Top 5 Best Acupressure Mats in India 2022

Lately, I keep hearing about acupressure and the various benefits that the same provides to the body. However, I have not started using it myself and I am sure most of us reading this article have not.

Have you ever wondered what makes acupressure so important in our daily lives? There are acupressure mats which are small, flat, and there are spikes all over them. It has been a known fact since a long time now that those who tend to use it on a regular basis are overall healthy and some of the very common ailments namely joint pains, leg pain, cramps, etc. are less reported in such people. That is the main reason as to why the acupressure mats are so important.

Benefits of Acupressure Mats 

  • Natural Pain Relief 

There have been studies of all kinds and all of them have always proved that practicing acupressure on mats are actually helpful in getting relief of a number of pains naturally. The pain associated with a number of ailments are treated by making use of the acupressure alone

  • Overall Increase in Energy Levels 

When your body does not have to fight with small pains in different body parts, it is but natural that the energy levels can be easily redirected to day to day activities. This is exactly what happens when one uses an acupressure mat

  • Effective for Many Serious Conditions 

Use of mat on a daily basis can help you get rid of serious conditions. The chronic neck as well as lower back pain are some of the best known serious conditions which can be gotten rid of by using acupressure mats. This has also been supported by a number of studies.

If you are a person who would want to take all the stated advantages of an acupressure mat, then this is the article for you.

Bestselling Acupressure Mats Online in India

Here is the list of five best acupressure mats that are available in the market right now.

1. ACS Mat Acupressure Reflexology Magnetic Pyramidal Therapy Energy Pain Relief Power Foot Health Deluxe Mats

ACS Mat Acupressure Reflexology Magnetic

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Acupressure mats are really important for the overall health of the individual. Using them every day will help you not only get enough energy to go throughout the day, but will also help you get rid of a number of ailments. The therapy is quite durable as well as effective in treating you of ailments such as knee pain, piles, and other related common ailments.

The acupressure mat is one of the products that go a long way in giving you an aggregation of medical science that is traditional as well as modern. The mat will give you relief from everyday stress, pain, and a variety of different other ailments. If you use the product on a daily basis, you sure will be able to derive a lot of benefits from the acupressure mat. This is one of the best products that will be really helpful for a wide variety of audience including housewives, students, senior students, and others.

Things we like 

  • The product is known to give its user complete relaxation
  • It removes pains as well as different aches
  • Offers great value for money
  • The product is easily available on various online sites such as

Things we did not like 

  • The quality of the plastic that goes into the making of the product is quite average when compared to other products available in the market

2. ACS Wooden Foot Roller Acupressure Magnetic Stress Mat Combo Kit

ACS Wooden Foot Roller Acupressure Magnetic Stress Mat

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The product comes with accessories such as an energy ball, etc. which, in turn, helps to improve blood circulation and protects the body from various ailments. Different components of the product have different uses that is how you can get relief from a wide variety of common ailments including joint pain, and the likes.

Things we like 

  • The product is safe to be used by all the family members
  • It comes with a stress mat along with a wooden foot roller, acupressure ball, pointer, sujok finger ring, thumb pressure, and the likes
  • You can naturally get a body that is active
  • Offers great value for money

Things we did not like 

  • There is a strong possibility that you can use it and get extreme pressure. You run this risk and the same should be avoided

3. Acupressure Health Care System Mat 2000-Yellow

Acupressure Health Care System Mat

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Acupressure is a therapy that has long been known to treat a wide variety of ailments namely sciatica, leg pain, joint pain, as well as others.

This product comprises of elements that help to improve the circulation of blood in the body, improving the flow of oxygen as well. The various internal organs of the body are also stimulated by its very use. If you are a person suffering from any ailments, the power mat will help you get relief from the same. It is both durable as well as effective.

Things we like 

  • The flow of oxygen is actually to all the parts of the body
  • The shape is really effective. It is compact as well as attractive
  • You can use it at the convenience of your time

Things we did not like 

  • We think that the product can best be used by the senior citizens. For others, there are better products that are actually available in the market

4. Acupressure India DR Bell’s Acupressure Power Relief Plastic Mat

Acupressure India DR Bell’s Acupressure Power Relief Plastic Mat

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As per ancient science, the bottom of the feet and the palms are the main areas where different pressure points of body organs are known to be located. When these pressure points are massaged in an adequate manner, you can get relief from a number of ailments. In fact, a few expert’s belief that this is the most effective way of treating ailments. In fact, this is a better way when even compared to medicines.

The acupressure India power mat is useful in the treatment of leg pain, cramps, sinus, as well as insomnia. You should really take this product as it will actually help you in getting quick and effective relief.

Things we like 

  • The acupressure mat goes a long way in helping to improve circulation of blood, helps to provide adequate oxygen
  • Offers great value for money
  • Comes with 22 bio magnets as well as energy balls
  • You can get peace of mind along with a healthy body
  • The focus is on reflex points that are present on the soles of the body
  • Ideal for use by all the family members

Things we did not like 

  • You have to use it daily and you can only derive the maximum benefit out of it once your body is used to using it

5. ACS Acupressure Mat-I Super with Copper

ACS Acupressure Mat

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An acupressure mat helps you in a lot of ways by enabling pressure and massage on the various reflex points on different parts of the feet. It is one of the best ways that helps you in getting healed. The best way to use the mat and get the best advantage out of the same is to simply stand on the acupressure mat, and march on the same for at least five minutes. Make it a daily habit and you shall be able to get the best out of it.

This particular brand of the acupressure mat is something that will go a long way in helping you get rid of problems such as acidity, digestion related concerns, diabetes, and renal problems. The ACS mat is a total combination of not only acupressure, but also the magnets which will help you get rid of different types of diseases and ailments.Not only that, the product will go a long way in helping you improve your everyday energy. This, in turn, will increase your productivity.

Things we like 

  • The method adopted for curing different ailments is really holistic
  • The product is well designed in a manner that the same cannot be broken
  • You can choose the color of your choice as it comes in different colors as well
  • The product is available at an affordable price on sites such as

Things we did not like 

  • The seller does not give any warranty or guarantee along with the product


Taking an acupressure mat and using the same on a daily basis will actually make your life easy and simple. You need not wait for particular ailments to bring the acupressure mat at home. Make the mat a part of your daily routine and you will understand how wonderful the small mat is for your health.

So, do get an acupressure mat and use it along with the other family members.

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