental health in order to save some extra bucks.   


These are the best body massagers available in the market. Make a suitable choice by reading the products in details.

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