Top 5 Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinets in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

When you purchase a house or take it on rent, you consider all best measures to change the look of each room. But it is your bathroom on which you put minimal efforts. Well this is no hidden fact that it is your bathroom that offers better comfort, your own space and area in which you have storage solution for all kind of toiletries. If you install a good quality cabinet, it can offer better functionality solution that you need while you give the space which can help you to breathe easily.

There are so many people who expect the kitchen to have the best quality cabinets but some think it could be a costly fair. But it is certainly the best platform where you can store ample of valuable and daily needed things. The bathroom often needs to be loaded with towels and toiletry supplies. For this, of course bathroom cabinets are the best idea. It is a perfect way by which your bathroom look gets improved. Another obvious reason to have such cabinet is it lets you keep your stuff all safely out of the sight. If there are some kinds of unsightly pipes on the bathroom sinks, such cabinet can hide that too. Besides, it can give great support to your granite or even the engineered quartz counter tops. If you go ahead with the closed doors, it can prove out to be more beneficial. Cabinets are quite easy to organize as compared to the shelves. You can even put baskets and pull-outs and keep everything in place. The vanity and cabinets are wall mounted which gives more space.

Best Buy Bathroom Cabinets Online In India

It is not time for you to transform the look of your bathroom or even the powder room with the best quality cabinets. There are modern cabinets that are quite ornate and have become talk of the town. Listed are some of the best ones that you can compare and then make your own decision on which option to choose.

1. Parasnath Strong and Heavy New Look Bathroom Cabinet

Parasnath Strong and Heavy New Look Bathroom Cabinet

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This is one perfect new look mirror cabinet that you can install at your house. It is known for the huge capacity for storage with heavy duty and robust technology. It also comes with a mirror that works more like a lid. You will find this product similar to that of new look cabinet except that there is no open shield and is totally covered with big door. You get five different slots and certainly, you can store all types of your personal care. The company brings you the exquisite mirror cabinet with better capacity to store that would keep your bathroom essentials well organized.

  • It is made from the high quality of plastic
  • Elegant design
  • Perfect organizer
  • Features a mirror cabinet
  • Ample storage space

Things we like

  • It is durable and spacious
  • The inner side of lid has an hold that gives cabin a well-organized look
  • With attractive design, it can match your décor

Things we did not like

  • Doesn’t match the build quality expected.
  • Door don’t close properly
  • No warranty

2. Nilkamal Gem Plastic Cabinet with Mirror (Black)

Nilkamal Gem Plastic Cabinet

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Known for the best customer service solution, Nilkamal has always managed to come up with some exciting range of products. Talking about the Indian’s home interiors, you will find most of the products that are presented by Nilkamal. Whether it is a simple plastic chair or the entire set of furniture in the bedroom, this is the best set brand you may come along. Along with the furniture sets, now the company has extended its expertise to the cabinets with mirror as well. The mirror cabinet that you get from Nilkamal is worth to invest in. however, it at the initial stage will require assembly which you can follow through the instructions. The end result will of course be fabulous.

  • Plastic is the primary material used
  • It is available in Black colour with 5 shelves modern styling pattern
  • You get 6 months warranty that also includes spare part replacement
  • With 45 cm × 12.4 cm × 55.5 cm versatile storage solution

Things we liked

  • If you have a washbasin in hall, this is the excellent product
  • It hides all types of items on the storage
  • It looks good and stylish

Things we did not like

  • Since it is made from metal, there is huge risk of rusting
  • The cabinet may rattle at the time of opening once it is hanged on the wall
  • It eats a lot of space for the versatile storage solution

3. Branco New Look Bathroom Cabinet

Branco New Look Bathroom Cabinet

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This is one incredible product which has been introduced by CIPLA INDUSTRIES PVT LTD. With sturdy quality and heavy-duty solution and blend of robust technology, this is definitely worth cabinet you can think of investing. The cabinet has no open shelf but yes, it is entirely covered with a big door. There are different slots of different heights to ensure that it becomes feasible for you to keep your personal belongings.

  • The products comes in two dimensions 54.61 × 34.26 × 12.7 cm | Size: 57.99 cm × 38 cm × 16.99 cm
  • It is a perfect blend of white mirror cabinet and Multipurpose container
  • The mirror cabinet has Saint Gobain Mirror
  • It has acrylic finishing

Things we liked

  • It can match your bathroom but also in kitchen you can use it
  • It has the strong and sturdy quality
  • toothbrush holder attached to lid for better organization
  • With maximum space in minimum place, this offers the best solution

Things we did not like

  • The back side of the cabinet is not good
  • The door doesn’t close properly,
  • The product finishing is cheap not worth the amount of money you pay.
  • The entire cabinet shakes up when you open the door
  • There is gap between the body and the back panel

4. Ciplaplast Look Plastic Multipurpose Cabinet, White

Ciplaplast Look Plastic Multipurpose Cabinet

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This is one of the popular multi utility products which you can use in your kitchen, bathroom and offices as well. This will help you clean and handle without any hassle. Since, it is made from the high grade material; you get the string and durable yet spacious compartments. The best part of all is, this cabinet has an anti-microbial coating.

