Top 10 Best Bathroom Plastic Stools In India 2022

Bathroom stools are one of the most essential parts of the Indian home setup. They are not only useful to the liking but helps out quite well. It’s something that has quite a cult role. It helps out all age group of people and lets you to take a bath or do other chores like washing clothes and more with ease.

It is one of the most popular options around and is used varyingly according to the needs. It further comes in different varieties and price and material built. They come along in plastic and other types too of which we’re planning to depict the plastic models for you down below. If you’re on the lookout for the best bit of bathroom plastic stool then we hope this list helps you out well.

The market comes filled with multiple types of bathroom stools. It depends on what type you’re looking at. They also tend to come in at different price levels so if you’re looking for something cheaper you may find it but that may not work wonders always. Similarly some may come with exquisite design but that not work always.

So there does go a bit of parameters that will help you out with the buying of it. We’ll cover that in our buying guide review down below. Read along.

Buying Guide for Bathroom Plastic Stools

Here’s a quick snippet of the parameters that you need to follow whilst buying a bathroom plastic stool.

  • Purpose

First things first, it’s always the purpose of why you’re going for a bathroom plastic stool. If it’s not bathing purpose where you intend to sit down and you can take a bath or is it for washing clothes where without the stool you may tend to have a back pain.

  • Type of material

Bathroom stool comes in different material type and it depends on the user what he intends to buy. You can go for the one that suits your need the most. You can look for the best quality plastic ones as they tend to last for a long time.

  • Quality of material

There’s quite a difference between quality of material and type of material. Both of these are important to the liking. Look for the better quality product as that will last long and will give you more benefit.

  • Price

Price is also a factor when it comes to buying a bathroom plastic stool. Look for something that provides a better value of money for you and go for the same.

Benefits of having a bathroom plastic stool

Bathroom plastic stools come along with a multitude of benefits of which we’ll list them down below. Read along

  • Helps out in back pain

Most of tend to go through the back pain when it comes to bathing and washing clothes. They often tend to take a cumbersome heave on our back. It’s when these stools come handy as they allow you to sit and do the chores without the thinking of getting back pain.

  • Durable

Bathroom plastic stools are quite durable and tend to last an eternity. It’s almost like an one-time investment where you get to see the returns for long. Here their durability adds a new avenue and makes them quite beneficial.

Bestselling Bathroom Plastic Stools in India

Here’s us with the take on the best bathroom plastic stools that come along in the market. The following ones have been selected on the basis of multiple factors like durability, safety, contemporary status, price and more.

Go through the list and you’d be certain to find the best for yourself. Read Also: Best Bar Stools in India

1. Cello Classic Perfect Posture Plastic Stool, Small, Brown

Cello Classic Perfect Posture Plastic Stool

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The first one from our list is the one from Cello, the major plastic equipment manufacturer of India. It features a plastic build and has a perfect size to go along. It comes as a best one for the bathroom usage. Cello are known to be the makers of high quality products and this one sits perfectly well with claim of being the best.

It has a dimension of 27 cm x 27 cm x 27 cm which makes it a good bit of size. It has anti-skid based rubber on the top surface as its base so that you have traction and don’t slip at an time. it is perfect to use along for the bathroom or even kitchen and office usage. It has a sturdy and compact based design and is absolutely stylish to boss for. It is made up of high quality material which makes it a worthy choice for home.

It comes in four different color combinations as brown, beige, ivory and black all offering top looks. It is also one of the top sellers of the bunch.

Things we like

  • High quality material
  • Multiple color options
  • Anti skid rubber surface

Things we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t have rubber grips for the legs

2. Nayasa Strong Patla 516, White

Nayasa Strong Patla

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Placed at second in our list is the one from Nayasa who remain one of the leading names for household plastic equipment and tools in India. They come across as a company that promoted ISO certified products that come handy for homes, kitchen, bathroom and even offices.

Their bathroom plastic tools are one of the highest grade quality and is certainly something worth looking for. They have the attractive option and plethora of range under them of which we’ve picked this Strong Patla 516 model. This one comes with a high grade plastic model and is pretty easy to use for. It has multiple of colors which makes it pretty good outlook for the bathroom setup where you can match the color as per your design.

It comes with a dimension of 29 cm x 29 cm x 14.5 cm which is length and breadth wise larger than the one from Cello above.

Things we like

  • Pretty easy to use
  • Sturdy build
  • High quality
  • Durable

Things we didn’t like

  • Height might be an issue for some.

3. Milton Backrest Stool (Color May Vary)

Milton Backrest Stool

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At third place in our ranking is the one from Milton. Everybody knows about Milton, everybody knows they are the best when it comes to quality and performance both. They always tend to offer the best quality products to the user and is a reason why they are trusted so much.

This bathroom stool comes with a unique design which makes it quite comfortable to sit on the same. It has support for the lower back which allows it to be one of the best designed pieces around. It also sports an innovative theme making it a good outlet for bathroom for washing and cleaning purpose.

It has a dimension of 37 cm x 34.8 cm x 22.4 cm. It comes with a weight of only 1.44 kg which is good and lightweight.