  • Multipurpose and Multiutility Bathroom Cabinet
  • It is made from plastic material
  • This is robust technology
  • It has one open shelf and rest has been covered with bigger door
  • It is available in white color

Things we like

  • The use of high grade plastic is made for lasting durability
  • It has a wall mounted unit for better well organization of wall
  • It is a spacious product for the house

Things we did not like

  • The warranty is limited
  • There are changes of discoloration
  • The door may keep coming off because of weak magnets
  • Overall fit and finishing is not good

5. Paffy new look bathroom cabinet with mirror – ivory + 1 year warranty

Paffy new look bathroom cabinet

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This cabinet is a perfect example of all good features. It is elegant, light in weight and quiet durable too. The best part is since, it is rust resistant and made from the high microfiber, and it is quite sturdy and strong with lasting results. For attractive design, you will find Modigaurd or Saint Gobain mirror.

  • The product has the dimension of 35 cm × 13 cm × 55 cm
  • It weighs around 3.5 Kg
  • It has 5 shelves with Ivory color
  • It is best suited for bathroom
  • This is one high compact Polystyrene material

Things we like

  • The quality of mirror and overall finishing is good
  • The product comes with a good warranty
  • You don’t have to put much efforts on maintaining it

Things we did not like

  • The rear end is quite weak and can give you an impression of getting broken anytime
  • The mirror is quite fragile and delicate in nature

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Bathroom Cabinets

To buy cabinetry or the bathroom vanity can always be challenging especially if you are buying it for the first time. With so many new and old brands available in the market, there is no doubt that buying process can be quite complicated. Before you start looking out for such type of cabinet make sure you give a well thought out plan for the renovation of the bathroom. You need to have clear goals and priorities set for your bathroom by which your bathroom worksheet will also get fulfilled.

Make sure you have a good vision for what your bathroom needs to look like. Once you explore different designs of bathroom and layout is well planned, you need to put the right budget and you are all set to follow the given buying guide.

  • Cabinet Quality Grades

Just like kitchen cabinetry, it is the bathroom cabinetry as well which is available in different grades such as stock, RTA, Semi-custom and custom. There is also general construction approaches which are made and those are frame less and frame. Ideally, such type of cabinetry increases in the type of freestanding vanity. Cabinetry is basically sold though retailers network. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) is the cheapest one in which you may have to compromise with the quality. Stock cabinetry is affordable with little variety in door style. Semi-custom cabinets offer a wide range of door style. Custom cabinetry is adapted to suit any given space

  • Cabinet Drawers

It does not matter to which grade you choose, it is however, important that you choose a well-constructed cabinet with drawers at least 8-inch to 1/2-inch thick especially at the bottom side. It is good if you can ignore the stapled construction. See to it that drawers are well snug in the bog and can open quietly and glide smoothly without any kind of hassle.

  • Cabinet Materials and Finishes

Once the bathroom gets the right wear and tear solution, it is then important to select the finishing and material that can withstand heat, excess moisture and water too. Generally, the cabinetry is made of plywood and has the fiber board with medium density. There are also manufactures that offer a good painted breadth, glazed and even the distressed finishing with the wide selection of lamination and woods. It is important that you use the veneer in bath since it may peel over the time as it passes.

  • Cabinet Doors and Accessories

The style of the door and enhancements of decoration also has a strong impact on the bath cabinetry. The doors may flush or have an elevation or there is an inset of the central panel which can be arched, squared, and sometimes rounded too.

Basically, it may vary from the craftsman to the modern one and the style with price may vary too. Look ahead for the accessories too such as pilasters, posts, and waist coating that would make the look more customized.


It is important for you to decide on how to choose the right bathroom cabinet that is user and cost friendly too. You will come across ample of options in the market. Either research on them or the given above products are certainly worth to try. You can compare them, see if any of it fits in your budget and know if it can go well with your bathroom or not. The brands and products that are made for bathroom can be quite cheap or pricey. Depending on the feature and advantages that you are looking for, you can make the choice.

The most important decision you will make for choosing bathroom cabinets is where to get them. Cabinet Land Kitchen and Beyond works only with the best cabinet brands and products at the best prices compared to our competitors such as Advance Cabinets and Handsome Cabinets.

When it comes to the cabinets and vanities for your bathroom, think about the space. With the modern appeal and style, you’ll provide additional space while choosing the right model for your room. With the modern style, you’re presented with a multitude of options for size, style, and color.

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