Things we like

  • High grade plastic
  • Innovative design
  • Lower back support

Things we didn’t like

  • This might come along as a huge one and may not suit all

4. Aristoplast Strong Plastic Bathroom Stool Patla with Anti Skid Grip (Yellow, 13×9.7×4-inch)

Aristoplast Strong Plastic Bathroom Stool

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Coming in at fourth in our list is the one from Aristoplast with it strong plastic stool suitable for bathroom and more. This one comes with a dimension of 13 inch x 9.7 inch x 4 inch. It has a sturdy and strong build and comes with multipurpose option that can be put up anywhere around bathroom, kitchen and household.

It is pretty compact and lightweight and is a good piece to buy for. It also has an attractive design and comes in variety of colors that makes it further a good piece of buy.

Things we like

  • Bright colored design
  • Strong base and support
  • Multipurpose option

Things we didn’t like

  • Might not hold high weight

5. Cello Fusion Plastic Tuffy Stool, Violet

Cello Fusion Plastic Tuffy Stool

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Rounding up our list is the one from Cello again in our entry. This one is a plastic tuffy tool as branded by Cello and comes with a strong and sturdy build. It comes with a size of 10.5 cm x 8.80 cm x 8.80 cm which is a mid-size height for the stool. It comes with a plastic build made from the virgin plastic and is pretty strong and convenient to use for.

It has a sturdy base which doesn’t slip and since it’s a lightweight piece, this one comes along a good choice for people. It is made from virgin plastic and that makes it a good quality one. It comes in four different color combinations.

Things we like

  • Study and convenient
  • Strong build
  • High quality plastic

Things we didn’t like

  • Some may find it pretty small to the liking

6) Nayasa Net Patla No 505 

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Nayasa is one of the most famous plastic manufacturers in India. This model of Nayasa bathroom stool is made of robust plastic material. It makes your life a lot easier. All the products from this company are certified by companies like ISO and SEDEX.  

This plastic stool has a very lightweight of only 790 g. It has a very convenient size that fits ideally for your bathroom. It has a dimension of 33 x 29 x 29 cm. The built-in quality is very strong and durable. Moreover, it has a very sober and attractive design.  

Things we like  

  • Sturdy structure  
  • Anti-skid rubber base  
  • High-quality plastic material


Things we didn’t like  

  • Not sturdy enough for very heavy-weight people  

7) Plastic Bathroom Stool by Kuber Industries 

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Kuber is a company that produces a diverse range of products to cater to every household requirement. This is one of the best plastic bathroom stools to buy online. This is made of great quality plastic material. It is very easy to wash. This portable stool is ideal for bathroom and kitchen usage.  

It has a wide sitting space. People of any age and any size can sit or stand on it very comfortably. You can carry it anywhere as it takes up a very small space. It has a convenient dimension of 31 x 31 x 14 cm, with a weight of a mere 350 g.  

Things we like  

  • Sturdy structure  
  • Rubber patches at the bottom  
  • Available in many colors  


Things we didn’t like  

  • Height is low for aged people.  

8) Fuscia Ruf N Tuf Bathroom & Kitchen Stool 

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This bathroom stool is manufactured by the brand Fuscia. The company has a guarantee seal for this product. The size of this stool is specially designed for bathroom and kitchen usages. It is available in many different attractive colors like orange, red, green, blue, and parrot green. As it is a very compact and lightweight product, you can carry it anywhere you want. The wide sitting space gives enough support to your lower back for longer sitting in the kitchen or bathroom.  

Things we like  

  • Sturdy material  
  • Durable and portable  
  • Many colors option  


Things we didn’t like  

  • The bottom of this product is not secured enough against skidding.  

9) Aarohi13 Plastic Bathroom Stool 

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This is another plastic stool for the bathroom. It has a dimension of 21 x 21 x 24 cm. The weight of this stool is only 400 g. This product is ergonomically designed to serve the requirements of big Indian families. It is made of high-quality and sturdy plastic.  

You can store and carry it anywhere as it weighs very little. It comes with a comfortable sitting space. This easily washable stool is ideal for people of any age. The height of this product is very convenient for sitting down and rising up of the stool.  

Things we like  

  • Robust, durable material  
  • Lightweight and portable  
  • Easy to clean  


Things we didn’t like  

  • The sitting space might seem small for bigger people.  

10) Floral Plastic Bathroom Stool from Kuber Industries 

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This is the final product on this list. This bathroom stool from Kuber Industries has a beautiful floral design. It has a hardy plastic material that is extremely durable. It can be used in bathroom, kitchen, washroom, or anywhere you need it. This 30 x 22 x 14 cm stool weighs only 331 gm.  

It gives a comfortable sitting experience while working in the kitchen or having a bath in the bathroom. Although it does not have any rubber grip at the bottom, the legs are strong enough to withhold any weight. So, you can rely on the quality and performance of this product.  

Things we like  

  • Sturdy structure  
  • Beautiful design  
  • Portable and durable  

Things we didn’t like  

  • No anti-skid bases 


There are quite a few bathroom plastic stools available in the market and these rank certainly on the top of the pile based on the set parameters. We hope you find this useful.

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